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World T20: Government approves Pakistan's visit to India

Published Feb 25, 2016 02:35pm


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We have asked ICC to put in place special arrangements for the Pakistan cricket team while in India, the PCB said in a statement. — File
We have asked ICC to put in place special arrangements for the Pakistan cricket team while in India, the PCB said in a statement. — File

Months of speculation over Pakistan's participation in the 2016 World Twenty20 ended on Thursday after the government approved the team's visit to India for the tournament.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan said he was 'pleased' that the government had given its consent for the team's participation but called upon the International Cricket Council (ICC) to put in 'special' security arrangements for the Pakistan team.

“I am pleased that our Government has given its consent for our team to visit India. As a duty of care, we have asked ICC to put in place special arrangements for the Pakistan cricket team while in India,” Khan said in a press release.

Earlier this month, Khan had revealed that the PCB had given a proposal to the ICC to stage Pakistan's World T20 matches at a neutral venue in the event that the government did not allow the team to tour India.

According to Khan, Pakistan's participation in the tournament, hosted by India, from March 8 to April 3, was subject to government clearance as there were specific threats against Shahid Afridi's team.

“We have told the ICC (International Cricket Council) now and before as well, the decision (to tour India) is with the government and it will consider if there is a specific Pakistan oriented security threat,” Khan had said.

But doubts over Pakistan's visit were finally put to rest and it seems Afridi's men can finally focus on the task at hand.

Pakistan take on a qualifier on March 16 before facing off against India at Dharamsala on March 19 in the World T20's most anticipated clash.

Hundreds of Pakistani fans are expected to travel for the fixture and the PCB chairman has requested the ICC to accommodate them

“We will also be expecting visa facilitation and other arrangements for the Pakistani fans wishing to visit India for the ICC World T20 2016.”


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Comments (112) Closed

Krana Feb 25, 2016 02:40pm

let us see the responses of those who were opposing the tour.

Saeed Masood Feb 25, 2016 02:44pm

That's what we wanted...right ???...No sir there is more we the fans want... Shahid Afridi to deliver a victory and decent sky high shots and out under 10 runs...Mr. Akmal, Mr. Hafeez, Mr. Azhar...we want records from you and the is high time we are waiting...

Sandeep Feb 25, 2016 02:44pm

Everybody was clear about this "approval" from the day 1.

Zak Feb 25, 2016 02:50pm

We will start agitation against this decision,

abdulla Feb 25, 2016 02:52pm

Don't we have any self respect? Why can't we take a stand against India?

Cricket fan Feb 25, 2016 02:52pm

Okay than let's put aside all speculations and get ready for the WC ride....

Rohit Feb 25, 2016 02:55pm

That's what we wanted...right ???...No sir there is more we the fans want... Shahid Afridi to deliver a victory and decent sky high shots and out under 10 runs...Mr. Akmal, Mr. Hafeez, Mr. Azhar...we want records from you and the is high time we are waiting...@Saeed Masood

All that the ones visiting India will want is the shopping and booze :)

Truthbetold Feb 25, 2016 02:57pm

@Sandeep Which everybody was clear???? I think you and your everybody are blessed with some supernatural powers to predict future!!!

maarige Feb 25, 2016 02:58pm

good for the game but indians should be ashamed of their attitude regarding bilateral series

SRK Feb 25, 2016 02:58pm

Anyways now the decision has been made. Let the show begin & enjoy cricket...

Haider Feb 25, 2016 03:01pm

Time to correct the balance of wins in T20s as well - just like the much superior head to head record enjoyed by Pakistan in One dayers and Tests against the India

fair Feb 25, 2016 03:01pm

the idea of boycotting Wt20 was completely idiotic. WT20 is not an event of BCCI, rather its ICC. Pakistan should not visit india for any bilateral series.

Rehman karachi Feb 25, 2016 03:01pm

Bcci is the real boss in world cricket.

kash Feb 25, 2016 03:02pm

Good that Govt approved it

naeem Feb 25, 2016 03:04pm

I hope India makes strict security arrangements to keep the Pakistani team safe from radical Hindu extremists who attacked the BCCI headquarters when the PCB Chairman was there for a meeting

Mohit Feb 25, 2016 03:04pm

Welcome news and Welcome Pakistan to India. I hope we tour Pakistan soon as well. No one will gain anything if we keep fighting. Hoping for peace.

