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Supporters of Pakistani politician Imran Khan march during a protest against alleged vote rigging in Karachi on May 13, 2013. – AFP Photo

KARACHI: Statistics showing abnormally high turnout confirm reports of rigging at several polling stations across Pakistan.

In at least 49 polling stations around all four provinces of the country, the number of votes polled far exceeds the registered voters, according to data from elections observer group FAFEN.

These include six polling stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, 32 in Punjab, 10 in Sindh and one in Balochistan.

The largest discrepancy was found at a polling station in Rahim Yar Khan’s NA-193 constituency which witnessed a voter turnout of over 320 per cent, as 1010 votes were cast against 315 registered voters. A polling station in NA-6, Nowshera-II saw 2774 votes cast against 1023 maximum possible votes.

A polling station in Sindh’s NA-211 Naushero Feroze-I saw 982 votes against 491 votes, coming up to a voter turnout of 200 per cent.

The only constituency in Balochistan to witnessed over 100 per cent voter turnout was NA-262 Killa Abdullah, where at a polling station 184 per cent or 581 ballots against 315 registered voters were polled.

According to FAFEN’s observations, 32 polling stations in Punjab received over 100 per cent votes.

These included polling stations in NA-71 Mianwali-I, NA-122 Lahore-V, NA-124 Lahore-VII, NA-126 Lahore-IX, NA-127 Lahore-X, NA-128 Lahore-XI, NA-130 Lahore-XIII, NA-101 Gujranwala-VII, NA-105 Gujrat-II, NA-115 Narowal-I, NA-140 Kasur-III, NA-142 Kasur-V, NA-143 Okara-I, NA-147 Okara-V, NA-148 Multan-I, NA-151 Multan-IV, NA-168 Vehari-II, NA-175 Rajanpur-II, NA-193 Rahim Yar Khan-II, NA-195 Rahim Yar Khan-IV, NA-52 Rawalpindi-III, NA-74 Bhakkar-II, NA-94 Toba Tek Singh-III, and NA-98 Gujranwala-IV.

The five constituencies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where number of votes was greater than voters registered at polling stations included NA-13 Swabi-II, NA-24 Dera Ismail Khan, NA-5 Nowshera-I, NA-6 Nowshera-II, and NA-7 Charsadda-I.

In Sindh, the constituencies included NA-198 Sukkur-cum-Shikarpur-I (Old Sukkur-I), NA-200 Ghotki-I, NA-211 Naushero Feroze-I, NA-217 Khairpur-III, NA-218 Matiari-cum-Hyderabad (Old Hyderabad-I), NA-226 Mirpurkhas-cum-Umerkot-I (Old Mirpurkhas-I), NA-229 Tharparkar-I, NA-242 Karachi-IV, NA-256 Karachi-XVIII, and NA-257 Karachi-XIX. The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) had over 41,000 trained election observers monitoring polling at a sample of 8,119 polling stations across the country.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has already taken notice of several complaints of rigging and irregularities.

“We will conduct re-polling where we receive substantial evidence of rigging or irregularities,” Secretary ECP Ishtiaq Ahmed told reporters in Islamabad.

The ECP has asked the civil society members to submit evidence of rigging or malpractice to the ECP.

Interim Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khoso has also called for all complaints and evidence of irregularities in the general elections to be forwarded to the ECP so appropriate action may be taken by the commission.

