Winter has always been a testing time. The cold makes it hard to jump out of the quilt, sacrifice a warm bed and take a shower every morning before going to school.

The nostalgia for summer overcomes us. The time, when we would play soccer during the long eve out in the playground, seems like a dream.

Freezing evenings leave one with fewer chances to go to places. Lethargy tempts us to sit snuggled in a blanket, idly in front of a heater, with a pile of nuts. It looks far easier to go with the wind than take the chill head-on. Evening visits to the neighbourhood playground or the ice-cream vendor once topped our to-do list, but these enjoyments progressively vanish as the winter chill sets in.

Not astonishingly, some of you might see winter as the best time to remain at home and finish reading a book. Even vagabond souls cut down on the time they spend taking a long walk around the block. No wonder that autumn and winter evenings see desolated marketplaces and streets, and nights seem almost an eternity.

Despite all the chill in the air, this winter season can turn as moving as you make it. So resist winter lethargy by taking the following baby steps.

Take the plunge: Yes, icy cold air prickles through your face every time you try to step out of your comfy place. But never let the cold wind de-energise you. Muster the spirit to throw your blanket away and buzz along as in any other time of the year. Once you start moving, your body will get warmer with all the activity.

Avoid mock warmth: Electric or gas fire instantly adds to your comfort level but only makes you drowsy. In place of overheated air — the ‘mock warmth’ — dress amply with wool. Depend more on the woollen garments than heaters to maintain warmth naturally.

Handful of nuts: Celebrate the frost by eating almond, cashew, pistachio, walnut and fig, though in a small quantity. A handful of dry fruits rejuvenate you to go out and about.

Bask awhile: Sunlight deactivates the brain cells that make you lethargic. When you are up to studying on a weekend, arrange your books and study tools on the terrace or sun lounge to have ample daylight. Half an hour of basking in the sun means energetic, zestful evenings.

The bottom line is — dare to counter winter lethargy. In place of blaming the cold in air, it is high time you reined in the devil of languidness. Make the remaining winter season festive and exciting before it leaves you for good. Happy midwinter season!

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 13th, 2018