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Agencies investigate who spilled the beans

Updated Jul 12, 2013 06:51am


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Osama bin Laden. — File Photo
Osama bin Laden. — File Photo

KARACHI: Embarrassed by the startling revelations made in the leaked version of the OBL Commission Report, military and civilian intelligence agencies have started investigating whether the document was passed on to a media organisation by one of the Commission members, or by those involved in preparing the draft.

The leaked version of report, uploaded by the Qatar-based media organisation Al-Jazeera, has blamed all government and military institutions of collective failure for their inability to track down Osama Bin Laden while he was living in the country, and for not being able to detect or prevent the unauthorised operation against the Al Qaeda chief by the US Navy SEAL’s deep inside the Pakistani territory.

Authorities investigating the matter believe the Prime Minister’s Office may not have been involved in the leak as the version uploaded on the news organisation’s website is without the signatures of the members, and also somewhat incomplete as, among other things, a dissenting note by one of the Commission members is missing.

According to a well-placed investigator in all probability it was the second draft written after the first failed to elicit a consensus among all the members possibly because it is said to have ‘named too many names’.

Although sources close to the five-member Commission, headed by retired Justice Javaid Iqbal, remained tight-lipped, possibly a bit shocked as well at the sudden revelations, the investigator assigned to look into the ‘leak’ told Dawn that the draft which appeared in the press was the second one.

But even that didn’t lead to a consensus as some of the members refused to sign up to it.

So a third version was written which was agreed by all commission members save for one.

While nobody else would confirm this, the investigator referred to a ‘dissenting note’ said to have been added to this ‘final version’ by an unnamed member.

The final version was then submitted to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat on January 4, 2013, according to reports in the media, but never saw the light of day till the completion of Raja Pervez Ashraf government’s tenure some 10 weeks later.

“With a couple of Islamabad journalists belonging to foreign media organisations suggesting that the ‘report’ was offered to them in exchange for money and other informed media persons linking the timing of the release to tensions between the military and the PML-N administration, we have to investigate all angles,” said the investigator.

He also said he’d be looking into how many copies were made of the draft, where it was saved and how many secretaries/stenos etc had access to it as also staff working for some of the commission members who may have got their hands on a copy purely by chance.

This investigation may or may not go anywhere particularly when whatever disagreement earlier existed on this draft seems to have evaporated when within hours of its leak the Commission chairman happily owned up to it.

However, the truth about what is actually there in the report, and the dissenting note, can be known once it is officially released or placed before the parliament.


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Comments (43) Closed

muhammad shahid Jul 12, 2013 06:31am

Matter is very sensitive and it must be investigaged to un-earth the delinqent who hit our Army and other agencies working for the Pakistan after putting their lives at risk.

BIMAL CHANDRA JHA Jul 12, 2013 06:37am

Sir, The leak of the report of Abottabad Commission on OBL only reinforces the inference drawn by the Commission in the matter of collective failure of the military as well as civil administration of the Pakistani government. Even we Indians are so cheap that any body can buy us for consideration of money. The same story is with Pakistani people. So, the leak is not surprising. Yours faithfully; BIMAL CHANDRA JHA Samanpura Road, Patna, India

pathanoo Jul 12, 2013 07:03am

No Big Deal. Weren't they going to publish it any way, some time?

Akhtar Jul 12, 2013 07:52am

what is wrong if its leaked, what is new in the report even a lay man can say all what is written in the report that was failure of the government, agencies and Osma bin Laden was living in Abotabad

pakiboy Jul 12, 2013 08:09am

that report is all seems to be fake ... only a symbol of pakistani ministries can not tell that .. report is real .. no sign of anyone .. only spiral binding .. and 373 pages scanned and delivered to Al-jazera .. who r the Taliban broadcasting service for CIA .. wht a big bag of bullshit ..

dr vimal raina Jul 12, 2013 08:36am

I really believe that the leak to Al Jazeera was deliberate. It was a perfect way to give lies a mask of truth to establish that OBL had no help from inside. To come off as incompetent was much better than being seen as stark facilitators. The international community is seeing through this ploy. There is a lot of amusement in all this facade. The learned judge said what he was told in a very frank way. But as is apparent he has not been told the whole truth. There have been just a few who knew what was going on. The amusing thing that will happen is that the commission that has been set up to look into this leak , will read its report on some Latin American newspaper website. Though I should mention here that Pasha does come out to be a really well-read, suave and a patriotic guy.

Faran Ali Jul 12, 2013 09:49am

Too bad that even now instead of being ashamed and finding corrective actions to not repeat the same incidents, they are busy in investigating that who leaked the report. Our Civilian and Military leadership are all incompetent resources.

