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LAHORE: The Emirates airline plans to file a suit over the damages caused to its reputation by the enforced diversion of its plane carrying Dr Tahirul Qadri on Monday.

Official sources told Dawn that the airline had told the Civil Aviation Authority that it had been upset by the diversion of its flight EK-612 Dubai-Islamabad to Lahore, causing a great deal of inconvenience to passengers on the plane and those waiting at the airport to fly to Dubai.

The plane was scheduled to reach Islamabad at 8am on Monday and return to Dubai at 9.30am after picking passengers.

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But the government did not allow the aircraft to land at Islamabad to foil Dr Qadri’s plan to go to Lahore by road to demonstrate his political strength.

“The Emirates pilots were shocked to receive the ‘order’ to take the plane to Lahore because there was no issue of weather or airport occupancy,” sources said.

Because of the diversion of the plane, it missed its scheduled departure to Dubai from Islamabad.

After it left for Islamabad in the evening, the Emirates administration informed the CAA that it intended to file for damages.

The sources said the airline was also considering to “blacklist” Dr Qadri.

“An airliner blacklists a person who puts the lives of other passengers in jeopardy or causes them inconvenience by his action,” a CAA official said.

The PIA blacklisted some 10 people for their behaviour leading to diversion of its flight from Manchester to Stansted Airport last year.

The official said he believed that the Emirates would not consider suspending its flight operation to Pakistan because it had good business here.

However, CAA spokesperson Abid Kaimkhani said he was not aware of any warning by the Emirates. “The airline might have contacted the local (Lahore-based) administration of the CAA. But I have no knowledge of it,” he said.

Published in Dawn, June 24th, 2014

Comments (124) Closed

aizan Jun 24, 2014 06:45am

Mr. Nawaz Sharif seems to have a back of hijacking planes and prevent them from landing. He hasn't learned his lesson.

Shahpur Jun 24, 2014 07:17am

It was Government fault. Government is responsible for the damages if any.

Abdul Malik Jun 24, 2014 07:20am

Emirates Airline is perfectly justified to file for damages and I would suggest that it should file a real hefty suit against the government of Pakistan. And in turn, the PML-N should make Saad Rafiq, whose bright idea cum suggestion it was to diver the Islamabad bound flight to Lahore, foot the damage bill.

IKE Jun 24, 2014 07:24am

Good Ideas to file a lawsuit for politically motivated diversion and Blacklisting Qadri. I would not want to travel by Emeriti Airline if I know that I would be miserable and stuck with Qadri character.

TooTrue Jun 24, 2014 07:26am

Who is this "doctor"? Why do we produce so many fake doctors? They should not have allowed the old man to land. Could he cause anymore of a mess than that airport already is?

AJamal Jun 24, 2014 07:36am

Damages to Emirates should come from the pockets of Sharif and Saad Rafique. However conquential damages are massive and then who cares?

Qamar Jun 24, 2014 07:38am

Emirates must sue the CAA for unnecessary diversion, and blacklist from flying on Emirates all persons that were part of this decision. This government is so incompetent that it could not handle the arrival of a rival leader. How can we trust them to handle bigger issues or an emergency?

Saad Zafar Jun 24, 2014 07:38am

Well this was expected.

Government shouldn't have played with a foreign airliner.

Awais Jun 24, 2014 07:48am

Qadri should be black listed. And my innocent people, if plane would have landed on Isb airport, there would have been more mess and bloodshed. It was a good step. And please hijacking is a different thing, dont be ignorant

Israr Khan Ismailzai Jun 24, 2014 07:51am

There you go, more of the taxpayer's money will be wasted on yet another PML N adventure.

Rev. Eldrick Lal Jun 24, 2014 07:54am

All vacuous. Please refrain from calling him doctor. There are so many fake doctors holding fake degrees or forced universities to award them doctorate degrees. He has not earned any doctorate degree.

Riaz Jun 24, 2014 07:54am

@Shahpur: Yes it is Government's fault, however, unfortunately, the suit money will be paid from tax-payers pocket not Nawaz Sharif's pocket. Emirates hould blacklist Sharif brothers and their allies as they are the ones causing inconvenience to the passengers.