Samrat Feb 25, 2016 03:05pm

They had no choice really.

Desi Dimag Feb 25, 2016 03:06pm

What I said, I would definitely watch India-Pakistan match when people were saying team will not visit India. BTW welcome to India.

Desi Dimag Feb 25, 2016 03:07pm

@Zak you want any support, I am ready but don't miss the match.

Revenge Feb 25, 2016 03:07pm

@Haider This is ICC event that too a T20, you know the record very well, don't you?

Desi Dimag Feb 25, 2016 03:08pm

@fair ICC means BCCI.

Asim Iqbal Feb 25, 2016 03:09pm

As expected!

Ana Feb 25, 2016 03:10pm

@Zak right now bro. Lead the way!

mhw Feb 25, 2016 03:14pm

as expected !

Jimmyali Feb 25, 2016 03:15pm

What a joke as if they weren't allowed before. We don't have morals to stand for over self. India would have never visited Pakistan under current circumstances

Critical Feb 25, 2016 03:18pm

@naeem you should use protest word instead of attack.

Ali Raza Feb 25, 2016 03:22pm

A clear message to India: Who is intolerant? and who is peace loving

Jimmyali Feb 25, 2016 03:22pm

@Mohit finally some sensible comments. Thanks bro

Faisal Feb 25, 2016 03:22pm

We as a nation are becoming weaker day by day. We have no self respect. I am ashamed of this decision. Nothing is bigger then the sovereignty of a nation.

Shakil Feb 25, 2016 03:23pm

Rebuke of BCCI done the trick, but I am unable to understand that when pak was refusing to participate in WCt20 event in India they would have been punished in shape of penalty but Aus. has not participated in under 19 WC in Bangladesh, nothing has been done against them. "DOUBLE STANDARD"

powerless Feb 25, 2016 03:29pm

I knew pakistan will come to play worldt20 in india.

Wasim Feb 25, 2016 03:32pm

@Haider The much superior record is due to 80s and some part of 90s. Hello, this is 2016.

Ishu Feb 25, 2016 03:32pm

there is no other option too

india_first Feb 25, 2016 03:33pm

Pakistan has no option

Saher Feb 25, 2016 03:35pm

What a spineless decision by Pakistani government..Nations don't go anywhere by playing it 'nice' all the time. If you want your rights and respect in the world than learn some diplomacy and be prepared to pay some price for it.

Dilip Thorat Feb 25, 2016 03:43pm


sameer Feb 25, 2016 03:48pm

@naeem BCCI headquarter was attacked because BCCI wanted it to be attacked. Now this is different ball game. There will not be such attack when Pakistani team come to India.

Azmeen Feb 25, 2016 03:48pm

A positive decision which differentiates b/w India & Pak attitude.

shreerang Feb 25, 2016 03:49pm

good decision taken by nawaz sharif...Welcome pakistan team to India. .

Anuj Feb 25, 2016 03:55pm

I knew it all along. Pak had no choice.

Rustom E Hind Feb 25, 2016 04:01pm

what speculation?

everyone knew Pakistan would participate in the tournament in india. was there any doubt?

Mahen Feb 25, 2016 04:15pm

@Haider overall record means nothing! If a team won 100 times last century and other team won 16 times from 2000 till today 2016 which is the better team? the current team or the one that won from 1900 to 1999?

Sarai Alamgir Feb 25, 2016 04:16pm

Good decision, but if Pak fans are not allowed to travel, then the ICC should take notice and in future, if a country does not allow the visitors supporters to tour, then there should be serious questions on the credibility of the host board. We don't want a repeat of the 2011 WC Semi Final, where only 200 Pak fans were allowed to visit Mohali. The actual allocated slot for 1000. What the PSL has shown is, Pak fans will travel to support their team. All the best to the Pak cricket team.

aditya das menon Feb 25, 2016 04:20pm

sensible decision by PCB. Let all of us focus in the game now. let's keep the difference aside and meet together to enjoy wonderful cricket.

Also I wish to hear the experts commentary from legends like Akram , Shoaib and Rameez

byju Feb 25, 2016 04:22pm

@Sarai Alamgir

it is for india to decide on how much fans to be allowed. you cannot and certainly icc cannot decide on this.

asgher Feb 25, 2016 04:32pm

Thank god! our government is way more broadminded than india. Politics and sports should be kept apart. Hope indian side learn this and play clean cricket.