Robert Jul 12, 2013 09:52am

What else is new ? Corruption is deep rooted and widespread in every country in South Asia from centuries. Everything is for sale and have been on sale for hundreds and thousand of years. Think about East India Company and how that helped the British Empire to get foothold in India, later named British India. Intellectual debate is necessary to confront the South Asians if they need new set of rulers because they can't rule themselves. Osama's report is no exception. Someone had access to the report and Al Zajeera paid for and bought it. What is the point in investigating as to how it happened ? The new investigators will continue to look for opportunities for making money for themselves..

lion leo Jul 12, 2013 11:31am

Instead of investigating some who did a favor to the Nation by leaking the report to the media, they should do a self survey and look into their own shortcomings, and make the national defense better, fix responsibilities and punish those responsible for the debacle.

Alfarooq Kemal Jul 12, 2013 12:13pm

Since dust is now completely settled, May be now it's right time for respective agencies to spill out golden beans and accept the ground realities that, they were napping when American Navy Seal intruded deep inside and eliminate OBL

Skin Taj Jul 12, 2013 12:20pm

Instead of wasting resources in chasing efforts, these agencies should learn lessons from their mistakes and improve themselves. They should face the facts and reality that they had shortcomings and inefficiency on their part. One can only improve itself when they have the courage to accept mistakes.

Irtiza Jul 12, 2013 01:33pm

If this is being done to prevent leaks of future non-FOIA-requested information, then it's commendable. But if we are to find out in the future that the investigation is being done to make an example out of any future commissions/investigations that hold culprits accountable no matter how high up they are, then it is indeed as appalling an activity as the sinking of the Titanic with equally disastrous results for functioning of state run departments in the long run.

AA Jul 12, 2013 01:38pm

What a Shame!!! Instead of owning up to their mistakes, institutes are concerned about who leaked the report and why. The embarassment and shame this nation has faced, caused by our dysfunctional institutes, demands an answer at the very least.

AliN Jul 12, 2013 02:14pm

Probably every Pakistani is asking same question : What was the purpose of this report if it was meant to be a secret ? Glad to know that Algezira published it, Let us see if our honourable prime minister can bring up the matter in the national assembly and talks about the accountability.

AZ Jul 12, 2013 02:19pm

Failed to protect borders Failed to protect civilians Failed to protect tourists ... list goes on and now failed to protect the report

98% of our our resources are spent to support 8th biggest army of the world and they just failed to paar.

AR Jul 12, 2013 03:17pm

This is our irony, instead of following TTP and LeJ terrorists, they are wasting their resources on the issues which have no importance for public.

Gerry D'Cunha Jul 12, 2013 04:32pm

the americans were right in saying;'we can buy pakistanis for a visa'!! the americans and british are fully aware of the mentality of the pakistanis - the elites of the country are invited at the banquits of these country's embassy/high commission and secret messages of the states are revealed out in tippsy-topsy

syed baqar ahsan Jul 12, 2013 05:10pm

Sick of this Osama picture who has ruined everything of Pakistan,Osama has damaged the muslim countries of world.Western use a name of Al Qaeda destroy that country.

Seedoo Jul 12, 2013 05:19pm

Our military and intelligence establishments have vested keeping this country a fascist state. After all what is wrong with public knowing about this report? How are we supposed to keep our leaders accountable when investigative reports like these are kept hidden from public eye?

Are we supposed to be an open, fair, and free society or a closed one?

AJ Jul 12, 2013 05:26pm

Expected reaction from an over rated unprofessional institution with a wrong set of priorities. That itself answers the reason why, we have not learned anything from our 'blunders' nor will we.

Burki Jul 12, 2013 06:23pm

these so called "intelligence" agencies don't know their right from their left, what the heck they will achieve by this investigation? Entire country is being banged on freely by viscious talibans and these agencies couldn't do jack to prevent this incessant wave of bombings but they're concerned about who leaked the reports and now want to chase the leaker?

vivek patil Jul 12, 2013 07:53pm

I remember India today publishing HMR report a few years ago with over 100,000 + hit in an hour for the site to crash down. it seems pakis can not maintain secrecy .....

Rajan Jul 12, 2013 10:09pm

@Seedoo: Are you seriously implying that pakistan of today is a open, fair, and free society? Accept what and where you are to have any hope of a better future.

Sodomite Jul 12, 2013 10:54pm

Good thing it was published and should have been done by the GOP itself. Now hunting leaks shows the true character of the establishment and the civilians, who are no better at hoodwinking the public. Spend resources on improving the life of the common man and also become more transparent, which is what democracy means. Unless we are to be compared with Egypt??

zobia khan Jul 13, 2013 02:42am

So a report ordered by the people, paid for by the people was meant to be kept from the people?

I think we need an 20th amendment to the constitution. No report paid for by public money will ever be kept secret from the people unless such report contains verifiable and classified state secrets about matters not in the public domain.

gp65 Jul 13, 2013 03:00am

Just as on May 2 the question wasn't who helped Osama to live in Pakistan but who led to his detection (Afridi) and punishing the man who led to detection, here too the wrong question is being asked. Instead of asking what can we do to correct this state of affaors, the question being asked is why was the state of affairs disclosed to the public who directly or indirectly paid for this report.

gp65 Jul 13, 2013 03:02am

@muhammad shahid: No one's life has been put at risk by publishing this report. It wa snot supposed to be classified and no names were named anyway. The only thing is that the incompetence is documented widely.