RABIA Jun 24, 2014 07:58am

Even if the so called 'Dr' led a procession from Islamabad to Lahore, so what? Would the sky have fallen? in fact given the heat, not a huge number of people would have joined in, but even if they had, so what? Of those who did most would have given up half way, and had no breath to speak at the end of it all. Even if they had, so what? Almost everyone would have resented that the guy who caused it all was sitting in air conditioned comfort in a bullet proof trailer all the while. That's destructive.

Najma Jun 24, 2014 08:09am

I would say that NS should be put on no flight list. He already tried to jeopardize the lives of school kids before he was thrown out of the office and now he tried to repeat it again.

ma Jun 24, 2014 08:09am

The minister and the advisors of the PM should pay the fine from their own pockets.

After they have paid Emirates, the PM should fire these ministers and advisors for trying to make a leader out of someone who had essentially given up on politics and a non entity.

kashif Jun 24, 2014 08:16am

In my humble opinion all International airlines should ban all Pakistani politicians as a potential blacklisted candidates.

Hasan Hasni Jun 24, 2014 08:17am

@Abdul Malik not to be paid by people of Pakistan but from the own pockets of PM and his cabinet

A Khan Jun 24, 2014 08:19am

I think Mr. Qadri should be billed for these damages. I suggest all other passengers at airport who are also affected by Mr Qadri's topi drama shall also request damages from Mr Qadri. I believe he is well financed and should be able to pay all claims easily. After all he travels in First Class, has a squad of bullet proof cars and containers and an army of personal bodyguards.

AZ Jun 24, 2014 08:23am

Just imagine if emirates decides to cease their operations to Pakistan... This country will be 10% isolated from rest of the world. Pakistan doesn't need democratic system. Army is the best solution.

ssf Jun 24, 2014 08:25am

@Qamar Emirates has no case, the govt. can divert a landing because of security reasons and safety of passenfgers and citizens

event horizon Jun 24, 2014 08:25am

My best wishes are with the airline. I hope you receive millions of dollars in compensation.

SM Jun 24, 2014 08:30am

@Shahpur you do realize where the government gets it money from right? OUR money is the governments money - was this OUR fault?

Some no-name Tahirul Qadri guy does not warrant this much attention

danny Jun 24, 2014 08:31am

This is the beginning of Inquilab. No more foreign airlines.. Take a boat for Canada in future. (You need to sacrifice for revolution).

Khan Jun 24, 2014 08:38am

The airline is taking the right step however, the taxpayers' money will be wasted on this ill thought out adventure. Sharif and co should apologize to the people of Pakistan for causing them this inconveniance. I feel sorry for the poor laborers who work day and night for years to earn the livelihoods and then these heads running Pakistan these days do this to them. They should apologize to emirate airline and pay for the damages from their own pockets.

Maqbool Jun 24, 2014 08:43am

Our leaders have to understand that their uncivilized and violent childish behavior has consequences. Emirates should definitely demand compensation and blacklist Qadri and his associates who created chaos.

Pakistani demonstrators and the Police should all be prosecuted who injure others and should be made pay for injuries , pain , suffering and loss of wages and loss of properties.

Both groups have made us a laughing stock of the world.

Khan Baba Jun 24, 2014 08:44am

@Qamar : exactly.. this is what i wanted to say..

Nadeem Chaudhry Jun 24, 2014 08:47am

....Welcome Molvi Qadri! Welcome to Pakistan......... As Gen. Musharraf would tell you ,returning to Pakistan is easy, but leaving for your safe and lavish haven in Canada won't be that easy. Just so you know that Emirates has blacklisted you already.

Shakil Khan Jun 24, 2014 08:48am

Deal international flights as scheduled, single out qadri at ISB, let the other passengers and plane carry on as normal! Do whatever you want to Qadri move him by helicopter or anything else if you didnt want him to go out from ISB airport. This is how a sane government would have dealt with TuQ and avoided all the mess!

zia Jun 24, 2014 08:52am

NZ you leader of an elected majority Govt, don't be afraid of this Drama.

Agha Ata Jun 24, 2014 09:18am

This is the second time he has done it. He is the biggest hijacker. That is not politics.

