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THE Islamabad High Court has directed the Capital Development Authority to take action against the defaulting housing society (June3).

The CDA was established to develop a modern city at the foot of the Margallas, with all amenities to serve as the new capital of Pakistan. Credit goes to Brig Yahya Khan, then CDA chairman, for most of the development work.

However, the CDA has miserably failed to provide residential accommodation to the growing population of the capital. The private sector was associated with the development efforts of the CDA to solve the housing problem. In Zone V, all development work is being carried out by housing societies of various hues.

Members of housing societies have complaints that the management of these societies have not been able to provide basic amenities, facilities, services and utilities. Most of the complaints are regarding water, gas and electricity. The attitude of the management of these societies is indifferent if not callous to the complaints of residents. Cleanliness like security is another issue which has been ignored by the management of housing societies in Zone V.

We live in O-9, NPF Housing Scheme, on the fringe of the Bahria Town. The difference between the quality of services is more than obvious. Residents of the DHA are also satisfied with the services provided by the DHA management.

I would advise the authorities concerned to carry out a survey in Zone V to determine the violation of approved layout plans of these societies and quality of services being provided to members/ residents and consider appointment of administrators, where necessary.

However, the CDA should create and develop a committed cadre for this task.

ASGHAR MAHMOOD Addl IGP (Rtd)    Islamabad

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