Sunil Feb 25, 2016 04:39pm

Forget Everything and enjoy the game. Thanks Pakistan for coming .

RAM Feb 25, 2016 04:40pm

Warm welcome.. :) but we will win all the matches ... :P

Ranga Feb 25, 2016 04:42pm

Nobody wants to miss an India-Pakistan match. Not even the hardliners on either side. :)

A.JABBAR KERALA Feb 25, 2016 04:44pm

@naeem ... too much security means... what? confine hotel room. As most Pakistani players has wast fans in India. Players on their own will run away from security confinement to spend time with fans.

IMEMYSELF Feb 25, 2016 05:02pm

@Haider West Indies have a superior head to head record in ODI's over Pak. Should they be gloating over that and ignore the past 15-20 years?

Bajirao Feb 25, 2016 05:04pm

Another diplomatic win for India.

Dani Feb 25, 2016 05:06pm

Pak team should not go to india

Luke Feb 25, 2016 05:07pm

Com'on people ...Do you'll think Pakistan can afford to miss such a tournament ??? and do the Pakistanis really feel that India is not safe for their team ??? Take away the politics of it and probably India is more safe for the Pakistan team than England.....

Desi Bhai Feb 25, 2016 05:08pm

Welcome welcome welcome!!!

Senior Citizen Feb 25, 2016 05:13pm

RSS might try to pull something bad here. We will see...

Muhammad ali Feb 25, 2016 05:13pm

Now Shahid Afridi should capitalize on this event to gain his respect back..

M.Saeed Feb 25, 2016 05:14pm

I would never comprise the hate mongery of Shev-Sena.

Desi Bhai Feb 25, 2016 05:15pm

Thankyou Pakistan for keeping politics away from cricket. We Indians also need to show the same attitude, and take politics out of sports. Welcome to India a

M.Saeed Feb 25, 2016 05:17pm

@Rehman karachi : But, Shev-Sena has often proved who the real boss is, in such matters.

AIZ Feb 25, 2016 05:19pm

Much expected happened ....... This govt cannot take a stand

Alien Feb 25, 2016 05:20pm

We have Pro indian govt .......... those does not care about Pakistan Values .......

zakir proud Indian Feb 25, 2016 05:29pm

Good decision by pakistan govt & Nawaz Sharif.Another milestone of indian diplomatic infrastructures.

A.JABBAR KERALA Feb 25, 2016 05:31pm

@Sarai Alamgir ... the decision is that all people holding ticket for WC T20 will be given visa. Get the ticket first before Indian fans buy all.

nadeem Feb 25, 2016 05:36pm

How they treated our cricketing prospects and we just dying to play in india.

casper Feb 25, 2016 05:37pm

today i see most of my friends from india praising pakistan decision to play against india in india. If i am not mistaken most of you were not criticising rather supporting India when your govt refused to play series against pakistan. and that was something promised and agreee not a requesr.

Isn't it a hypocrisy?

A.JABBAR KERALA Feb 25, 2016 05:38pm

@asgher ... India wanted politics - sports / trade to be kept apart. But Pakistan did not agree to that proposal. Pakistan wanted to include only sports that India did not agree.

GAK Wazir Feb 25, 2016 05:38pm

Why are we so much subservient to Modi-led India? We have no prestige or respect? What India says or demands we accept it blindly. FIR was registered in Gujranwala, no doubt, a good step if the perpetrators of Pathankot have connections here in Pakistan. But wait how many more FIRs they (Indiands) will demand to be registered here in our country. PM Nawaz has given a go-ahead to Pakistani cricket team to visit India for playing matches. I support because he is a democratic person and wants to resolve all issues with India within a democratic framework but those ruling in New Delhi are in-cognizant of democratic principles.

Zak Feb 25, 2016 05:49pm

Hope they come back safely,

facts Feb 25, 2016 06:11pm

@Zak South Asian games 2016 held in India where Pakistan participate, where were you at that time

Taimoor Khan Feb 25, 2016 06:15pm

Shame on PML(N) government. They clearly dont have the best interests of Pakistan and well being of our cricketers in mind.