Comments (96) Closed

K. Baloch May 14, 2013 08:13am
sahi ja rahay ho
Zahrah May 14, 2013 07:16am
When did PTI supporters say that?
Zahrah May 14, 2013 07:14am
.. and hacking. Corrupt people means corrupt system .. this violates my right to be a good citizen. The people MUST change and all the rest will fall in place!
Shahzad May 14, 2013 01:43pm
This obviously doesn't add up. Calls for a complete re-election in all such constituencies not just specific polling stations. ECP, where are you?
Hira Shah May 14, 2013 07:03am
This election from start is rigged when corrupt politicians including fake degree holders, bank defaulters, and criminals were allowed to contest, where 3 parties were not given chance to run the election campaign, where despite of several complaints polling at several stations were started late. any way the results is all as per the expectation of establishment so they will declare it as free and fair, otherwise if re polling will be done PML-N will loose some of its seats and will not be in a poisition to form government with support from JUI-F and independants, so the election commission of Pak will ask all parties that its in the national interest to accept the election and wait for 5 years for their turn like PML-N did in 2008.
Pakistani May 14, 2013 01:27pm
This is not rigging is it?..... maybe its "the victory of democracy?" or maybe its Magic! ... lets investigate..........
khanm May 14, 2013 01:07pm
If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. Let us rely on some other tools..... Besides hammer.... be innovative..... Not primitive
ANEES May 15, 2013 05:38pm
No. You were absolutely right. Only the rigging proved you wrong.
Fakhroo May 15, 2013 03:37am
Congratulations to ECP for conducting Free of fair election and transparent rigging in Pakistan
Ammar Sami May 15, 2013 03:33am
Riging has taken place all around the Pakistan...and it could be rectified by modifiying the procedure of casting electronic system. Except that the officials should be fair for the maindate of nation...because in most of the regions it has been observed that results have been changed.
Najamuddin May 15, 2013 03:21am
100 per cent turn out is rarely possible at any polling booth even of the most developed Countries. Keeping in view the over all conditions of Pakistan 100 turn outs are in itself proof of mass scale rigging. Even a layman can easily comprehend this fact. This is a terrible failure of Election Commission not to deploy army and strong security outside and inside poling booths of Karachi and other parts of Sindh having long history of mass scale intimidation and rigging at the point of guns and terror.
R Singh May 15, 2013 02:54am
I really thought, Mr I Khan would be winning this time, he had the support of young people.Guess i was wrong.
R Singh May 15, 2013 02:47am
Well Said
Pro Truth May 15, 2013 10:32am
Majid May 15, 2013 10:49am
True....would have expected some statement by now.
Zal Heusen May 15, 2013 12:52am
Most countries have little bit of rigging. We had rigging in Florida when Bush II won. I do not know Mr. Sharif but he won a land slide victory. Crying is not going to change the result. He is a clear winner. Take a glass of wine and move on till next election. No matter who won the next election, I bet there will be some people who will cry "FOUL".
farid May 14, 2013 06:59am
Read the Constitution Zak before making such comments
L0ngh0rn May 15, 2013 12:30am
Great!! this is the tabdeeli we were looking for.
Farzan May 14, 2013 11:42pm
It's weird that there is no legal statement from ECP as yet! Where are they? What more evidence they need for justification of rigged elections!
Yawar May 14, 2013 10:41pm
Why should I have to pay for another election? The only solution is to disqualify the winner. Simple.
Yawar May 14, 2013 10:38pm
The only way to avoid this from happening in future is to have the winner of the entire constituency disqualified and the runner-up automatically declared the winner. No need to spend additional tax money in conducting a revote.
farid May 14, 2013 02:10pm
what a country?
Usman May 13, 2013 07:16pm
ECP is sleeping. Free and Fair Elections...what a joke!!
fraz May 13, 2013 07:20pm
Wow!!! how many were 70%, 80% and 90%
Shahab May 13, 2013 07:24pm
Good work by PTI supporters for raising this issue in the public eye !
Moiz May 13, 2013 07:26pm
Why Pak Army was not deployed inside polling stations ?. This would have given credibility to this whole exercise. Situation will get even worse as a result of polarization that we are now seeing in Pakistan. Should we expect next elections in 2014 ?
Shakil May 13, 2013 07:31pm
Has the ECP taken any actions so far?
Deal May 13, 2013 07:32pm
Dawn has now changed the news from Karchi to Pakistan. Refrain from selectively reporting again. Thanks
Jawad May 13, 2013 07:32pm
Who says ECP is impartial?
Jawad May 13, 2013 07:36pm
Is PML-N the winner from any of these constituencies by any chance?
Qaiser Bakhtiari May 13, 2013 07:36pm
Bechara karachi khwa makhwa badnam hai.
Tariq May 13, 2013 07:39pm
At some poling stations in Lahore thousand's voters braved the heat all day while no one turned up to open the poling stations, as a result no one was able cast their vote!
HM, Canada May 13, 2013 07:39pm
ECP you have broken records by 100% over rigging. Rigging also needs some common sense though PML N.
