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September 14, 2013

Myths and mysteries

This is with reference to the fortnightly column Myths & mysteries by Fatima Sajid. I appreciate Fatima’s efforts for writing about legends and myths around the world. But I would like her to research a bit more in order to add a little paragraph to decipher the facts behind all such myths because myths are never real and are the creations of human mind.

Children should not believe such stuff and as they are innocent and might take all such tales quite seriously, therefore, being a responsible writer, she should give both sides of the picture in a clear and practical way. Creating sensation is part of such columns but one should also consider children and the way they are affected by reading such articles.

Maryam Ashfaq, Wah Cantt

Dates: a blessing being ignored in Turbat

Dates are a speciality of Turbat but this crop is not being given its due importance. Although dates are a source of income for many residents here, a proper setup has not been arranged to get full advantages of this blessing of Nature. Hence farmers are compelled to sell their crops at a low price and they don’t earn as much profit as they deserve and their untiring hard work doesn’t help them in changing their circumstances.

If a proper factory is built in Turbat where dates are utilised for making various by-products, as well as proper packaging of raw dates, this can help Turbat grow industrially and it will eventually serve for the betterment of people’s living condition here.

Shamima Khudadad, Turbat

Comics are great!

The addition of comics has doubled our joy of reading Young World. Besides reading features and stories, reading comics is a refreshing experience on weekends. While features, stories, facts and quizzes give us information and important lessons about life, comics provide us with fun and entertainment. I request you to continue this section forever.

Rabia Qasim, Karachi

Young World’s writers are awesome

I really liked the story by Sadia Maqsood, “The magic pencil” published on August 17, 2013. It was a very well-written story. Sadaf Tausif’s work too is quite impressive and she stands out like a bright star. I also like the energy and expression Mariha Ghazal puts in her stuff. Being imaginative, ambitious and well-versed with language are essential qualities to make a name in the world of writing.

Writing for a children’s magazine is like painting on a small canvas with limited amount of colours available. Those who manage to stand out in doing it are really good writers.

It was also good to see Ambreen Arshad penning down her thoughts in a brilliant way to guide kids to perform better in schools.

Arif Iftikhar, Lahore

Dietary fibre deciphered

“Dietary fibre deciphered” by Dr M. Qudrat-e-Khuda on August 24, 2013, was a very informative feature.

Vegetables and fruits, as mentioned by the writer, are a great source of fibre but, unfortunately, the vegetables and fruits that we obtain are cultivated in polluted water and are more harmful than junk food. If vegetables and fruits are grown with clean water, we’ll be able to obtain maximum benefits from them.

Wasif Ali, Karachi

Local hauntings

This is with reference to the article “Local hauntings” in the section Myths & mysteries by Fatima Sajid (August 17, 2013). It was really an interesting piece of writing and I would prefer you to print more such strange tales from our country rather than foreign countries as the mythical tales from our own part of the world would fascinate us more.

Saira Karim, Karachi

The magic pencil

This is a feedback to the story “The magic pencil” by Sadia Maqsood (YW, August 17, 2013). The story, in a very entertaining manner, provided us with an important lesson of life that there’s no shortcut to success!

Often we act lazy and want to adopt unfair means to get our work done but we must never forget that long-term success cannot be obtained without sheer hard work. Only sincere efforts and a strong determination can give us rewards.

Nadia Jamil, Lahore