Public hanging

February 14, 2018


THIS refers to the letter ‘Public hanging’ (Feb 9). The writer has shown his astonishment — and rightly so — regarding the negative response of some people about public hanging of criminals who abuse or murder children.

The Senate Standing Committee has already allowed the public hanging of people involved in such crimes. Without a deterrent punishment, there is no possibility of bringing this crime to an end.

Just see the crime rate in Saudi Arabia where deterrent punishments are awarded to criminals.

And, why go that far? During 1981 — in late Gen Ziaul Haq’s tenure — the public hanging of a killer and rapist of a young boy, Pappu, had effectively worked as a deterrent for the next 10 years or so.

Pappu’s body was recovered from a pond nearby. The abductors and killers were arrested and executed in public and their bodies remained hanging till the sunset. This stern punishment served as an effective deterrent as no child was reportedly molested and murdered in the next decade or so.

Human rights activists oppose the amendment proposed by the senate standing committee allowing the public hanging of criminals involved in heinous crimes against children. We should follow what is good for our country.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan



SINCE the rape and murder of Zainab, there has been a strong demand for the public hanging of rapists. However, it is heartbreaking that a small segment of society opposes this suggestion on the plea that such a punishment will not serve as a deterrent in rape cases.

A famous saying goes ‘fear cuts deeper than the sword’. One may take an example of Saudi Arabia, where public executions are carried out using sword. This has curtailed rapes and crimes across Saudi Arabia.

Aasim Aslam Abbasi


Published in Dawn, February 14th, 2018