Tale of a Chitral school

July 05, 2015


APROPOS the letter written by Mr Javed Khan Tareen (June 30). I was a student of the Langlands School and College (erstwhile Sayurj Public School and College) for 14 years. I feel it necessary to clarify some of the points which the author raised.

First, it is a myth that the quality of education in the school is comparable to international standards. This was true for the first decade of the school up to 2001, and that was because of the British teachers. After 2001, the standards plummeted because of the departure of foreign teachers and the constant feuds between teachers of the higher section.

Second, the assertion that the former ruling family of Chitral had any role in the establishment of this school is factually incorrect as this school was the brainchild of the then deputy commissioner of Chitral, Mr Javed Majeed. It was he who established this school in a government guest house.

The drop in the quality of education has nothing to do with religion or religious parties and everything with the weak administration of Mr Langlands who because of his advanced age and senility was easily manipulated by a few teachers.

Mr Langlands retired and named Ms Carey Schofield his successor. She introduced some drastic reforms and in a short period the school looked all set to regain its lost glory. But alas, Mr Langlands again under the influence of the same vested interests tried to oust Ms Schofield and undo what she had achieved.

Although Ms Schofield is still the rightful principal, she is being denied a Pakistani visa by some former students of Mr Langlands who are in positions of power. I therefore appeal to the interior minister to immediately approve Ms Schofield ‘s visa so that she can return and resume what she started.

M. J. Khan


Published in Dawn, July 5th, 2015

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