QB May 13, 2013 07:45pm
Votes need to be recounted. Thumb prints should be verified with NADRA records in disputed places. If polling stations didn't open at all then that constituency needs re-election. Common' Pakistanis. This is not a PTI issue. This affects all of us. We need free and fair elections. Otherwise there is no point in having elections at all.
Amir Iftikhar Warraich May 13, 2013 07:45pm
I am sure that re-counting will lead to the fair outcome, because there was considerable rigging for sure. PTI will accept any outcome of the re-count, say Imran Khan ...
Khawar Khyam May 13, 2013 08:06pm
ECP should void the result of these constituencies and go for re poll. Running an election is also an art in Pakistan. May be PTI did not prepare themselves for this thing.But hope for next election they will be well prepared.
Idris Abbasi May 13, 2013 08:06pm
Plz show witch candidate won these polling stations wear the turnout above the 100 %
JT May 13, 2013 08:11pm
Just FYI.. everyone in the USA is laughing and shaking their heads at Pakistan. Rigging the election is one thing, but to have 100% turnout.. at least make it plausible. Unbelievable. I feel for you fellow Pakistanis.. stay strong.. and hopefully some change will come around.
Nadeem Munir May 13, 2013 08:11pm
I am hardcore PMLN voter of NA-52, but above all i am a Pakistani, the strength that i saw during election days and on election day in my Halka we were sure that PMLN Mr Nisar will lose but he won, The results were delayed why was that?, I should be happy that Choudry Nisar won as i voted for him but on the other side being a Pakistan I have reservation as i feel that the selected one should be the one with Peoples Majority.I demand that ECP should recount vote and for cross reference should check finger prints on lists.People of this country deserves what i am asking for and just like my vote its my right to ask.
ali ahmed May 13, 2013 08:14pm
it seems the daily dawn has also become biased regarding karachi before it reported only of karachi...out of 49 constituencies...karachi only 3 cossituencies and Lahore 7 costituencies...but surprisingly no mention of NA248 Lyari..which is no go area in karachi
Suhail Chaudhry May 13, 2013 08:17pm
It turns out that 19 of the 39 constituencies listed above were won by PML N - why does that not surprise me? And in the 5 of these constituencies that were won by PTI there was close competition from PML N. Amazing that PML N seems to inspire invisible people to vote!
Lakhkar Khan May 13, 2013 08:29pm
Everyone is laughing? Really? Where?
Sal May 13, 2013 08:34pm
"Just FYI.. everyone in the USA is laughing and shaking their heads at Pakistan" really? how about 2000 Election? Supreme Court decided the President of the country huh..? what about the Ohio and Florida voters suppression in 2012. My point is democracy is not a bird name. It has it's own flaws and will be better with passing time.
zia khan May 13, 2013 08:37pm
We will never be able to hand over the power to the real stake holders of Pakistan-The People unless and until we ensure sanctity of vote and take action against corruption and dishonesty conducted in this election. Genuine winners must prevail for a true democratic Pakistan.
concerned212 May 13, 2013 08:42pm
Yeah, people here in Virginia are laughing too. There is no limit of corruption in my dear Pakistan, unfortunately.
Sal May 13, 2013 08:43pm
You "Nailed it". People should be ready for early election. To be honest in current situation Nawaz was the only choice of "BIGG BOSSS" for a safest bet. And to be honest, if you see the whole election, it's nicely staged, dramatized and in the end no hope of out this troublesome ordeal.
concerned212 May 13, 2013 08:44pm
Their votes were casted already by the so-called 'invisible' voters. Way to go Pakistan. By the way, the same thing happened here in Karachi's defence area as well. One of the polling stations didn't even open and people waited and went back without casting their vote.
zia khan May 13, 2013 08:53pm
In a press conference, Secretary ECP, Ishtiaq Ahmed explained foolproof and watertight procedure of vote casting but we have witnessed on videos how conveniently dishonest elements from inside and outside have walked around the procedure to win the election as always.
Omer Bin Fateh May 13, 2013 09:31pm
According to FAFEN
Khan May 13, 2013 09:36pm
If this is not proof of what happened then there is nothing left to say.
Abc Xyz May 13, 2013 09:36pm
So it is proven that the corrupt nation will elect the corrupt members. Why should we blame these leaders, we should blame ourselves who do not deserve to have a clean society.
Khan May 13, 2013 09:47pm
Since the ECP is obviously either incompetent or corrupt, the Supreme Court should constitute a new and impartial ECP but then the Supreme Court is itself corrupt.
Usman May 13, 2013 09:57pm
Yea, here in Toronto too, the corrupt Nawaz Shariff of all people was voted in....well, good luck in Pakistan, u'll need it
Saeed May 13, 2013 10:00pm
Election over , people it will be more dignify admiting your deafeat .and do your job and let the politician do there job Congrulation to PPP for democratic process and also PML for winning the election . I hope this sytem will continue
Pakistani May 13, 2013 10:23pm
