Balochistan will soon become Pakistan's richest province: PM Abbasi

Updated September 14, 2017


PM Abbasi inaugurates Kacchi Canal in Dera Bugti. ─DawnNews
PM Abbasi inaugurates Kacchi Canal in Dera Bugti. ─DawnNews

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Thursday inaugurated the Kacchi Canal project in Balochistan's Dera Bugti district, Radio Pakistan reported.

According to the state-run daily, the Canal will irrigate 72,000 acres of land in the far-flung areas of the district.

"This is no ordinary project. It will change the destiny of Dera Bugti," the prime minister said as he addressed a public gathering in the district.

"This project is a symbol of love between two provinces," Abbasi added, explaining that the 300-kilometre canal runs from Punjab and provides water to Balochistan.

"[Former PM] Nawaz Sharif should have been here today. This [canal] is his project," Abbasi said as he criticised the PPP for not developing the project during its tenure.

"A lot of governments have come, but they only made empty promises to secure their votes. The PML-N does not make false promises; it solves the problems people in the country are facing."

"If you make the right decision when casting your votes, you will also see the benefits," he said. "These decisions are in your hand," Abbasi added.

Abbasi said that the whole country was indebted to Balochistan as gas from Sui had allowed other provinces to progress.

"This is not a favour to you, this is our responsibility," Abbasi said as he promised to fulfil the fundamental needs of the people. "The people of this province should feel that the rest of Pakistan is repaying its debt to Balochistan."

"Gwadar is one of the routes through which Balochistan will become Pakistan's richest province," the prime minister said.

"I want to say to my brothers who are upset with us to participate in the development and progress of their province," Abbasi added as he promised the development of electricity, road and gas projects in Balochistan.