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Those advocating ‘no talks’ should also give us an idea of what they propose instead. Do they want a war?
Those advocating ‘no talks’ should also give us an idea of what they propose instead. Do they want a war?

NEW DELHI: The India-Pakistan Line of Control (LoC) has become volatile, with beheadings, attacks, deaths and firings in daily violations of the 2003 ceasefire.

As army officers in India point out, the first casualty of LoC incidents is the “truth” as both the militaries make their own stories, and their own facts. Both accuse the other of ‘starting it first’, insisting that they had maintained calm and peace on their side.

India’s hard-nosed retired officials recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him not to meet his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif.

“There should be no talks” has been the refrain from the Bharatiya Janata Party as well, with the weak-kneed Congress succumbing to the pressure of continually chastising Pakistan while keeping the talks on hold. Peace activists who have been insisting that the dialogue must continue have been dismissed by both the government and the opposition, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh waits for the climate to right itself so that he can meet his Pakistani counterpart in New York next month. However, if the pressure continues, Singh, in all probability, will call off the meeting.

Of course it is true that the prime minister will not be able to achieve much through a meeting towards the end of his second and probably last term in office. He is not in a position to take decisions, or implement decisions regarding India-Pakistan relations and hence neither country will lose anything in substantive terms if the meeting is indeed called off. However, it will impact the peace process adversely, making it clear once again that both India and Pakistan have not succeeded in institutionalising this all-important dialogue.

Those advocating ‘no talks’ should also give us an idea of what they propose instead. Do they want a war? How will that resolve the problem? And at what cost? Surely, it cannot be anyone’s case that in this time and age, India should declare war instead of working for peace?

The attack on the Indian soldiers recently did arouse passions, but there has been deep criticism within the army of the political pressure to send the army chief, Gen Bikram Singh, to the LoC when the task should have been left entirely to the region’s commander. The army chief, sources said, should have refused to intervene in this manner but did not.

Given the fact that India shares borders with two countries it considers ‘hostile’, it stands to reason that the first priority for the government should be to ensure that the ceasefire holds, and that border incidents are tackled instantly and calm restored.

It is only the very foolish who will advise the government to break off talks with Pakistan, at a time when dialogue is essential to peace. This jingoistic tendency to ‘teach lessons’ has to be replaced by a strategic and calibrated call for peace.

The Indian side of the LoC has been secured physically to a great extent. Flood lighting, fencing and electronic surveillance have been installed to aid the military and paramilitary patrols on the border. However, integrated border management is still non-existent, with the prime minister and his government unable to formulate a comprehensive scheme for the same.

A department of border management was set up under the ministry of home affairs nearly ten years ago, but seems to have contributed little to formulating a border policy. Instead, it has focused its attention on border outposts, fencing and other such works to secure the LoC and indeed the borders that India shares with other countries in the region.

The department has recognised the need to make the population living alongside the LoC in particular more secure physically and mentally, but not much has moved on this front.

This is quite the opposite to China, which has built the necessary infrastructure along its borders with India to enable free and quick movement of its military.

At the same time, as this writer saw during a visit to Tibet, the Chinese are building sufficient infrastructure to take care of their border populations. For instance, large-scale construction of free housing was being carried out to settle nomads in colonies well before the Line of Actual Control.

Managing Borders

India, unfortunately, has no policy for managing its borders with tensions at the Line of Control, for instance, cutting into bilateral relations at the drop of a hat.

It is important for both India and Pakistan to appoint an integrated border authority comprising high-level political leaders from each side.

This body should be charged with monitoring developments along the LAC and moving in to defuse tensions as soon as these are reported. One is suggesting a political body as that alone would have the authority to direct officials to immediately implement confidence-building measures, or to suggest new proposals to bring down the tension quotient. Tensions should not be allowed to rise, as then any little incident can create a major incident that none of the countries can afford. War cannot be the answer, and border management can ensure that peace prevails.

The writer is consulting editor of The Statesman.