The strangest thing, Sajjad I understand you decided to go with the National angle but you could have named Imran Khan in the post, couldn't find it there not even as an Ironic fact that ECP reported NA-71 Imran Khan's seat as well. To me it seems a carefully orchestrated drama on Caretaker's part! Pakistan Zindabad - Punjab 31 seats in total 3 PTI, 1 INDP, 1 PPP, 26 PML (N)... If PML N looses half of these to PTI, IK is bound to form Government in KPK, Giving leverage to everyone else... Naming IK also gives them the edge to force their propaganda in Karachi and get things in "order"...
Gazoo Martian May 14, 2013 12:06am
Subject: Recount If the expected ballots were 100 but received were 150, how would the recounting change the ballots earlier counted to 150? No matter how many times you count, it will remain 150. Someone explain to me please.
Umer May 14, 2013 12:08am
The ECP should order a reelection in constituencies where there is even a slightest doubt. But the "I voted therefor my candidate should win" attitude of PTI supporters is very childish and anti-democratic.
Raja May 14, 2013 12:18am
That is how these people who rigged election and got important position destroyed our nation
Azam May 14, 2013 12:25am
Pakistani people, it is a shame on us all. We can't even vote without corruption. This nation celebrates it's own disaster. So shameful and disgusting.
MR May 14, 2013 12:29am
i hope you meant overseas Pakistanis in America are laughing at the high turnout. Average Americans are too busy following up on Boston bombing and Castro cases.
Umer May 14, 2013 12:32am
One should have the hear to accept the outcome also. The people have spoken, There might have been rigging but the lead taken by the wining party(ies) is so huge, that a few recounts or reelections wont make a difference. The "true" common people of Pakistan have given their verdict and the small number of "educated" elite who live in their bubble wrapped cocoons should accept and lets all move on.
Zazu May 14, 2013 12:50am
That is commendable, but then would a 100% voter turnout mean all the votes that were registered at the polling station were balloted? Funny, because my sister did not vote at all and still NA-122 had a 100% turn-out. And her name was below mine on the list -_^
paki May 14, 2013 12:51am
it sends down chills my spine to know there are still true pakistani and people with morals in pakistan. may Allah bless you br. if more people start thinkging like you are, our country will be much better for it.
Vik1 May 14, 2013 12:53am
Widespread rigging! Time for electronic voting?
Tumare Iqbal May 14, 2013 01:05am
Whats amazing is that there is no authentication process of the ballots, what the heck is the ECp for printing out ballots on cheap paper with no serial numbers and no way to cross check ballots. If you are going to use stone age ballots at least make sure they are authenticated. This is how it should have been done. All ballots should have had a serial number, the voter comes in puts his thumb down on the list and is assigned said serial number and the corresponding ballot. Afterwards during counting ballots should have been matched with the serial numbers of the voters and if either of the three security measures are missing, ie serial number, thumb print or extra ballots those votes need to be thrown out. Pakistan there is no way to say this but this country breeds and breathes corruption, so disappointing. 5 years to prepare yet all they had were some good for nothing presiding officers.
teamimranforlife May 14, 2013 01:30am
here in Miami people are crying because their country will fall apart in pieces and the Indians will laugh at us
proud pk May 14, 2013 01:41am
Why didn't they make this whole system computerized to avoid rigging ??
M Khan May 14, 2013 02:00am
In a number of articles the issue of rigging has come up. Instead of making accusations, if we can provide facts it will help all, those who can do something about it if they wish (ECP, Supreme Court, etc.) and the "kamosh tamashai" (like you and I, for the most part). The >100% turnout FACT helps, what others? If RO's were made to rig, can hundreds of them remain quiet or could they not be asked, requested or made to speak up? I am sure smarter and more knowledgeable people can think of other smart ways.....but who and how will action be taken? Any good lawyer ready to take these facts to court?
ANEES May 14, 2013 02:17am
Free and Fair RIGGING ..
Jaseem Pasha May 14, 2013 02:18am
Just like there is a difference between real gold and brass; there is a big difference between real democracy and the farce democracy dotted with supervised riggings while Taliban running in the streets toting guns at the genuine voters. If Pakistanis knew what real democracy looks like, they would be today enraged and not celebrating.
ANEES May 14, 2013 02:24am
My dear friends, try to understand the background. PPP was already out, so it was either PML-N or PTI. The army would never want a party into power that says it will end the war that is not Pakistan's. That would mean the flow of all channels of money from the US. And the men in Khaki would never like this. So the only option was PML-N and it looks that everything was facilitated to ensure their victory in Punjab which alone is enough to form government in the centre.
peter May 14, 2013 03:40am