Azam Jun 24, 2014 09:23am

What a Pity. What a reputation of Pak you have created Mr Nawaz Sharif. This was not PIA, it was Emirates

Nasir Jun 24, 2014 09:25am

The PM forgets that the last time he did that, he had to leave the country for 10 years


The Last Airline to leave Pakistan,please turn the lights off!

rehan Jun 24, 2014 09:31am

The Government should pay Emirates for the loss they have caused. Infact , they should pay the passengers too !

irshad Jun 24, 2014 09:33am

some one should read the CAA Rules of business before aking tall claims of liability in such cases.

khanm Jun 24, 2014 09:38am

@aizan would you learn the lesson if you know you can get by with this ...

random_user Jun 24, 2014 09:49am

Emirates have every right to file for damages. This is not some useless airline that doesn't care for its reputation or customer feedback. They are one of the best in the world, and my personal preference whenever I fly.

awais Jun 24, 2014 09:51am

the plane should not have been diverted at any cost. Diversion of an international carrier due to political reasons is so stupid. The government should realize that it was Emirates plane not PIA

Malikpur Janderbari Abbottabad Jun 24, 2014 09:58am

Tahir ul Qadri is responsible for all losses to EA flight, he must be banned. Losses must be recovered from him......

Ali Ibrahim Jun 24, 2014 10:11am

As long as it is going out of the taxpayers pocket, the government could care less.

Mohammed A. Sukhera-USA Jun 24, 2014 10:11am

The Airline' first priority is the safety of its passengers. Dr Qadri's supporters were creating chaos at the airport and the police force was unable to control them. Under such circumstances, the government took an appropriate action to divert the flight to Lahore. If Dr Qadri does not want to disembark the plane due to security concerns and unreasonable demands, its not the government fault. He should have arranged the security measures before he starts the journey. The airline should sue Dr Qadri rather than the government and black list him for future travel on the airline. Dr Qadri is a Canadian citizen and he is visiting Pakistan to topple the duly elected government in Pakistan and create chaos in the country.. The government must maintain law and order in the cities so that no one is inconvenienced by the protests he is advocating. If he keeps creating problems , the government should arrest him and deport him back to Canada and never allow him to come back. The US government always stops the people who are bent on breaking the law by disallowing them to enter the country. His party did not win even a one NA seat in the country in the last elections.

Mubarik Jun 24, 2014 10:13am

I dont know if it is a good idea to divert a plane but in such circumstances to handle man like Qadri it was not a bad idea either. What if Qadri was allowed to land at BBIA and on a way to his journey to Lahore any miscreant or terrorist do some kind of activity then it would be nothing less than catastrophe and bloodshed and more problem to the government. So one need to look at the other side of the story as well before bashing the Govt. and Yes Emirates are right to file lawsuit for damages.

someone Jun 24, 2014 10:28am

Pakistan is a laughing stock. Who in his right mind would divert a plane just to stop one person unless that person has caused serious threat to the passengers? But seems like pakistani politicians never learn. If they feel so threatened by that old man, why dont they declare him person non grata and issue a notification to all airline companies so that they dont let him board in pakistan bound flights? And why dont they let him come and protest? NS government has majority and no mid term elections are expected so why to worry so much? In a week or two, he would go back himself because of scorching heat.

niazi Jun 24, 2014 10:34am

@rev eldrick lal means he is not doctor.then u must be hungry for this title.put yourself in trouble to have an eye bird view of history...

SMQ Zaman Jun 24, 2014 10:39am

@Rev. Eldrick Lal What evidence do you have Reverend Lal? You must not impose your views on others without verifiying your sources or authentication, please, that's unprofessional and unethical and even immoral opinion!

SYED ASIF Jun 24, 2014 10:43am

What passengers will get .I am sure nothing.When flights are late passanger is waiting and waiting and in the End current case also will be the same .if UAE airline should announce what they can give to the passenger.

mudassar Jun 24, 2014 10:53am

Paki Media and Politicians make me ashamed of calling myself a Pakistani while living abroad.

Black Jun 24, 2014 10:58am

@kashif Yayy, Kashif. That would be great but they're also the biggest customers. If all private airlines blacklist all Pakistani politicians, they would have only one choice - PIA. That is exactly when they will be forced to improve PIA services.

Ali Jun 24, 2014 11:01am

Emirates should black list all Pakistani political characters like Qadri and make them Fly PIA, so they can land the plane anywhere even in middle of Thar,

What a Drama. Seems like we keep on selecting the worst government every time.

Black Jun 24, 2014 11:07am

@awais Do not forget that there were non-trivial security reasons as well. Islamabad airport is too small and it is not capable of handling mass gatherings of violent (or non-violent) people on any given day. And given recent events, the security of the federal capital is far more important.

