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Kashmiris observe Black Day

Updated Oct 28, 2014 06:49am


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SRINAGAR: An Indian paramilitary soldier stands guard on a deserted street during a strike here on Monday. —AFP
SRINAGAR: An Indian paramilitary soldier stands guard on a deserted street during a strike here on Monday. —AFP

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis and Kashmiris in various parts of the world held demonstrations on Monday to mark the anniversary of India’s invasion and occupation of Kashmir on Oct 27, 1947, observed as ‘Black Day’.

The whole Pakistani nation stands united with the Kashmiri people in their struggle for right to self-determination, said federal Mi­­nister for Information Pervaiz Rashid.

Know more: London march backs Kashmiris’ struggle

“The hearts and minds of all Pakistanis are with Kashmiris,” he said at a seminar on the Kashmir issue organised by the Youth Forum for Kashmir at the International Islamic University Islamabad.

He said thousands of people attended the march in London on Sunday to express solidarity with the people of India-held Kashmir.

Demonstrations held on anniversary of Indian occupation

In New York, Kashmiris staged a demonstration in front of the United Nations building.

They were raising slogans, “We want freedom from India”, “UN: implement resolutions on Kashmir”, “Stop killings in Kashmir”, “Justice for Kashmir”, and “India: Out of Kashmir”.

In Brussels, members of the Pakistani community and Kashmiri people from both sides of the Line of Control gathered to express solidarity for the cause of Kashmir.

Khaled Ahmed Chaudhri from International Human Rights Commission said Kashmiris and Pakistanis in Europe had proved that they were united for the freedom of Kashmir. He condemned human rights violations by Indian forces in held Kashmir.

A strike was observed in Srinagar.

Meanwhile, a function was held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran to observe the Black Day.

According to a message received in Islam­abad, Ambassa­dor Noor Muhammad Jadmani said Pakistan would continue to stand by the Kashmiri people in their struggle for right to self-determination.

Published in Dawn, October 28th, 2014


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Comments (32) Closed

Niran Oct 28, 2014 06:57am


Kittu Oct 28, 2014 07:40am

It is fallacious to say, 'Kashmiris' are observing black day. Show me one Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh Kashmiri in the bunch. It is all confined to Srinagar separatists and the their supporters in Pakistan. If it was a Kashmiri Strugle then, the native Pundits would not be refugees in their own land! So there are no takers and no crdibility what so ever, simply Pakistan is exacerbating their misery in this cause. Good luck.

Shamsher singh bajwa Oct 28, 2014 07:45am

Instead of worrying about Kashmir how about worrying about those 3 Baloch activist that were found this morning with a bullet in their body ?

Haroon Al-Rashid Oct 28, 2014 07:47am

I don't think the Ahmediyas, the Baloch and the other religious minorities will share the same opinion. Of course, the Bangalis did not

kranti Oct 28, 2014 07:52am

Observe 365 black days in a year, no problem for us. LOL...

Apoorva Oct 28, 2014 07:57am

Jungle mein mor nacha kisne dekha ?

Ajay Ladkani Oct 28, 2014 08:37am

I fail to understand why Pakistanis are so obsessed with Kashmir while Karachi and other cities of frontier are burning and bomed on daily basis.

Radhika Oct 28, 2014 08:44am

First solve your problems then solve Kashmir problem.Pakustan itself has lot of problems.

Rohit Oct 28, 2014 08:44am

We saw the million march fiasco in london feel sorry for Bilawal & company. Which world you guys live?

Human Oct 28, 2014 08:46am

Meanwhile, a function was held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran to observe the Black Day. Public money spent on celebrating black day.

Hassan Oct 28, 2014 08:57am

To all my beloved Indian friends, whatever is happening in Karachi or Baluchistan or any other city of Pakistan is none of your concern so just keep your pretty nose out of it. If you want to talk, then talk about Kashmir. Kashmir was split between Pakistan and India. Just see Pakistani Kashmir and then look at what's going on in Indian occupied Kashmir. How many curfew or black days or anti government people in Azad Kashmir? And then compare this on the same note with occupied Kashmir. Some thing must have gone horribly wrong which has caused such a diverse reaction from a seemingly "fair" split of the land of Kashmir.