Aqbal Jul 13, 2013 07:20am

Who facilitated OBL's stay and his purchase of property in Pakistan? Who, just who did this at the highest levels? Forget the property agents.

syed baqar ahsan Jul 13, 2013 01:51pm

oh please remove this ugly face,why DAWN degraded himself,this character was worst enemy of Muslims he gave all plausible excuses to USA/NATO/UK to attack and destroy muslim.

Aziz Jul 13, 2013 02:30pm

Would those who have been clearly identified apologise to the nation or will they continue to act like ostriches and bury their head in the sand?

More importantly will they reform and try to gain the confidence of the people and the world?

Most Pakistanis know the answer already, anyway.

Aziz Jul 13, 2013 02:46pm

@pakiboy: The answer lies in publishing the actual and final signed report by the government.

pathanoo Jul 13, 2013 10:57pm

@AliN: Don't hold your breath for accountability.

s.khan Jul 13, 2013 11:10pm

Hope for any corrective action has diminished with the focus on finding the leaker. Not a hint about the reforms from the institutions faulted in the report. PM Raja Ashraf should explain why he suppressed the report. It is now up to the new government and the parliament to take up the report for discussion and action. A few heads should roll to show the serious and appetite for change. More of the same won't do.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Jul 14, 2013 01:49am

The armed forces have an imperial organisational structure and ethos that needs to be reorganised so that it is responsive to the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. Civilians made Pakistan and not the army.

Faiqa Jul 14, 2013 05:58am

To the person who leaked the report: a BIG thank you. You have done us all a favour. Ignore the incompetents investigating who leaked the report: this is just an example of killing the messenger.

Mohammad Bilal Jul 14, 2013 06:57am

OBL issue has been such a big embarassment for each of the Pakistanis, and their armed forces that it will follow them forever, and wherever they go in the whole world! Until the history is no more!

Agha Ata Jul 14, 2013 07:22am

Let me tell you my friends. A leaked out secret is more believable and acceptable . . .even if it is done deliberately! Besides, the leakage also proves the incapability that the report is trying to prove!

sabeeh omer Jul 14, 2013 10:49am

Bravo to whoever leaked it and Bravo for publishing it. It does not merit investigation as to how the information was leaked and who leaked it. It is the people of Pakistan's right to know that the institution to which more than 70% of the tax payer's money goes is no more an organization that can be credited with their defence or the defence of the homeland. The attack on the GHQ, Rawalpindi, the PNS Mehran, Karachi, the humiliating Abbotabad raid by US seals should have severed several heads who we see so proudly standing attired in gorgeous uniforms and shining medals. Not one chief of any services resigned voluntarily or was brought to task. It is high time we lift the veil of secrecy and admit that the armed forces are not a sacred institution against which nothing can be said nor done. Times are changing and with it the mind-set should change that accountability is an across the board process!

Farooq Jul 14, 2013 11:39am

@Seedoo: You are referring to the first draft which the commission members couldnt get a consensus bcuz "it listed too many names". Does our government and police and judiciary ready to handle a bigger mess and tackle it amicably? Or are we the people ready to find a new low for the country and ourselves?

Farooq Jul 14, 2013 11:48am

@AZ: Requesting a fact check. It is not 98%, or 85% or 70%. Well below that. It is not the percentage of budget that goes to army that should bother us, it is the lack of investment by the industry that leads to a healthier GDP. And the government, police and judiciary establish and nurture a conducive environment through good policy, justice for ALL and security. Not the 8th largest army. Last 5 years, people with media help have been successful in destroying the institution. Hopefully the government officials and us civilians will do a better job of defending the country now, right!!!

sabeeh omer Jul 14, 2013 04:40pm

What? Investigate who leaked the report to the media? If there is anything to investigate it is the reason(s) for the very dismal performance of our security agencies at every occasion. The brazen raid on GHQ, the audacious attack on PNS Mehran, and last but not least, the daring commando attack by US seals under the very nose of our Armed Forces. The people have the right to know the reasons for the utterly hopeless performance of its armed forces which devour more than 70% of the budget all paid from tax-payer's money. Is it so that the top military brass can enjoy perks and privileges and move around in pomp and splendour attired in shining uniforms and bedecked with glistening medals?

Moan Shahid Mehmood Jul 14, 2013 04:40pm

The commission chairman and members are to blamed for the mess created due leaked draft of the report. To much time spent in finalising the report was first fault and it's premature leak. This shows the commission was only interested in enjoying their perks.

Kamran Jul 15, 2013 12:36am

@ sabeeh Omer.. Plz get your facts straight.. Its not even 18 % of the total budget..