Irfan Jun 24, 2014 11:18am

We can not treat others like our property, But our rulers and officials can harm their own country.

Zahid Iqbal Jun 24, 2014 11:35am

@Rev. Eldrick Lal What's your problem? He's a former professor of Law at Punjab University. Go check with Punjab university instead of giving your worthless contribution here.

salman Jun 24, 2014 11:37am

@aizan but qadri will surely learn his lesson. mark this comment this day , this time. and look back mir aizan.

Eldrick Lal Jun 24, 2014 11:41am

@niazi I have earned doctorate not been awarded doctorate. If you understand clearly. I don' t use titles like doctor because my elocution proves it.

Vince V James Jun 24, 2014 11:45am


Any Western country would have done the same. In fact they would not have allowed this known 'trouble-maker' to come to their country. Emirates Airline should be sued for bringing this guy to Pakistan knowing what his disruption plans were. Don't allow him back.

Imran Jun 24, 2014 11:56am


Who ordered for diversion should pay to Emirates Airline. Dr.Tahirul Qari and other passengers destination was Islamabad not Lahore. Passengers should also be compensated.

Imran Jun 24, 2014 12:00pm

Sharif family, Rafique, Qadri, everyone should be blacklisted by Emirates.

JQ Jun 24, 2014 12:03pm

Please Emirates close your flights in Pakistan

Eagle Star Jun 24, 2014 12:03pm

Qadri should have not disturb peace within the country and if he had wanted to launch a peaceful protest govt would have allowed him because doing so is his civil rights.

Abassin Jun 24, 2014 12:07pm

@Mohammed A. Sukhera-USA / Dr. Qadri is a Pakistani citizen (holding dual citizenship - Pakistani & Canadian) he can not be deported back to Canada, notwithstanding his ill planned journey to Pakistan. However, his approach and methodology to change the political landscape of Pakistan is too simplistic and na

M. Ahmed Jun 24, 2014 12:15pm

Qadri the clown must be charged with hijacking an aircraft and holding its passengers as hostages. I am pretty sure had he done this drama in Canada or US he would have ended behind prison bars for the rest of his life...

Pak Soul Jun 24, 2014 12:28pm

Qadri should be made to pay for all the episode of hijacking

Imran Khalid Virk Jun 24, 2014 12:36pm

Sharifs do not seem to have learnt lessons from the past history. Acts like cancellation of Skardu bound flight and diversion of Emirates plane to Lahore demonstrate mind set of our so called democratic rulers.

Munir Bin Bashir Jun 24, 2014 12:36pm

CAA authorities had shown the plane as landed while it was not landed CAA be asked to clarify the position

Adil Farooq Jun 24, 2014 12:38pm

all politicians should be blacklisted. so nothing of this sort can happen again. rather than having foreign airlines blacklisting Pakistan.

Ajamal Jun 24, 2014 12:47pm

@Qamar "This government is so incompetent that it could not handle the arrival of a rival leader."

TuQ is a political non-entity, yet PML-N has so quickly made him a "rival leader". Good performance Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

ashfaq ahmad Jun 24, 2014 12:52pm

I think in the last I have to swim across the sea to come to pakistan, because airlines are suspending their flights to pakistan one by one.

Khalid Jun 24, 2014 12:59pm

Very professional attitude of Emirates. I salute its management for the way it cares its customers. Mr. Qadiri must be blacklisted from boarding all the flights coming to Pakistan as his childish behaviour of not getting out of the plane for 5 hours caused inconvenience to the airline and its passengers. The present government must also how to handle such situations professionally. I salute Mr. Zardari and his team who faced and similar situations so much patience and tolerance.

S Jun 24, 2014 01:11pm

Why do our leaders think that everyone will quietly follow their orders and do whatever they are told? Emirates is not a Pakistani entity, it has all the rights to ask questions and file for damages.

Blitzer Jun 24, 2014 01:17pm

Good. Emirates should file a lawsuit against the Gov't of Pakistan for damages. Instead of blacklisting Dr. Qadri, Emirates should blacklist everyone from the PML-N, the party that specializes in high-jacking airplanes and diverting them for their own political wellbeing. I'd also like to suggest to Emirates to have their TP printed with Khwaja Saad Rafiq's photos. Pakistani people would throng to fly Emirates if this suggestion is implemented because frankly they are sick and tired of the venomous, anti-state, self-centered, self-righteous, nonsensical tirades of this chihuahua.

