Imambargah or mosque?

16 Mar 2015


WHENEVER a place of Shia Muslim worship is assaulted, it is mentioned in the headlines as ‘Imambargah’.

Imambargahs and mosques are two different places in Shia Islam. A mosque is used for Namaz, whereas Imambargah is for preaching Islam and its main purpose is to keep the purity of the mosque retained by restricting entry by women and small children. On the other hand, everyone (men or women) can go to Imambargah.

All the current attacks on Shia Muslims have been targeted during Friday sermons at mosques. But contrary to that the media use the word Imambargah.

The media is requested to use ‘mosque’, if it is referred to as the place for ‘Namaz’, regardless of ‘namizis’ (Shia or Sunni). This is imperative for peace and religious harmony among Pakistanis.

Mudassir Abbas


Published in Dawn March 16th , 2015

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