By arrangement with The Statesman/ANN

Comments (55) Closed

S Bara Aug 24, 2013 02:57pm

And of course for Pakistan to carry on with its proxy war and deny all knowledge of it ever happening. Give some lecture to Pakistan and China also.

Anoop Aug 24, 2013 03:27pm

India must use the latest technology to man its borders. With the use of infrared, satellites and quick mobilisation, we can ensure zero infiltration.

USA and Israel have shared much of the tech and this should keep improving.

No matter what technology the militants use, they have to cross the LoC on foot, they cannot stop emitting heat, nor can they run faster than a bullet. When 100% efficiency is achieved, India can concentrate on Nepal and Bangladesh borders.

Its not just militants, but economic migrants too. People from Bangladesh have flooded Indian cities and many have fake Indian documents, using which they can obtain genuine ones very easily. With high economic growth in India, and political turmoil in Pakistan as and when the Taliban start taking control of Pakistan, more and more refugees will flood in.

Rohit Aug 24, 2013 04:02pm

I personally see no reason for talks with Pakistan. All these years of talks and war has produced nothing for either side. Unless democracy is strong in Pakistan, I doubt any idea of peace that the citizens of Pakistan want would be respected by the politicians which are in a lot of pressure from the army.

Sadly though, your article suggests that there are only two way out of any situation- friendship or war. A rather extreme view of the world you hold perhaps- I would rather just have that the two nations be respectable neighbours until both are sufficiently advanced-economies to think rationally.

wallis Aug 24, 2013 04:16pm

The problem is that India is not interested in peace, Pakistan itself is suffering the most from terror attacks but India keeps blaming Pakistan for terrorism!

Pakistani ambassy was attacked in India, also PIA office was also attacked there, when Pakistani govt. sent dosti bus to India, the extremist hindu group stopped it and screamed against it.

It clearly shows that Indians are not interested in peace.

dr vimal raina Aug 24, 2013 05:30pm

India along it China border was of the thought that the bigger rival had a conventional edge. She decided then in her wisdom that to keep the infrastructure on the underdeveloped side worked in her favor in case of advancing Chinese army. As it has grown economically the thought has now changed. There has been a rapid infrastructural development along the Indo-Chinese border. In fact Indian has given the army a go ahead to have a specific army arm consisting of 50,000 soldiers just to man that border. As far as dropping negotiations at the drop of a hat is considered, I disagree with you. If killing of soldiers while they are sleeping or beheading them is a drop of hat for you, I seriously question the thread of your argument. When you have an army of non-state actors sponsored by the regular army waiting on launch pads to cross the border to cause mayhem, I wonder what talks are we talking about. Your guess should be better than mine.

Pankaj Aug 24, 2013 05:30pm

True !! Peace is the only solution.War has never been beneficial to mankind.War always helps vultures as they feed on dead bodies

Indian Observer Aug 24, 2013 05:30pm

There is hard evidence available with Indian army to document that Pakistanis first fired at Indian troops along the LoC in Kashmir, thus creating an unnecessary provocation and compelling India to respond in kind. Be as it may, the imperative that will determine future talks between the two sides is the extent to which Prime Minister NS can control the army, which ostensibly still calls the shots, and with it those who are actually involved in the fighting at the LoC. Pakistan must demonstrate its sincerity and seriousness to mend fences with India where emotions and anti-Pakistan sentiments amongst Indians run very high, particularly after the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008 and recent beheadings of Indian soldiers (the entire India is united against what is a typically Medieaval and barbaric practice of beheading). Indian soldiers are subject to checks and balances which Pakistani armed forces are, unfortunately, not. One has to first stop all acts of violations, including the use of force from the Pakistani side, if there is serious intention to pursue dialogue which, hopefully, will one day lead to peace, prosperity and stability for both Indians and Pakistanis.

Rajeev Kumar Aug 24, 2013 05:56pm

Very nice articular. I truly agree with you. Indian government is doing nothing to resolve these issues.