Feroz Jun 24, 2014 01:18pm

@A Khan If all that you say is true it should not be too difficult to find out who is financing Qadri and propping him up. Since Pakistan is a country famous for proxies, finding the sources of benevolence should not be difficult.

khalid Jun 24, 2014 01:22pm

It is Emirates fault why did it agree to allow Kadri to board the plane. It is common sense this man is trouble. Now pay the price for the mistakes.

Asim Jun 24, 2014 01:40pm

@RABIA well said. Unfortunately our leaders don't understand something as simple as that

Khan Jun 24, 2014 01:44pm

@Feroz Mr Qadri has plenty of support from wealthy Pakistanis living abroad. 90% of the passengers in the plane were his supporters who traveled with him all the way to Pakistan. It is not America or Saudis or anyone other than Pakistanis who support this.

Syed Husain Jun 24, 2014 01:49pm

Diverting Emirates plane with other passengers to Lahore was a disgraceful act by the incompetent politicians. If these politicians had any common sense and foresight (which they do not), they should have requested Emirates Airline not to let Dr. Qadri board the plane at Dubai.

Mohammad Iqbal Jun 24, 2014 02:08pm

Once upon a time, a plane was hijacked and asked not to land at Karachi airport and was asked to go to a noman's land. But this time, it was asked to land at Lahore instead of Islamabad. This flight was to go back to dubai with passengers some of them had to catch connecting flights to five continents. But due to brain of super sonic space engineer, Khwaja Saad Rafiq this trick was played. Now , you guys controlling the wealth of pakistan, be ready to pay damages to Emirates and in my opinion ( I know their mindset ) it will be in the vicinity of 100 million dollars. You have to go to another sheikh to borrow this amount

fuaad Jun 24, 2014 02:10pm

@AJamal ... thats more like it..

fuaad Jun 24, 2014 02:10pm

thats more like it...

Muhammed Ali Jun 24, 2014 02:23pm

Since it was NS that ordered its diversion will he be paying the damages? Also its true this PM will never learn....i think he has a problem with planes and whom they are carrying....Musharraf must be having a little chuckle right now..

sazo Jun 24, 2014 02:23pm

Its all due to ideal good governance of PML-N

haris Jun 24, 2014 02:42pm

@Awais forceful diversion without any possibility of terrorists attacks or uncertain weather conditions or any sort of occupancy constraints falls under hijacking.

FYI, forceful diversion of ANY Airline whether PIA, also falls under hijacking.

MJA Jun 24, 2014 03:42pm

Emirates is well justified in taking the Govt to task for this reckless, egotistical action which the Pakistani Govt seems to be an expert in performing. The Govt needs to be told loud and clear that it cannot do as it pleases and pay no heed to the repercussions that will follow. The Pakistani Govt is not invincible.

Tariq, Lahoe Jun 24, 2014 04:12pm

Wow, PM NS does not seem to believe much in his democratic government set up if he going to be 'effected' by the likes of TUQ!

adnan Jun 24, 2014 04:23pm

come on.... dont you see and understand the real culprit... i believe our memory is weak, we forgot Qadri's drama of Islamabad.

Naseem Jun 24, 2014 04:29pm

@Rev. Eldrick Lal How do you know that he does not hold a doctorate degree?

bkt Jun 24, 2014 04:43pm

Is it any wonder that less and less foreign airlines are coming to Pakistan despite the large numbers of Pakistanis flying from this destination? Airlines fly on the premise that any passengers that get off at one stop will be replaced by others at the next stop. Passengers have to get connecting flights or land when their hotel bookings are due. This is one reason why PIA is such a disaster. Try booking a connecting flight with PIA. By the time the PIA flight takes off it is already half a day late. It is sometimes easier to take a bus within Pakistan instead of relying on PIA. But this is a foreign airline and it has commitments. If the government didn't want TUQ to land in Islamabad they could simply have asked Emirates not to allow him to board. They could have then sent him to Nawabshah instead. They could have sent him by PIA so he could arrive sometime next week. But it seems they are even more incompetent than that.

Khan Jun 24, 2014 04:49pm

The damages shall be paid and paid by Nawaz Sharif or his Khwaja who, (thinking it was PAKISTAN RAILWAYS or PIA), diverted this flight for their political reasons.

