How the media delighted in the Imran-Reham split

Updated 31 Oct 2015


In a society with even a modicum of decency, this decision would not be news. —Photo by Belal Khan
In a society with even a modicum of decency, this decision would not be news. —Photo by Belal Khan

Reham Khan and Imran Khan have decided to part ways. And it seems, we too, have decided to part ways with sanity in the wake of their decision.

It is fair to argue that a political figure does not have a personal or private life, but even so, the media and public response to the matter has been quite despicable.

The divorce came second-by-second, with flashing red tickers on TV channels that religiously engaged in seeking comments on the divorce from all and sundry; trying to claw out and probe into the reasons behind the separation; endlessly speculating and spouting sensationalism.

Relentlessly screaming:

“Second time for Imran Khan, is he on a hat-rick?”

“Reham Khan is a MI6 agent!”

TV producers across the media graced us with trashy animation over slideshows of Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s pictures, complete with lightning cracks between each photo and Bollywood scores bursting behind:

Bhula dena mujhe, Hai alvida tujhe, Tujhe jeena hai mere bina, Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera, Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina.

And of course, how could a glorious opportunity for hating on a woman be missed?

As Faiza S. Khan (@BhopalHouse) neatly puts it:

Social media filled with endless commentary on the matter, as if the divorce could have repercussions for Pakistan’s economy, foreign relations, domestic affairs or the lives of its 200 million people...because of course, Pakistan has no other issues to deal with.

It's not like this is a country where an earthquake has just killed hundreds; where hundreds of children are systematically sexually abused for years in a village (does anyone remember that?).

This isn’t a country like that.

So, the public response to this private matter between a couple has everyone involved, everyone concerned, and everyone ready to offer an opinion.

I do wonder what the thousands of those affected by the earthquake are thinking as they watch this circus play out on TV.