Kishore Aug 24, 2013 06:44pm

Completely a one-sided argument. Entire import of the article seems to suggest it is India and its 'hard nosed, inflexible' politicians, ex-military officers etc, who need to be chastised and made to see reason in fostering peace with atleast one if not both of the neighbours 'deemed hostile by India'. Precious little for the Pak army to address, is there? Very deluded a notion! Is the Pak army a divine unit with noble intentions towards its eastern counterpart? Are the likes of Hafeez Saeed, Masood Azhar, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi & perpetrators of the carnage in Mumbai in 2008, angels born out of brotherly intentions of the Pak army towards India? Come on, do not try to draw wool over the realities that confound the two nations.

Agha Ata Aug 24, 2013 06:56pm

You said, ". . . .should also give us an idea of what they propose instead. Do they want a war?" No. We do not want a war, but our army is still controlling the affairs. The moment they think peace is possible; they do something to undo it. Just look what happened recently when two people were killed at the border. Next time it could be something bigger, just to stop the peace process!

Mike Aug 24, 2013 07:35pm

Is Seema Mustafa so naive as to believe that there is no reason for India to violate the ceasefire time and again? Does she even know what's happening on the LoC where scores of militants, LeT, JeM etc, are being pushed across on almost daily basis to create trouble in Kashmir? This infiltration would have been impossible without the Pakistan Army help which provides these militants covering fire to help them to infiltrate. Now when the Pak Army fires, what does she expect the Indian Army to do? Watch from the sidelines? That's the question she needs to answer.
The solution is: Stop the infiltration of militants. But that is easier said than done. Changing Pak Army's military doctrine is not an option. So, any answers?

Sudhir Sundrani Aug 24, 2013 07:42pm

Theory :) There is remote possibility of a war. Both side know it. Actually the game here is to take advantage of precisely this situation. Pakistan army facilitate militants to cross over and create fuss so that Kashmir issue can be kept alive at international arena. Knowing well that there is little India can do as retaliation as war is not an option for anyone. After January beheading India seem to have opted for a strategy of counter attack again knowing fully well that War is not an option for Pakistan as well. Both sides seem to be playing the same game :)

jj Aug 24, 2013 07:57pm

Unfortunately the writer forget to mention the killing and the victims are not Pakistan But India. It is natural that people may ask such action when they are getting hurt....... like US went beyond its borders and Sea to destroy Taliban only because of a World Trade center attack.

dr. D. Prithipaul Aug 24, 2013 08:35pm

Replace the word Indian with Pakistani, the name of the Indian general with that of a general in Pakistan, Man Mohan Singh with Nawaz Sharif, and the article would have an equivalent validity. It is a fair example of someone who flaunts blinkers as a sign of wisdom and objectivity. The simple fact is that Pakistan is born to wage Z. A. Bhutto's 1000 year war against India. To-day it would be political folly to think of building a lasting peace with a non-entity like the Indian geriatric PM subsisting on a tiny piece of borrowed time..

P.Mishra Aug 24, 2013 08:50pm

I agree with the writer that "Those advocating

(Dr.)B.N. Anand Aug 24, 2013 08:55pm

No Madam,, no one is suggesting war when there are no negotiations. Instead a benign silence with civilised attitude is the only answer. Let it be enforced for some time. It gives time to cool the tempers on both sides and also gives enough time for introspection. If it helps in building trust by strict ceasefire at LOC, then the relations can be slowly thawed and brought to room temperature in a slow and steady manner. Let people feel for some time the pain of getting separated from the divided families. That may instil some sort of realisation at ground level of the virtue of having a maintaining peace at borders without hurting each other. But at the moments when the tempers are running high, that is no time to talk as they are doomed to be unproductive even in terms of producing any goodwill BNA

JP Singh Aug 24, 2013 09:30pm

There are couple of issues. Pakistan hasn't created a climate for talks. Mumbai and so many issues are still pending and the dragging feet of Pakistan do not inspire the Indians at all. Secondly if Manmohan cannot take decisions what is he going to do there and talk about what. Thirdly India believes that talking to Nawaz will be of no use - technically he is as good or bad as Manmohan. At best the two can exchange notes on retirement benefits due to ex PMs .

