Pemra has issued a notification forbidding TV channels from broadcasting content that is contradictory to the spirit of "national interest".

Our reporter managed to bag an exclusive interview with a Pemra member to discuss the controversial notification ...

Reporter: Sir, can you elaborate a bit more on what this notification is really about?

Pemra: Haven't you read it?

Reporter: I have, but a lot of people seem to be a bit confused about what exactly constitutes the contradiction of the spirit of national interest...

Pemra: What was that?

Reporter: Sir, I asked what exactly constitutes the contradiction of the spirit of national interest?

Pemra: Did you really have to use so many words?

Reporter: Sir, I am only using the words that are in the notification.

Pemra: You don't have to repeat them to me. I wrote them.

Reporter: So, what exactly is the ...

Pemra: You don't have to repeat the question either.

Reporter: Okay. So, what's the answer?

Pemra: To what?

Reporter: To my question.

Pemra: Sorry, I can't answer that question.

Reporter: Why not?

Pemra: It's contradictory to the spirit of national interest.

Reporter: Excuse me?

Pemra: No, you can't be excused. You have put national interest in danger and bought a bad name to the country.

Reporter: Just by asking that question?

Pemra: Yes.

Reporter: But what else should I have asked?

Pemra: You could have asked what my favourite colour is.

Reporter: But the interview is not about you, sir. It's about the notification that your organisation has sent to TV channels.

Pemra: You have a problem with that?

Reporter: No. The truth is, I personally believe there should be a strict code of ethics that should guide TV channels during their coverage of sensitive issues.

Pemra: Hmm. Alright. But did you really have to use so many words?

Reporter: Well, not really, but I just wanted to ...

Pemra: Purple.

Reporter: Excuse me?

Pemra: Purple. My favorite colour is purple.

Reporter: That's nice to know, sir, but that's not what I asked.

Pemra: Then what did you ask?

Reporter: I asked, what exactly constitutes ...

Pemra: Ah, ah. Watch it now. It's a matter of national interest.

Reporter: What is, pray tell!

Pemra: There, you've done it again. That's treachery, you know. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Reporter: I think we need to know what the notification is about. It is our right to know and your duty to tell.

Pemra: So many words.

Reporter: Okay then, will a simple, 'what' do?

Pemra: Yes, it will.

Reporter: Great. What?

Pemra: Purple.

Reporter: No, the notification.

Pemra: What?

Reporter: What are the things that contradict national interest ...?

Pemra: So many words.

Reporter: Okay, what contradiction national interest?

Pemra: Still, too many words.

Reporter: Okay, national interest, what?

Pemra: Yes, national interest very important.

Reporter: What contradicts it?

Pemra: Hate speech. Irresponsible reporting. Sensationalism. Criticism for the sake of criticism. Negativity. Nudity...

Reporter: Nudity?

Pemra: I said that.

Reporter: Yes, you did, but what nudity? On news channels?

Pemra: Yes. Have you ever seen a news anchor in his underwear? Terrible, terrible sight.

Reporter: On TV? Which news anchor?

Pemra: The treacherous ones.

Reporter: The ones who...

Pemra: Ah, ah. Watch it. National interest.

Reporter: Okay, then let me ask another question...

Pemra: Keep it short.

Reporter: Okay. Sir, there are some who say that certain folk are allowed to spout hate speech on TV, while others aren't. That this notification is not even-handed and...

Pemra: So many words. Why aren't you asking questions that are relevant to the topic?

Reporter: But this is quite relevant to the topic, sir.

Pemra: Biryani.

Reporter: Excuse me?

Pemra: Biryani. My favorite dish.

Reporter: But that's not what I asked.

Pemra: Why not?

Reporter: Our readers aren't interested in what your favorite dish is.

Pemra: Why not? Don't they eat food?

Reporter: I'm sure they do, but my question was that whether this notification is for all politicians and anchors or for just specific people?

Pemra: So many words, so many words.

Reporter: Okay, how about if I just say, 'is it?'

Pemra: Still too many words.

Reporter: Is?

Pemra: Keep it short, keep it short.

Reporter: .......

Pemra: Yes, that's the main gist of the notification. Have a nice day.

Reporter: But, I didn't say anything.

Pemra: Exactly.

Reporter: But I ...

Pemra: Ah, ah. National interest.



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