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Javed Afridi calls reports about KKR and Zalmi matches 'just speculations'

Updated Mar 09, 2017 05:21pm


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Peshawar Zalmi owner Javed Afridi on Thursday retracted an earlier claim that Peshawar Zalmi would play a series of T20 matches with Shah Rukh Khan-owned Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

After KKR's official twitter account called the reports 'false', Afridi also said earlier media reports were 'just speculations'.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that Javed Afridi had been congratulated by KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan for winning the Pakistan Super League final, and that Khan had suggested a T20 series between the Knight Riders and Zalmi.

Afridi had claimed: "Shah Rukh congratulated me and suggested a T20 series between Kolkata Knight Riders and Peshawar Zalmi."

However, Kolkata Knight Riders' official Twitter handle quickly dismissed the reports as "false" and said that "no such exchange took place".

In an earlier interview with DawnNews, Afridi had said that his franchise's dynamic is 'completely different' than any of the other teams participating in PSL.

On Wednesday, Afridi had accepted an invitation from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for the Zalmi team to visit Kabul in summer this year.

In an attempt to share their happiness this year, the franchise had flown a group of children from the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital to Dubai, to watch the opening ceremony and some of the PSL matches in Dubai.

Last year, they collaborated with Shahid Afridi, one of the highest profile stars in the Zalmi squad, to take 150 children from the Army Public School — the site of a horrific terrorist attack in 2014 — to the Pakistan Super League’s first edition, also held in Dubai.


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Comments (44) Closed

McChrist Mar 09, 2017 02:55pm

N where will the match be played?

Adeel Mar 09, 2017 02:58pm

Just beautiful what else do we need

Baltee Mar 09, 2017 03:01pm

Hope govt would back up to hold this very Excited challenge...

Jahanzeb Mar 09, 2017 03:02pm

Adeel we need actual implementation of this and not just suggestions.

Matches will be played at Dubai or England...

SAEED MASOOD Mar 09, 2017 03:02pm

Why not if not...PESHAWAR ZALMI V KKR...Could be very entertaining...

Rohail Mar 09, 2017 03:04pm

Great idea! Let's play in London. Great wicket, good crowd is expected from both end!

guzniabbas Mar 09, 2017 03:04pm

All good. However, these matches must be played either in Peshawar or in Kolkatta

saeed pk Mar 09, 2017 03:05pm

Good step but no hope for approval from India.

Baltee Mar 09, 2017 03:07pm

Hope both governments would back up for this challenging Match....

Shahzaib Latif Mar 09, 2017 03:03pm

Wish ind govt could get some open minded persons like shahrukh khan. Love for SRK.

Mohammed Mirza Mar 09, 2017 03:06pm

Why not in South Africa? Here the crowd will love it

NITesh V Mar 09, 2017 03:10pm

A Big "NO". The relations between India and Pakistan are still vulnerable.

Faizan Bin Asif Mar 09, 2017 03:09pm

Oh really. Would be entertaining for our nation.

BAXAR Mar 09, 2017 03:24pm

@Faizan Bin Asif "Oh really. Would be entertaining for our nation." of Lahore, you mean?

Huma Mar 09, 2017 03:28pm

Good idea

Iqbal Mar 09, 2017 03:25pm

KKR will win very easily

Adnan Mar 09, 2017 03:41pm

As per India Today

"KKR CEO Venky Mysore told India Today in an exclusive chat. "I just had a word with Shah Rukh and he told me that he has been so busy shooting these days that he didn't even know that any such league was happening in Pakistan or Dubai let alone calling any franchise owner and congratulating him on winning the tournament,"

M.Saeed Mar 09, 2017 03:45pm

Good suggestion. But it has been stated that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has invited the Peshawar Zalmis to visit Kabul in the summer this year. It would be interesting to see how they arrange a play in Kabul under IS and Taliban threats.

Salman Tariq Mar 09, 2017 03:45pm

Great comment from SRK. Forget the Indian government, just quietly note the number of No's from Indians commenting below.

SAB Mar 09, 2017 03:46pm

SRK denying any such possibility. How he could after what happened to Raees? BOth in India and Pakistan.

ak Mar 09, 2017 03:47pm

Thats gonna be good. Should happen quick. man im excited.

AK Mar 09, 2017 03:52pm

Indian govt os under pressure from RSS so it wont be easy specially because of SRK who is from Muslim background.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 09, 2017 04:17pm

Good suggestion.

However, are the "movers and shakers" in New Delhi open to this idea since they are famous for mixing sports and politics all the times?

Saif zulfiqar Mar 09, 2017 04:34pm

@McChrist, North Pole.

Ali Mar 09, 2017 04:36pm

First SRK should take permission from Shiv Sena.

AAM aDMI Mar 09, 2017 04:42pm

KKR just denied any news like this.

sodawaterbottleopenerwala Mar 09, 2017 04:43pm

yes but include m.amir , cant expect any pakistan team without him , otherwise ta ta bye bye .

D.K.PAMNANI -INDIA Mar 09, 2017 04:47pm

It will be great and we should know who is the best KKR or Peshwar Zalmi

Jayw Mar 09, 2017 05:23pm

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Well if business and trade routes can be mixed with politics, then why not sports?

Zshah Mar 09, 2017 06:11pm

Looking at the present relationship between ind and pak and especially the type of govt. in ind.If they even thought about it they will be thrown out of the ipl,not only from this league but from india as well and they will be never allowed to comeback again.

Ashraf Hossein Mar 09, 2017 06:35pm

@Rohail Finally found some positive comment from Indian site !

sangun Mar 09, 2017 06:50pm

@Jayw well said...

Kryptonite Mar 09, 2017 07:22pm

I so wish this happens.

سے Shaam (Hanafi) Mar 09, 2017 08:24pm

In KKR's ownership SRK has only 30% stake, 70% stake resides with Jai Mehta and Juhi Chawala, SRK is the FACE behind KRK. All the best though...

GAUR Mar 09, 2017 08:43pm

This proves that IPL is the best.

fawad Mar 10, 2017 12:49am

Now we have Got 2 Legends share same Sir name Afridi.

Syed Mar 10, 2017 01:12am

No one should cross the PSL management, and approach other team to play. Every team belong to Pskistan. Kaka has a very wrong approach.

DKM Mar 10, 2017 04:12am

It is so astonishing that owner of the team Zalmi is speaking about a match with KKR without even talking to the owners....!

Prince of TIDE Mar 10, 2017 05:33am

I for one, being a Prince and all, support this idea. Lets pick a neutral venue and play. I think it will be great. This will improve relations and everything

prof_aftab Mar 10, 2017 07:36am

In SRK's assessment, a team consisting of players from India and Pakistan will have the best offense and defense. He has mentioned this publicly. It is commonsense that he might have 'wished' for a T20 series between the two Khans' great teams. Tweeting it was a mistake, correcting which is a setback.

CrOc Mar 10, 2017 08:29am

Pakistan's love-hate relation with India continues.

iqra Mar 10, 2017 01:53pm

It could be entertained

gaur Mar 10, 2017 02:40pm

cricket never has and never will improve relations, the only thing it can improve is PCB's financial status.

Latest sports News Mar 10, 2017 02:42pm

i guess it is not possible after Latest sports news