This damage shall not be paid from PAKISTANI taxes.......Pakistanis need to rise up and make this point known............These politicians have played enough with PAKISTANIs money.

Khan Jun 24, 2014 04:50pm


Not govt......Govt will take it out of PAKISTANIs taxes.........It is PMLN fault.

Ahmed Jun 24, 2014 04:53pm

The height of corruption and mismanagement as expected from two brothers, one has occupied the PM house and other the CM-Punjab House.

Sid Jun 24, 2014 05:25pm

Airline should slap damages to CAA! but unfortunately, the damages will be paid of by money collected by TAX PAYERS and the politicians will not even feel its pinch. As for Mr. Nawaz, he will be patting the backs of his man for getting more loans to cover such petty claims! what a mess this country has become!! and yet we beat the drum of democracy!

Arshad Khan Jun 24, 2014 05:40pm

Tahir ul Qadri should have been declared a persona non-grata as barred from Pakistan. We have enough of our troubles and he is trying to cook his own goose. How did a mulla suddenly become so rich, travelling business class and having such vast premises and spending loads of money on his party? I am sure he is being funded by some foreign power bent upon destabilizing Pakistan.

Ravian Jun 24, 2014 05:45pm

Where as the Emirates will be totally justified in claiming the damages the unfortunate part is that the State will have to bear the charges of silly actions by this utterly non sense prime minister.

Ravian Jun 24, 2014 05:49pm

@Qamar Not the CAA but Nawaz Sharif. His minister of information is on record having said that Nawaz himself ordered the diversion.

syed wasim haider Jun 24, 2014 07:33pm

Can Mr. Dar will clarify who will pay to Emirates; NS, SR or Tax payers? It seems that the Home Minister was out of picture.

Mohsin Jun 24, 2014 08:31pm

Nawaz Sharif should consider a job for air traffic controller. He seems to do it better than running a country.

Shahzad Kazi Jun 24, 2014 09:05pm

That is exactly what Emirates should do. Governments and individuals should not allowed to disrupt flight schedules at their whims and fancies.

Rev. Eldrick Lal Jun 24, 2014 09:15pm

@Naseem Who cares if he have a doctorate or not? The crux of the matter is that he acted in a nefarious way.

ishtiaq Jun 24, 2014 09:55pm

I've long lost hope in this country ever becoming a THIRD WORLD country!

shahid Jun 24, 2014 10:15pm

They could have diverted right from DXB to Lahore case closed.

Rehan Hafiz Jun 24, 2014 11:08pm

Our leaders get smarter by the day. Well done boys. You prove your intelligence every day.

Asad Khan Jun 25, 2014 12:58am

@Rev. Eldrick Lal -.- he received a gold medal from Punjab University, and taught law there for years, get your facts straight

muhibbewatan Jun 25, 2014 01:03am

@ssf Just wait! Isn't it the responsibility of the Govt. to provide all types of security in place, be it in the air or ground? If the Govt. is so insecure in its dealings with social or political movements, the administrators might well hand-over the administration to more competent people/forces.

Syed Ahmed Jun 25, 2014 01:25am

The damages must be Paid by Nawqaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif out of their pockets since they are the culprits. They have caused lot od damage to Pakistan and its reputation, rigged May 11, 2013 elections, sold assets of Pakistan, sank Pakistan deeper and deeper in loans, got innocent people including women and children on the night of June 17/18 in Model Town, Lahore. They are most incompetent rulers.

Syed Ahmed Jun 25, 2014 01:31am

@TooTrue Do you understand what doctorate means? The fake Doctors are people like Rehman Malik, Ex-CJ Ifthikar Mohammad Chaudhry.

Syed Ahmed Jun 25, 2014 02:04am

Wise people learn from mistake of others and fools learn from their own mistake.I understand the government would take strict measures to tackle individuals like Tahirul Qadri to foil their efforts of spreading anarchy in the country so that Sharif brothers have a free hand to loot and plunder the country. They are free to do acts like diverting Emirates Airline flight carrying Dr Tahirul Qadri to Lahore, on June 22, after delaying it in air for 40 minutes. Also created lot of nonsense at Benazir International caused great damage to the reputation and financial loss to the foreign airlines. Nawas Sharif has not learnt from his past mistake therefore he is a complete idiot.