BK Feb 25, 2016 06:27pm

Good decision by government. Time has come to keep aside all ego problems, and work for good people to people contact. Let some fools barks, but no harm can be done to Pak team in India. Lot of public support Pakistan in India with good intention and always cherish good association with both countries.

curryhead Feb 25, 2016 06:31pm

Its an important team to the ICC event. Pakistan Cricket Team is welcomed in India.

Rohit Feb 25, 2016 06:39pm

today i see most of my friends from india praising pakistan decision to play against india in india. If i am not mistaken most of you were not criticising rather supporting India when your govt refused to play series against pakistan. and that was something promised and agreee not a requesr.

Isn't it a hypocrisy?@casper

This is a ICC and not a Bilateral tournament ........I hope the Pakistan team and the visiting fans have a great time in India .....Welcome...

Ram Feb 25, 2016 06:40pm

@naeem Your team is coming to India. So rest assured, its a peace loving country. No need for their security, they can walk on indian roads like normal Indian citizen. You also visit and experience what India is about.

someone Feb 25, 2016 06:48pm

@naeem Pakistanis need to clear a lot of misunderstandings. 1. BCCI does not have government protection because its a private body so BCCI does its own security arrangements for its infrastructure. 2. At no point of time, any of the Pakistani delegate was attacked during meeting with BCCI. There was protest from Shiv Sena excluding physical violence.

kuladeep patil Feb 25, 2016 07:27pm

Welcome Pakistan [team and fans who are traveling ] .. I assure all will be safe.. I love Pakistani bowlers... Good decision Gov of pakistan. Yes Team India should also visit Pakistan when PCB want and also allow Pakistani players to play in IPL..

Dream south Asia team : 4 batsman and 2 bowlers from India, + 2 batsman and 4 bowlers from Pakistan + 1 batsman and 1 bowlers from Bangladesh, and out of these 14 final 11 selected based on venue

can any one dare to beat this??

zakir proud Indian Feb 25, 2016 07:44pm

@Taimoor Khan I agree with you.

Luqman Hafeez Feb 25, 2016 07:58pm

Playing in India or with India has become a matter of pride for Pakistan. There was not a single Pakistani ever in doubt that Pakistan won't go to India. Even if India and ICC refuse to include Pakistan in WCT20, Pakistan will still travel to India. And even if one or two players are killed by the RSS, Pakistan will play out the whole tournament, or even stay longer for sightseeing. Money matters the most!

yogi Feb 25, 2016 08:18pm

Wellcome friends. Lets have fun.

yogi Feb 25, 2016 08:22pm

@Faisal cheer up bro, pakistan has talent, use it in right way.

Debate-Debit-Credit Feb 25, 2016 08:38pm

Great decision. A very matured approach, Pakistan's has seized the opportunity well and shown to the world that is believes in friendhsip and peace. Now ball is back into India's court to raise and show some decency in diplomacy!

Farooq Feb 25, 2016 08:38pm

@naeem - please correct your statement. There was no attack on BCCI headquarters and neither PCB chairman was present at the time of protest. There was just a protest against proposed meeting.

Valar Morgulis Feb 25, 2016 08:40pm

@Mahen clearly, the one that won from 1900 to 1999, which in Pakistan case extends well into 2006-07. There's a reason Sir Don Bradman is regarded the greatest batsmen ever, and WI of 80s the greatest team ever.

Valar Morgulis Feb 25, 2016 08:43pm

@someone well you're quite naive about the physical abuse part. Our blind cricket team captain was poisoned at Indian hotel. And threats doesn't have to go as far as physical to prove they are threats.

Uday Kulkarni Feb 25, 2016 08:46pm

Indians would want to accord Warm Welcome to Pakistani team after the good decision from Pakistani government. CRICKET WINS> As regards security of Pakistani players & the Pakistani citizens wanting to visit India to see Pakistan matches for the World Cup T 20; it is guaranteed not just by the Indian government but the Indian crowd would also love to have Pakistani people in India. Come all and enjoy hospitality of Indians. This is the only way to build peace bridges between two countries.

Lost cause Feb 25, 2016 08:48pm

@Faisal. What is your strength I wonder. Your team plays good cricket, it is opportunity for them to show their game. While all of us the cricket lovers should sit back and enjoy the game.

Ali (Proud Indian) Feb 25, 2016 08:49pm

Well done PCB - credit where credit is due!