Shaan Aug 24, 2013 09:36pm

Talk what???? Pakistan has nothing to offer or export other than terrorism. A fruitless, waste of time and energy? peace is impossible with pak, mark my word

Hrleen Aug 24, 2013 10:01pm

Clearly written to give a clean chit to Pakistan, and demean India even for doing the bare minimum to use a civilized, non-violent way of putting off talks as a mark of protest at Pakistan's continuous terrorism on LoC. Utter non-sense. It looks as if the author wants us to accept birth right of Pakistan to mount attacks, and it is India's duty to be a sitting duck, offer apologies and surrender before Pakistan. No talks does not mean war or India does not know what to do. There are several options between no talks and war. Your reference to China border is also inappropriate in the context of India Pakistan flare-up.

hindu Aug 24, 2013 11:38pm

Who is the author to suggest what India should do? Pakistan's failure is not India's problem, we want a suitable answer for the insults even if it means bombing the whole of Pakistan to desert, Manmohan's government is weak and he can do nothing. No talks, that's it. India should introduce sanctions on Pakistan. If any company does business with Pakistan, it should not be allowed to trade in India. India being a huge market, companies would comply.

shyam Aug 25, 2013 12:20am

It does not take a rocket scientis to see what is happening- lets look at the commonly articulated facts in both indian and pakistan media. Both pakistan and indian soldiers have been killed during recent LOC skirmishes. Indian soldier has been beheaded and killed near the LOC. recently 12-19 inflitrating militants/freedom fighters have been killed by indian forces Newly elected Nawaz govt wants to continue the peace process from 1999, when kargil happened. Lot of denial by pakistan 13yrs ago, but now pakistan media reports that the then Gen Musharraf sent quietly sent army regulars across LOC as Nawaz was trying to start peace process with India.

Is this another begining of mini kargil, to subvert the peace process ?

Indian Aug 25, 2013 12:36am

I agree with yo there should be no war but there should also not be talks till the violence subsides. How can we trust a Govt when that Govt cannot control and contain elements within its security establishment. How does that work? Instead India with the international community must try and levy sanctions on Pakistan and link its removal to Pakistan's 'HONEST' fight to eliminate the bearded fools fighting and killing their own in the name of Allah!!

Syed MN Aug 25, 2013 02:50am

The issues between india and Pakistan are not only political,commercial and security but most important humananitarian too. It is the problem of vivisection carried out by our reverend politicians in the past and persued by them to date. What is wrong if divided families are allowed to across the border and facilated to meet each other. Are they threat to peace and security.Certainly not. Some time back agreement was reached to grant senior citizens visa at the border. If this is commenced immediately, the artificially created tension will be relieved. I request both the governments to look into this humanitarian problems seriously. Many senior citizens amongst divided families dont have much time left.

V. C. Bhutani Aug 25, 2013 05:17am

I am one of those who are opposed to talks with Pakistan or Manmohan Singh meeting Nawaz Sharif any time anywhere. I see no sense in these talks and meetings because conditions do not exist which would justify them. In India, Manmohan Singh heads a lame duck government which can only bide its time and carry on the show in the meantime. We expect no initiative or departure in policy between now and the next general election, which may throw up a better based government. In Pakistan, nobody seems to know who is in command. Things happen on the LoC, an Indian is beheaded and five Indian soldiers are killed. Pakistan army says it did not do it. (Pakistani civilians and soldiers, including one officer, get killed in firing. Indian army says it did not do it.) How did non-army persons get to the LoC to kill Indians? If Nawaz Sharif does not have the answer or if he does not even know who did it, then it is a question mark on the legitimacy of his government

Ash Aug 25, 2013 11:30am

Writer is immature when she comments like India has two hostile neighbours (same is true for Pakistan) so it important for India to have ceasefire. Similarly she says if not talking then what people suggest that there should be war. What an immature comments?

Why 'not talking' means war? What India has to gain by talking to Pakistan? Which problem India and Pakistan has solved in last 65 years by talking? Can write answer these questions? Majority of Indians don't want any relationship with Pakistan and they live or do whatever they want and let India do whatever we want.

