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Parachinar bleeds, but who cares?

Published Jul 28, 2013 02:50pm


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The injured in Parachinar are haunted by the nightmarish moments while the media is asking stereotyped questions. -Photo by AFP
The injured in Parachinar are haunted by the nightmarish moments while the media is asking stereotyped questions. -Photo by AFP

PESHAWAR: Bomb blasts devastating towns and shattering lives seem to have lost impact except to arouse condemnation from the authorities as they are forgotten sooner than any worthwhile action is initiated either to mitigate the public suffering or eliminate its sources and causes.

The people injured in the Parachinar bomb blasts, who are facing life-threatening medical condition in the hospitals, are haunted by the nightmarish moments they went through when twin blasts hit Parachinar on Friday.

The witnesses have the same narrative. The media has been asking the same stereotyped questions.

“I was shopping for Iftari or sitting with my friends in the bazaar when loud explosions occurred” is the plain reply from the victims.

Death toll from the twin blasts has reached 57, while some 190 people suffered serious and minor injuries. The administration declared 45 people dead on the spot, while others expired in the late hours. Soon after the explosions, 26 injured people were brought to Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.

Both blasts occurred in rapid succession. The first explosion took place near Jamia Majid at the entry of the famous Punjabi Bazaar and the second on School Road.

For masterminds, the timing of detonating explosives was perfect because there was hustle bustle in bazaar. The people were buying edible items before Iftari.

Parachinar, the administrative headquarters of Kurram Agency near Afghan border, is not a big metropolis. It’s like a small garrison town developed by the British Army in the foothill of mighty Spin Ghar (White Mountain) in mid-1895. The town total population is about 40,000 comprising people of different tribes, races and faiths.

Suicide and bomb blasts have been occurring with intervals in Kurram Valley in general and Parachinar in particular since the administration have restored order in 2011 after the worst clashes and blockade of the area.

Before the general elections, a rally of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl was targeted with improvised explosive device in Parachamkani area east of Parachinar on May 7, leaving 24 people dead and 70 injured. That explosion resulted in a military operation for which over 10,000 families were ordered to vacate the area.

A car bomb hit a busy market in September 2012 which left 14 people dead and around 70 had suffered injuries. Explosion of IEDs, landmines and other low scale blast in the area is a routine phenomenon.

After opening of the Thall-Parachinar Road, security forces have set up a number of checkposts and checkpoints around the town and all entry and exit points have been sealed. There is big layer of security around Parachinar.

Army troops, personnel of the Frontier Corps and Levies Force have been deployed for checking of all vehicle and pedestrians. Three main arteries of the Parachinar town pass through the cantonment, while security forces have heavy presence on the other three main roads from the south and east. Virtually, the town has been sealed.

Unlike Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta or any other big city, Parachinar is a small town, which does not need elaborate security system and resources. The downtown has few small shopping streets surrounded by residential quarters. Despite that, the town has become a soft target for terrorists and powerful blast occurs regularly.

Like other tribal areas, Parachinar is also a neglected town, which is very far away from the people sitting in the power corridors in Islamabad and Peshawar. The president, prime minister, interior minister, governors, chief ministers, ministers and parliamentarians rush to affected areas and visit hospitals to express solidarity with the injured and the dead people’s families. However, tribal people are treated as second-class citizens.

Engineer Shaukatullah, who is the agent to the president of Pakistan for Fata and an inhabitant of Bajaur Agency, did not bother to come out of the Governor’s House and inquire after victims of the twine blasts in Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Even, the Civil Secretariat, Fata could not issue a press note about the incident.

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Amjad Jul 28, 2013 11:50am

Where is Chief Justice and Government Authorities??? Who will help these people?

waleed fakhar Jul 28, 2013 05:47pm

what is imran khan doing???offcourse..making fairy tale progressive stories...

Agha Ata Jul 28, 2013 06:18pm

Parachinar bleeds. Who cares? Remember when a whole limb of Pakistan was cut off? who cared then? Scores of such wounds fill our history; why to stop at Parachinar . . . Queta, Lahore. Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sukkar , Abbotabad... you name it. When someone looses the feelings of pain, when someone stops having any sense of emotional shock, stops having any fear of future blows, when someone's life is totally hope-empty... This symptom of physical, emotional mental numbness is natural.

Syed Rizvi Jul 28, 2013 08:43pm

As always Muslims don't comment under Shia killing news articles.

Rashid Jul 28, 2013 09:04pm

Where are we going. Government is primary responsible for protecting the people but it is more interested in presidential election. It seems that Wrath of Allah is near. May Allah save us before its too late (amin)

Yawar Jul 28, 2013 11:22pm

Will the PM and leadership of PTI and JI care to personally visit the injured and the families of the shaheed or will they send their representatives because they are they too busy with "higher priorities?"

Muhammad Taqi Jul 28, 2013 11:24pm

Such a shame! How many more lives do we need to loose to move the government to come up with a response? Failure on all aspects of tracking terrorist funding, arms supplies. Its high time to launch an offensive.

abbas Jul 29, 2013 07:04am

@Amjad: sleeping after taking a high dose of tranquilizers.

muhammad Jul 29, 2013 12:12pm

Is Parachinar is located outside the boundaries of Pakistan ?

Ghulam Sakhi Jul 29, 2013 06:15pm

Just a reminder, whenever there is carnage and killing by the hands of the Taliban in Pakistan, think about the people of Afghanistan too. We have been suffering far worst by the hands of the Taliban.

Nizamuddin Ahmad Jul 29, 2013 06:56pm

The " Hate seeds " were planted by Ayub Khan and his rogue son in sixties, and we are reaping the fruits today. Saudis have come to play this game to hurt Iran in Pakistani Land. Pakistan as a nation has to come to senses ASAP. Stop listening to outsiders and make Pakistan a real democratic country for all. STARTING POINT: Stop writing religion in ID cards and job application.

M aslam Jul 29, 2013 08:27pm

@Yawar: Nawaz Sharif is busy in solving power crises and Imran Khan/JI is busy in blaming and abusing others.They dont bother to do anything regarding terrorism. One day Mr. Imran wants to call all parties meeting and wants to invite Army Chief, next day he wants to ignore all other parties and want meeting with PM and AC by himself. It seems he also does not want to resolve any issue rather wants to intensify the situation and to get political rewards out of the situation. He must remember that if there is anything happen to Pakistan, he will also suffer and no more be able to enjoy his billion Rupee house. God bless people of Pakistan

Haider Jul 29, 2013 09:41pm

No Pakistani will ever care as long as attackers claim to be "Muslims:". We the Pakistanis stopped caring a long time ago. Pakistanis would care less even if these "Muslims" attack the armed forces of Pakistan, let alone the civilians. It will be a whole different story if the attacker turned out be a "non-Muslim", especially from across the border. Only then we will come out in masses in support of the victims, chanting slogans of revenge.

Hussain Turi Jul 30, 2013 07:48am

Pls Guys Start your own security company!We should Fix Security Camera in Every Street,CCTV and Security Guard To Patrol Every Day And Night ,Security Guard Should Have Radio In Their Hand To Make Contact Easily To Control Room!Security Guard Should Write Daily activity Report And Should Forward That Report to Their Supervisor!Security Guard Should Trained By Retaired/Ex Officer From ,police,Fc etc.By This We Can Controll Our Community Easily.Thanks.

Hussain Turi Jul 30, 2013 07:48am

@Amjad: yes