Be prepared to venture away from the upscale atmosphere of restaurants for a taste of mouthwatering street food. From crispy grilled shawarma to banarsi paan, Pakistani streets are filled with delicious local foods.

Here's our top picks from the many fantastic photos of 'Street Foods' submitted to us on Instagram through our #DawnWeeklyProject:

1. Shawarma wraps are a little piece of heaven. Thinly sliced cuts of meat rolled into a large piece of steamed or heated flatbread will leave you craving for more

2. Loved Doritos Pizza? Try some Pizza Paratha for some desi flavour!

3. Dahi Bhallay is spicy, sweet and a popular street snack for food lovers

4. Have some creamy and delicious Lassi to beat the heat

5. Nothing can beat the simple grilled corn on the cob

6. From weight loss to clearing up your skin, sugarcane juice can serve many purposes

7. Pakoray – Pakistan's favorite appetizer

8. Breakfast is incomplete without Puri, unleavened deep-fried bread usually served with curry

9. Our traditional icecream 'Kulfi'

10. Evening table is boring without some freshly fried Patties

11. Our very own 'Anday wala Burger', commonly known as Bunkabab

12. If you are looking for an iced treat to end your meal, Gola ganda is the best option

13. Doodh Jalebi is light and a perfect dessert for your diet

14. And lastly, some desi delight to refresh your taste buds

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