Dawn, please don't lower your standard by giving space to such immature articles.

Nizamuddin Ahmad Aug 25, 2013 12:16pm

What is the rush. Why Mr. Nawaz is wiling to meet Singh at any cost. India is simply looking for their products market, such as cars , motor cycles and computers, plus IMF is pushing India for trade with Pakistan. Indians have never been Pakistan's well wishers or friend and never will be. If there is an secret agenda of which Pakistanis are not aware of then this is separate issue. Nawaz Sharif should spend time in thinking about Electricity, water, KARACHI, loss of revenue due to crime and lack of productivity in Karachi. It is widely believed that Nawaz Sharif has profit motives for himself and his family members. He was elected on experience and promises only. Deliver those promises Mr. Sharif or let some one do the job.

Indian Aug 25, 2013 01:58pm

@wallis: your country can never be trusted it has stabbed everyone one in the back ask your self what your country has done talk of peace and on the same side promote terrorism....!!!.

dr gn seetharam Aug 25, 2013 02:57pm

Dear Sir, I think that Madam Seema Mustafa would be far happier as a citizen of Pakistan than as a citizen of India. She should make quick arrangements to relocate to the "land of pure Muslims" i.e Pakistan. She has no business to enjoy the benefits of Indian citizenship and bat for Pakistan. I am sure that as a Muslim she would find ample employment opportunities in Pakistan Thank you Sir

sha Aug 25, 2013 03:18pm

fingers, loads of fingers being pointed in the article and in the comments. thats what people on both sides of the border do best, the politician points to the politician, the army to the army and the country to the country. so good to see how nothing has changed Aug 25, 2013 07:10pm

It is no matter what any body say. Musharraf came to Pakistan from promise of Pakistan Army, no thing can be done on him. Now that he arrested charged with murdered, the army is provocating a situation to make war with India and declarer emergency to put away elected governement and restore Musharraf again. If the Sharif is clover enough, he will let Musharraf leave the country, thus cutting armys position. Otherwise a war unavoidable.

Mustafa Aug 25, 2013 10:00pm

Pakistan-India talks are meaningless and so is their suspension. For any environment of talks, India has to shun this irrational dogma of emerging superpower. India is a failed society for over 2000 years, all they have produced is Baniyas, Brahmins and Bhashas, a pathetic excuse for a language.

Mustafa Aug 25, 2013 10:10pm

@JP Singh:

"At best the two can exchange notes on retirement benefits due to ex PMs ."

Manmohan and Nawaz don't have much in common on that front. Nawaz's retirement benefits are accruing at $10 million/day, Mohan sahib would be lucky to make $10 million in his lifetime.

Umesh Aug 25, 2013 10:17pm

What can the two countries talk in the so called "dialog"? These talks have no effect on Pakistan. Pakistan continues to carry out terror attacks in India irrespective of whether India talks or not. So there seems to be a communication gap. For a fruitful dialog India needs to talk with Pakistan in the same language so that it can be understood and appreciated by Pakistan.

Mustafa Aug 25, 2013 10:19pm

@S Bara:

Just drop that dream of Akhand Bharat and you would start seeing things differently. Your problem is that you are trying to recreate an ancient Hindu Rashtra, that according to Mr. Advani extended from the bank of Mekong river (Vietnam) to the banks of Euphrates (Iraq), that covers 14 territories that are currently recognized as countries.