Valar Morgulis Feb 25, 2016 08:50pm

@casper of course it is. But that's India for you. You must always anticipate that from them. People who forget what they always getting timely reminders.

Rustom E Hind Feb 25, 2016 08:52pm

well now that our Pakistani friends are coming hope they have a pleasant stay and games in india

as an india I want india to win on satuarday, but as everyone know the team which plays the best on a given day will win hope its a good match,

also Pakistanis will know pakistnis are safe in india, no pakistnis have been harmed in india till date, politically harassed yes physical hurt no

tamil Feb 25, 2016 09:20pm

0_O wow....really ?? im shocked to hear this news !!!!

Syed Feb 25, 2016 09:52pm

Government shouldn't approve as India does, our government go more then them. Also this approval should be subjected to any political situation there and call off immediately if such situation occurs

manoj Feb 25, 2016 10:05pm

Welcome Pakistan. To both Indian and Pakistani supporters, its a game. Celebrate when you win but be gracious as well. That's the difference between sport and war.

ak Feb 25, 2016 10:09pm

@Truthbetold PCB can never refuse to visit ICC tournaments. They don't have the strength to antagonise ICC.

manoj Feb 25, 2016 10:09pm

I'm guessing this is going to let Pak players play in IPL and make lots of money.

Sachin Feb 25, 2016 10:10pm

Welcome to India. Have a great game, enjoy the food and tourism. Hope u have a pleasant visit. Good luck for the game.

k k tiwari Feb 25, 2016 10:12pm

great news! we are ready to welcome & cheer up

Good Point Feb 25, 2016 10:40pm

Welcome. Play some good cricket, spread goodwill and take back good wishes.

Rana Nasir Feb 26, 2016 12:54am

I totally against this decision and angry at the PCB.

Kyoorius Feb 26, 2016 02:21am

World cup would not have been the same without Pakistan. Now when they are coming, I would like to assure you that the Team will get all the special arrangements that they.

Zalim Singh Feb 26, 2016 04:13am

Well, what other option did they (PCB, Pakistan Gov.) have :). PCB is financially so weak that they cant refuse money for participating in WT20 in India, also PCB is not in a position to pay penalty to ICC in case it refuses to play in WT20. So this was expected...

Cricketer Feb 26, 2016 06:10am

Its better decision by GOVT , Pakistani govt didn't chickened out like Austarilians But I will be worried about our players safety until they come back safely home .

Mirza Jee Feb 26, 2016 06:42am

Sad day in Pakistan cricket!!!

Brar Feb 26, 2016 08:30am

@M.Saeed Dear Saeed they have no presence out side Mumbai and we will not allow these thugs to spoil the broth at any cost, and I invite u to come and enjoy.

Brar Feb 26, 2016 08:43am

@Cricketer I am astonished to read such comments if a squad of 400 athelets plus coaches Managers returned safely why they are making senseless comments or your athelets are not precious.

response to ali raza Feb 26, 2016 01:00pm

@ Ali Raz .... Cricket has nothing to do with peace (other than rhetoric s) .... I see here, "who keeps their stand intact, and who fizzle out to earn some dollars, and accept all venues and avenues to earn them" ... cheer up buddy

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 11:54am

@Truthbetold He meant that it was clear from the start that Pakistan would play in the world t20 (please don't call it a world cup). And, on this, I agree with him. It was an easy bluff to call.

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 12:00pm

@Revenge 1. This is the WorldT20, not the World Cup. And don't call it a World Cup, you'll jinx it. 2. I suppose you mean the overall head-to-head record between Pakistan and India, which Pakistan dominates.

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 12:03pm

Those commenting about how Pakistan should not send it's team will probably be the ones celebrating most jubilantly if Pakistan win; or grieving the most if we lose. :)

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 12:05pm

@Shakil There was never going to be any penalty for not participating. But, the tournament really wouldn't have missed a lot despite Pakistan's exclusion. Case in point Australia and the recently concluded U19 world cup.

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 12:06pm

@powerless That was in plain sight.

Don't ask Feb 27, 2016 12:22pm

@Brar Thing is the South Asian Games weren't nearly as high profile as the World T20 is going to be. After all, despite the lack of int'l cricket, snooker players have been coming quite regularly, even from India. Again, not nearly as high profile.