CHARSADDA: A three-party opposition alliance on Friday tabled a no-confidence motion against PTI Charsadda Nazim Fahad Azam Khan and JI naib nazim Musawir Shah amid ruckus in the district council session.

About 50 councilors of the alliance comprising ANP, QWP and JUI-F, had submitted requisition to convene the district council meeting. The council session was chaired by presiding officer Haji Hidayatulla. Assistant Commissioner Charsadda Talat Fahd, assistant director local government Akhtar Munir, DSPs and functionaries of other departments were present.

Tight security arrangements had been made to avert any untoward situation.

The ruling PTI has 21 and JI has four members in the house, and the opposition requires support of 48 members to de-seat them. However, the alliance claims to have the support of 50 members.

Sources said after the council session was adjourned, QWP leader Pir Rehmanullah transported all the 50 opposition members to Nathiagali where they would stay at his hotel there till Monday.

The nazim, his deputy accused of involvement in corrupt practices

Opposition leader Qasim Ali Khan presented the no-confidence motion in the 75-member house.

Mufti Noorul Amin of JUI-F and Arif Paracha of QWP had supported the motion. The members of the tripartite alliance supported the motion amid beating of desks and sloganeering.

When PTI parliamentary leader Shahid Khan rose on his seat to reply the allegations of opposition members, the tripartite alliance members didn’t let him to speak.

However, AD local government controlled the situation. He said district nazim and naib nazim would reply the charges leveled against them during the Monday’s session of the council.

On the occasion, opposition leader said that they respected the institutions and departments, but some elements while using platform of the district council were trying to defame an honest deputy commissioner of Charsadda for their vested interests. He lauded the role of DC in putting the district on the path of progress and prosperity.

The QWP has played key role in bringing the no-confidence motion against the district government after it was ousted from the provincial coalition government, last month.

In his speech, QWP district member Pir Rehmanullah leveled charges of corruption, misuse of power and favourtism against the district nazim and naib nazim.

Rehmanullah, who was part of the former tripartite alliance of QWP-PTI-JI, termed the nazim and his deputy as ring leaders of what he called group of dacoits.

He said in the last two years the council sessions were held illegally, adding sanctity of the house was destroyed. He alleged that minutes of the sessions were altered in violation of law.

He alleged that corruption was made in sale and purchase of furniture and other items for the house, adding Rs75 million funds had been devoured by nazim and his deputy. He demanded of the quarters concerned to investigate their corrupt practices.

The motion was submitted by QWP councillors Arif Paracha, Hidayatullah Khan and Amir Rehman Khan.

Published in Dawn, August 19th, 2017