IKE Khan Aug 25, 2013 11:13pm

Is it a coincidence that so many Indian following this article on a Pakistani news paper? Written by an Indian? I do not think so. It is an article that is meant for Pakistani audiences and followed by commentors. The point it makes is that Pakistan should talk to India, even in the face of the following: 1) there is no point to talk and we know that talks are doomed to fail, 2) when India keeps ranting war, 3) when Indian government keeps cancelling the meetings, 4) when Pakistani Prime Minister keeps ranting peace, 5) when Pakistan granted India "Most Favorable Nation for Trade, 6) when India keeps meddling into Afghanistan, 7) when Baluchistan is being burned by RAW, 8) India keeps terrorism alive in Karachi, 9) India is building consulates in Afghanistan, along Pakistani border, 10) India inducts nuclear submarines, 11) India is on shopping spree for latest fighter aircraft, tanks, cannons etc, 12) Indian media is full of hatred, 13) Indian air-force violates Pakistani airspace for 200 times in less than a year. Then Indian commentors here have nerve to state that Pakistan is always wrong and it exports terrorism. They do not want to see what India is doing to Kashmiri population. For them it is OK to kill Kashmiri's as long as they are Muslims. They use term terrorism to justify their brutal rule. So, the question is if Pakistani should keep talking to India? I would say, stop talking to India immediately, there is no point in talking. We been doing that for last 60 years. It does not work. We should opt for a mutual divorce, until Indian people realize that peace is important. At the moment, Indian people are no in mood of peace, they are supporting Modi for prime minister who is a murderer and has lot of Muslim blood on his hand. As to the civil society and peace activist: We cannot live in a dream that has no basis in reality. Peace is our dream too, but this is not the time. Currently, India is intoxicated by its Military Might and its people are driven by Modi clan where it is Hindu State v. Muslim State. It is not about solving problem or issues but it is all about local politics that will take us nowhere. So, Say the following: "We Quit."

Raj Patel Aug 26, 2013 02:47am

Author conviently forgot that none of the war between India and Pakistan initiated by India according to Pakistani generals and intelentia. How can he assumed that in future India will start war with anybody without any substantiate evidence. It doesn't mean that India should not corner Pakistan in other ways possible other than going to war and one of them would be suspension of dialogs. There are other form on the world platform to conquer Pakistan and India very well know how to play on international platform.

Jaihind Aug 26, 2013 05:42am

Seema- no way, continuing talks with Pakistan who are bent upon disrupting peace between countries to gain upper hand in politics and use it to fill their coffers and play dirty games to usurp power from the democratically elected leaders. Your army needs to be taught a bitter lesson so good that they don't raise their hand again.No talks with them - it is possible with people with some sense.

Ebrahim Aug 26, 2013 06:21am

@Indian: This is the other way around, it is India who always stab from back be it politics, sports or social platform.

Bharat Aug 26, 2013 07:47am

Perhaps you should talk to Pakistan - strt by not blaming anyone else.

India does not peace

And unlike what you say - the choice is not peace or war . It is the status quo.

sue us

Bharat Aug 26, 2013 07:51am

Can't force your army to sue for peace can you.

Every time there is a chance of peace talks, your army does something to stop it.

So - until you can get a disciplined state - get over it

Bharat Aug 26, 2013 08:00am

As an editor of the statesman - should you be more worried about the freedom of speech that does not exist in Pakistan?

Sri Aug 26, 2013 09:58am

@dr gn seetharam: I would disagree. In pakistan the villains are the army and hold pwer. Nawaz sharief and the general population are powerless and so we must do what we can to talk to the legitimate power in Pak which is the PM and govt.

IKE Khan Aug 26, 2013 11:46am

Obviously, you the Dawn, Claiming to be a Pakistani Newspaper, only allow comments critical to Pakistan. Why don't you along with this newspaper move to India.

sheikh Aug 26, 2013 12:30pm

only meetings are not enough between these two countries, yes if dialogue can bring fruits then go for talks. otherwise both nations shouldn't be fool by political leaders. i thinks Nawaz and Manmohan know the result of talks................

anil Aug 26, 2013 01:15pm

@Seema Mustafa: if I am not wrong , then you are that lady journo who had threatened Indian gov of muslim revolt during american attack of Iraq , if Indian gov doesn't oppose this move . Really at that point of time, I wondered your love for Sadam Hussain .Subsequently you were fired by your organization for this act of blackmail and very few came forward to support you . You are one of the biased and communal journalists who only have one thought in mind and doesn't even think about political stand of a country citing "humanitarian" agenda . No where in this article , you have mentioned terrorism as the main culprit of enmity between two countries . One more thing , why do you think no-talk means war ? Better for you to settle in pakistan and teach them your agenda.You really deserve a taste of Pakistan before running away from pakistan into India. people like you erode the principles of Journalism and vent only anger and communal thoughts.

