KARACHI, Aug 13: In compliance with Supreme Court orders, the Sindh government on Tuesday withdrew undue promotion given over the past decade to another 12 police officers — most of them heading anti-terror units of the law-enforcement agency — a few weeks after it had demoted 59 officers on the court orders.

A notification issued by the services, general administration and coordination department of the Sindh government named all the 12 officers whose promotions — known as shoulder promotions in bureaucratic parlance — were withdrawn.

The previous notification of the Sindh government that had been issued on July 14 for the demotion of the 59 officers did not explain the reason for sparing the 12 officers.

“In pursuance of judgement dated 12-06-2013 passed by the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan in criminal original petition No. 89/2011 and other cases and order dated 10-07-2013 passed by the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan in criminal miscellaneous application No. 397 of 2013, the out-of-turn promotion granted to the following remaining 12 officers/officials of the police department are hereby withdrawn,” said the notification issued on Tuesday.

It mentioned the names of SSP Mohammad Aslam Khan, better known as Chaudhary Aslam, who has been reverted to DSP, SSP Farooq Awan to DSP, SP Niaz Ahmed Khoso to DSP, SP Fayyaz Khan to Sub-Inspector, SP Raja Umer Khattab to Inspector, DSP Amir Hameed to Inspector, DSP Mohammad Wasif Qureshi to Inspector, DSP Rao Mohammad Aslam to Inspector, DSP Usman Asghar Qureshi to Inspector, DSP Mazhar Iqbal Mashwani to Sub-Inspector, DSP Chaudary Ghulam Safdar to Inspector and DSP Ali Raza to Inspector.

“Most of the 12 officers are heading anti-terror wings of the Sindh police,” said an official. “These specialised units include the anti-violent crime cell (AVCC), crime investigation department (CID) of the Sindh police, special investigation unit (SIU) and other investigation and operational arms.”

Just a few weeks before issuing the notification on July 14 for the demotion of 59 officers, the Sindh government had sought two months time from the Supreme Court to implement its judgement on the out-of-turn promotions in the police department, citing Karachi’s law and order situation.

It submitted that in order to comply with the court’s order in letter and spirit, the Sindh government issued notifications about cancellation of absorptions in all departments, including police, withdrawal of nominations of assistant commissioners in excess of quota, repatriation of deputationists and withdrawal of out-of-turn promotions in the Sindh government, except the police department.


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