MANSEHRA: Students from different educational institutions highlighted the importance of peace through paintings and poetry during functions arranged in connection with the International Peace Day on Wednesday.

In Mansehra, the students of Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi pledged to work for peace.

“You should equip yourselves with contemporary knowledge to defeat the evils designs of the country’s enemies,” the college principal retired Brig Abdul Hafiz told the students at a gathering held in connection with the International Peace Day.

Earlier, the cadets following the theme of the day ‘build a greener planet for peace’ pledged to plant saplings at the college and their homes. Mr Hafiz asked the students to focus on education as it was the only way to face challenges and achieve progress and prosperity.

In Mingora, the students of Sahara School and College sent the message of peace to the world by drawing different images on charts. The students said that they wanted peace and education in Swat and hated war and terrorism.

“There was a complete suffocation during the three years of militancy in our area due to which our schools were also closed,” said Urooj Ali, a girl student who was busy in drawing to depict peace.

Human rights activist Neelam Ibrar Chattan spoke on the importance of peace and said that Sept 21 was marked as the day of peace globally. “Children are the future of our nation and they should have peaceful environment for their studies for better and prosperous future,” she said.

Director of Sahara college Hazrat Hussain Zaki said that educated youth could form an advanced and peaceful nation. Prizes and awards were also given the students who participated in the painting activity.

In Ghalanai, Assistant political agent, Baizai, Pir Abdullah Shah asked the youth to come forward and play their role in restoration of peace in the tribal region. He was speaking at a function held to mark the International Peace Day on Wednesday. The function was organised by the local administration with the collaboration of agency sports department at Ghalanai Jirga Hall.

Mr Shah said that the youth could play their role in restoration of lasting peace by taking active part in sports and other healthy activities.

Published in Dawn, September 22nd, 2016