Bea Jun 25, 2014 03:23am

@Malikpur Janderbari Abbottabad well said.

MMM Jun 25, 2014 03:36am

Reading all this depresses me! Individually, we are intelligent and considerate but as a society, we are amongst the least civilized societies where the few powerful can do anything they want without regards to any law and order.

jdshami Jun 25, 2014 04:11am

Nawaz/Shahbaz hijacked this plane and they both must be prosecuted and punished. They both should pay the damages to Emirates.

Jaj Jun 25, 2014 04:28am

Emirates should file a case against Nawaz Shariff, Shahbaz Shariff, Chaudhary Nisar, Parvaiz Rashid and other Gulu Butts of PMLN for hijacking the plane from Islamabad route to Lahore. Dr. Qadri did not use force or any other means to control the flight or change the route of the plane. What Qadri did in the plane was his legal right to ask the carrier to take him to the destination for which he had paid and boarded the plane. Probably Nawaz Shariff loves to hijack planes but Chaudhary Nisar is the master mind of current episode. Musharraf still remembers the extra ride for normal fare

Tan Jun 25, 2014 10:02am

All international flights should be halted until Pakistan gets its house in order.

Raj Jun 25, 2014 12:38pm


I am surprised to read comments such as these. If you still haven't figured out that it is indeed the army that has got you in this mess then you are beyond redemption.

H Chaudhry Jun 25, 2014 07:48pm

From International air law, Emirates has not much course against the Government since in its discretion Government may deem a flight risk and divert. Emirates may have other channels like demanding a landing discount for future trips etc.

As for Qadri and his 5 hours in plane, Emirates have already blacklisted him and from legal recourse, they can either go after him in Pakistan, Canada or Dubai. I think Qadri will be blacklisted to enter all of UAE as one outcome, lawsuits against him will be filed in Pakistan and Canada.

In Canada, being a Canadian citizen and being boarded the plane from Canada, he is under their Federal Jurisdiciton. I think this will be interesting. Qadri may or may not appear but he is set to lose this and hopefully damages on him and judgement will be very heavy.

H Chaudhry Jun 25, 2014 07:52pm

@Syed Ahmed Sorry law does not work like that !

Musarrat Javed Jun 26, 2014 01:12am

@AZ This is all army created mess. We need true democracy not fake one like this where Nawaz has been brought as PM third time through rigging. This rigging is always supported by our establishment. Supreme Court

Rev. Eldrick Lal Jun 26, 2014 02:00am

@Asad Khan Who cares whether he received gold medal or not. He acted in unworthy manner. Perhaps quintessential of every political leader. Gold Medalists don't behave like nerds or may be in Pakistan

Rev. Eldrick Lal Jun 26, 2014 02:02am

@Naseem His etiquette exhibits his nature which is contrary of an educated person.

sure? Jun 26, 2014 03:32am

@RABIA Qadri is on the target list of TTP. If TTP had targeted him or his crowd then you would have blamed Nawaz for not diverting the plane and avoiding the situation. Damned if he does damned if he doesn't

Upkar gill Jun 26, 2014 07:50am

Guess they (politicians) want to make sure no airline comes to Pakistan and get pia going again against all odds.

mohammadnoonnanna Jun 26, 2014 12:16pm

It is Emirates right to sue for damages. These should not only come from pockets SHARIF.s, their blue eyed SAAS as well as the TuQ should also bear the brunch, as it all happened due to his drama. His refusal to come out of plane after it had landed caused all the mess. Major chunk of the damage claim should come from him

arbab Jun 26, 2014 04:42pm

It was violation frm gov.not frm qadri.responsible should be the gop.

M.Saeed Jun 26, 2014 08:09pm

With Airport security challenged and Qadri-hoodlums advancing to capture the entire Airport control facilities, it was logical and prudent to divert the plane to a safer place.

Sohail Khan Jun 27, 2014 12:28am

Dr Tahirul Qadri is a fraud and living of welfare in Canada and ruing Pakistan form a distance. It is time to hang everyone in the government and these religious fanatics and give the country back to the people.

humayun akhtar Jun 27, 2014 03:04am

the question is why the airlines accepted a high risk passenger in the first place and secondly the respondent will have an easy defense on that basis. the delay at lahore airport was due to the refusal of a that high risk pax who refused to disembark

ARK Jun 29, 2014 08:01am

I wish PIA was like Emirates... Its only a wish...