Srini Oct 28, 2014 09:01am

Dear Kashmiris, you have wasted one generation time with these kind black days without thinking on your own. stop falling to the trap of jealousy neighbour who is self imploding and will become Somalia in the years to come. You are part of proud India since thousands of years, in fact you should start thinking on how to get the Pak Occupied Kashmir in to INDIA.

sushil Oct 28, 2014 09:05am

Man samajhane ke liye, Galib khyal achchhaa hai. Pakistan remain on Kashmir issue and world enter 21st centuries. what the future of pakistan? I think just like west neighbouring countries that means Kabilai culture, small groups having weapons, unstable government, 19th century country. etc. don't personal comments. Prove me wrong. This is my motivational comments for pakistan. think about future of country.

cognizance Oct 28, 2014 09:33am

joke .....carry on...had a good laugh

Parvaiz Oct 28, 2014 09:37am

Closing down 1 or 2 markets in valley for observing black day and observing Million march in London (where 200 people came) will surely make Kashmir independent. While 99.99% of Jammu and Kashmir population was busy in their daily routine work and gearing up for the democratic elections to be held soon. 2 worlds apart....2 distinct futures await...for the 2 neighboring countries

Krishan Gopal Oct 28, 2014 09:42am

State assembly elections for J & K are coming and people voting in these elections will be much more than London million march..I think I have made my point...

rk Oct 28, 2014 09:52am

@Pervaiz Rashid: Whole Pakistan "Stands on polio infected legs". Man you need to eliminate polio first... get your priority list corrected

Batra A Oct 28, 2014 09:52am

Neither you can take away Kashmir with force, Nor we will ever allow separation on religious grounds. Why so much fuss.

Sunil Oct 28, 2014 09:52am

Attempts to knock on the UN door for LOC violations, Sartaz Aziz meeting with the recent US delegates, London million march, have miserably failed.

Akashvani Oct 28, 2014 09:59am

Such things will not fetch anything but make it more complex..

Sunil Oct 28, 2014 10:04am

Every country has its own self interest, and will not put finger or intervene in the Kashmir issue, between India and Pakistan. Even the Muslim countries very well know, India is making every efforts to keep peace, tranquility, development in Kashmir, but its Pakistan indulging in all sort of, anti-Indian activities, promoting violence, sending militants, inflame the issue to the international level, and the nation itself is in complete mess, with sectarian and political conflicts.

Adventurer Oct 28, 2014 10:04am

The freedom in Indian held Kashmir is much better - because Pakistan in total is a mess and out of control? So imagine the fate.

Faisal Riaz Oct 28, 2014 10:58am

Because Kashmir is a part of Pakistan and kashmiris also agreed with pakistan not for india.

Qamar Oct 28, 2014 11:18am

@Niran You think nobody cares, then why do you comment?

Bharat Kumar Jaiswal Oct 28, 2014 01:20pm

Why spreading lies. Who invaded Kashmir.... India or Pakistani.... India came to the rescue of Kashmiris. If India was no there than Kashmir would have become victims like Iraq in hand of ISIS.

S K Sinha Oct 28, 2014 01:24pm

Imported wheat, polio stricken leg, poor medical up gradation, family members dying in violence day in day out, IDP, but your focus is Kashmir. Grow up man. Dont be misled by politicians. Kashmir goes to polls next month. People decide their fate. How many elections ever held in POK? Kuchh toh seekho mere bhai.

Bharat Kumar Jaiswal Oct 28, 2014 01:27pm

@Qamar to remind you again stop harping Kashmir. Let Kashmiris fight their fight. You support harming Kashmir cause than helping them... please sort out your problems in Baluchistan... everyday PAF killing innocent people in the name of terrorists.

Mahen Oct 28, 2014 01:36pm

Wherever demonstrations- 90 out of 100 people are Pakistani, 8 other country Muslims and 4 Kashmiris! Amazing thing is people in Pakistan think Kashmiris want to join Pakistan but ask ANY Kashmiri- they are interested in Independence (THAT DOES NOT MEAN MERGER WITH POK Äzad "Kahsmir ") If choice INDIA OR PAKISTAN- India wil win 80% at least

Mahen Oct 28, 2014 01:39pm

@Hassan Wonder why not a single Indian Muslim wants to go to Pakistan! Some thing must be horribly wrong which has caused such a diverse reaction from a seemingly "fair" split of the land of Kashmir.

aiema Oct 28, 2014 02:43pm

@Qamar to make you to know that

Aamchi Mumbai Oct 28, 2014 03:26pm

@Faisal Riaz we do not agree with your view. Keep dreaming. It does not cost anything.

Kashmiri Lover of Pakistan Oct 28, 2014 05:52pm

The Graffti on shop shetter says it all, Good to see indians here. Soon they ll understand what kashmiris want