ajit paldhe Aug 26, 2013 04:41pm

@IKE Khan: i differ from almost all your points. But let me explaine why i follow Dawn more than any Indian newspaper. Dawn is more readable than Indian news papers.Coverage in dawn is more objective,does not mix news and views. Even articles are more informative,worth reading , balanced and well researched. Indian media has discarded all basic principles of sensible reporting. But let me also say that my comments on this article were censored. This article has all shortcomings that are associated with Indian media. But it is not surprising as author is Indian.

a Aug 26, 2013 10:21pm

Today a woman was killed and 7 injured by indian firing across the LOC. I strongly agree that there should be NO talks with the indians until they stop these unprovoked firing. Enough is enough.

Sonal Aug 26, 2013 10:25pm


Sorry to burst your bubble - if India has been a failed society for 2000 years then Pakistan, which formed from India, hasn't done much better for itself either.

Sonal Aug 26, 2013 10:28pm

Very easy for people to suggest both countries should talk. As we all know from the past, nothing comes of these talks. Pakistan has a huge internal issue it needs to tackle first before it can reassure external parties it can be trusted.

raja hindustani Aug 26, 2013 11:03pm

@Seema: Ma'am, in last 3 years, there are 26 Indian soldier has been killed on LOC ...and the current killing of 5 soldiers were the most gruesome one. And I am surprise that you are still objecting Indian Army chief visiting border area to access the situation. This is Army Chief's job..!!! Do you think Army chief should restrict himself only for North block or for republic day parade?

Every sane Indian & Pakistani want peace but what will you talk if there is trust deficit between 2 country? how could you make Integrated border authority when there is border dispute between 2 nation & firing keep going on from each side on regular basis? This is not essay competition madam...what you are suggesting is nothing new.....please suggest some feasible solution. Thank you...!!!

raja hindustani Aug 26, 2013 11:28pm

@IKE Khan: Buddy..who is having how much hatred is reflecting from your comment. I just want to make you clear that supporting Modi doesn't means supporting 2002 riots. Likewise, supporting congress in India doesn't means supporting 1984 sikh riot. People in India fed up with corruption, inflation, poverty, deteriorating law & Order problem and now want change from present rule and they are seeing Modi as hopeful candidate who could turnaround the current situation. Whether Modi is capable of doing that turnaround or not is secondary question but he has done some good work in his state Gujarat is and people want him to replicate the same for whole India. And I think we Indian have every right to choose our PM as per our wishes. I don't see any reason for you to object in that. It is as simple as that. So chill out Pal.....and do keep in mind pro-Modi doesn't necessarily means anti-muslim.....!!!

Syed Aug 26, 2013 11:57pm

It is surprising that why on earth Nawaz and Manmohan are so keen to embrace each other? Their eagerness is more of a show off without sincerety. Without solving the ages old disputes meeting each other will certainly be useless. No doubt huge budget is being waisted on Army deployment in Kashmir and Norhtern Areas, but to cut it off unless Kashmiri's problem, water ditribution dam construction like disputes are resolved. Let there be some thing like what Musharraf had initiated should started,thereafter meetings of heads of the state may bring some fruite.

IKE Khan Aug 27, 2013 01:08am

Today, Prime Minister Nawaz Shairff said that "He has information that India has hand in terrorism." As I stated below. India has two faces. One that is crying loud "terrorism," when it comes to Pakistan. The other face is harboring terrorists inside Pakistan. What reason is left to talk to India?

Muslim Aug 27, 2013 01:19am

@hindu: I find your comment very funny. Who are you to tell any government what to do? And as far as sanctions on Pakistani interests: go ahead, we can live without your tomatoes and onions.

Shah Aug 27, 2013 01:23am

@IKE Khan: I am surprised you comments were published by Dawn as they have a habit of removing everything related to Indian atrocities against muslims in general and pakistanis in particular.