The Saudi-led military coalition on Sunday claimed to have arrested prominent leaders and members of Al Qaeda during raids in support of anti-terrorism forces in Yemen, Saudi Press Agency reported.

Amongst those arrested was Ahmed Saeed Awad Barhamah, alias Zarqawi, a prominent leader of the militant group, the agency said, quoting a statement issued by the coalition.

The arrests were made during the coalition's air operation in the city of Mukalla conducted to support a primitive operation of the Yemeni army against Al Qaeda, the agency reported.

"During the operation, terrorist plots were foiled and a cache of weapons and equipment were seized," SPA added.

Earlier this week, Major General Ahmed Asiri, the adviser to the Saudi minister of defence, told media the alliance is not specific in its objectives to confronting international terror groups like the militant Islamic State group and Al Qaeda.

He said that the coalition could take action against rebel groups and militias that pose a threat to member countries.

Asiri added that a "grand meeting" of all countries involved is due to be held in May, during which the alliance will be formally formed.

He said that terms of references discussed in the meeting will be taken up at the parliamentary level.

The armed coalition was initially proposed as a platform for security cooperation among Muslim countries, and included provisions for training, equipment and troops, and the involvement of religious scholars for devising a counter-terrorism narrative.