PESHAWAR: A little-known splinter group of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has opposed peace talks between the government and the banned organisation and warned of a surge in attacks.

Ahrarul Hind, which recently came into the limelight in the media, criticised both the government and TTP for starting negotiations.

A statement issued by the group on Friday said the government wanted to hold talks within the ambit of the constitution. Similarly, the TTP said it would begin the negotiations within the framework of the Constitution and also seek enforcement of Sharia and revival of caliphate without coming into power.

Both sides, the group’s spokesman Asad Mansoor said, were making contradictory statements and demanding enforcement of the Islamic system by those who considered English laws as Sharia.

Details about the group were not available, but sources said two brothers from Attock district had set up the group after separating from the TTP. “This is a recent phenomenon which is largely dominated by elements from Punjab,” they said.

The spokesman warned: “We make it clear that until Sharia and caliphate are implemented in Pakistan, war would continue and would be intensified further. We cannot be deceived in the name of negotiations.”