I am not laughing - because it is no laughing matter to see such a thirst for democracy perverted by vote rigging.
Naveed Ali May 14, 2013 03:45am
Oh Allah, Mercy over Beloved Country. This election has marked limitless rigging. Still belies of Wadera, Chaudhry and sardras are not full!
Ashoni May 14, 2013 03:53am
Its good Jok by ECP! its fair election, in Sindh PPP involve in ragging and in Punjab PML-N and in Karachi MQM forcily stamped on ballot paper and drop it on Box.! Why ECP not conduct inquire by self to find out facts why he depend on proof from public?
Zak May 14, 2013 04:07am
If e rahim does not re do elections in these 49 then it will prove he was too old for the job. Besides the 4 under him as deputy ECP were all hand picked nominees. This must change but Nawaz will not allow it as he will not win in 2018. Besides why is a person allowed to be PM three times in US only 2 times is allowed.
Taimur May 14, 2013 05:11am
So it also include constituencies from where PTI candidates have won - well done PTI - well done all political parties... I can see the change
imran May 14, 2013 05:20am
i strongly support your argument. as a voter of NA 52 there are strong indications of this malpractice, hopefully some body in ECP takes notice, it is time that we get rid of this Chaudhary for no good,
HSayani May 14, 2013 05:20am
These statistic are a reflection of a sample of polling stations. ECP can do the calculation for rest of polling stations, if they feel that the evidences provided by masses are insufficient and worthless!
imran May 14, 2013 05:27am
ECP also needs to take a notice of willful lethargy of polling station staff, voters did brave the heat and every thing but how much of this was man made? polling staff moving at snails pace with usual not to work attitude. comprising of government servants of most inefficient and mostly corrupt organisations you can not ask from them to show some spine in the face of hooligans and corrupt who are cohort to them. this also needs to be addressed in future such exercises,
Abdur Rehman May 14, 2013 05:33am
Mr. Fakhroo Please wake up and do your job .
chai May 14, 2013 05:38am
Election is not a job of Judge, you need people at executive level for that position. A strong CEC is testament to a strong democracy.
Irfan Ullah May 14, 2013 05:41am
Where is Mr Chief Justice, rigging is highest level of treason and treason is crime of betraying country, those who have any part in it either if its some well known politician or someone from normal AWAM who was being used to fill the boxes with ballot papers upon ballot papers like the lady whose video was shown on TV. Sumoto should be taken against those from top to bottom even if the ECP is involved in it directly or indirectly.
Shehzad May 14, 2013 05:49am
Why not scrap these elections and hold fresh ones after revamping the whole Election commission and the mechanism of holding e-elections rather than this totally crumbled system
Ashamed May 14, 2013 06:18am
I feel ashamed, this is clear evidence of how corruption is deep rooted into our society, looters and liars will elect looters and liars. Whom to blame
MAH, Abu Dhabi May 14, 2013 06:42am
one positive thing out of observing these elections is that even though the politicians may remain the same - Pakistan is not! I am so happy to see objective facts and analysis reaching the common people like never before!
pakistani May 14, 2013 06:53am
Some critical comments have been deleted. This amount to censorship by the so-called free media afraid of retaliation by terrorists. I pointed out that my vote was hijacked from Lahore to Landhi Karachi even tho my permannet address is Lahore. How did my vote end up in NA-255 Landhi polling station? Even my farishtas do not know Landhi. Through collusion of ECP staff working for ethnic terrorists? Where can I go for this grievance and get justice? My vote was stolen from me and I was denied the right to vote. I want justice. How you will feel if your vote was stolen from you?
cricketlover May 14, 2013 06:55am
Looks like the people of Pakistan chose the "lesser of two evils" when they rejected the erstwhile ruling party in favor of the already tried and tested one. Sorry state of affairs as the nation has clearly not learnt its lesson. Let's hope the future leaders initiate a real turnaround of the fortunes of a battered naton and its suffering citizens.
Riyaz ahmad (kashmir) May 14, 2013 09:25am
If I go through the rigging,I would say that Karachi was among the Top in List.Baring some parts of rural Punjab the Election were largely fair.Being a Kashmiri I wonder How a Political Party of a criminal background was able to sweep the the commercial hub Karachi which has seen the unpresedented increase in the crime from the last five years in which more than thousand innocents were killed. I think people have to decide whether they want to live in shadow of gun or to side up with PTI
Salim May 14, 2013 09:29am
In 2008, there were over 1000 polling stations, where we have this problem. It happened across the board, where different parties won like PMLn, PTI, PPP, JUIF, PMLq, Independents. This must be addressed. However we have 70,000 polling stations in Pakistan and it will not change any results.
Masoud May 14, 2013 10:06am
I would not doubt the integrity of some members of the election commission but then the entire setup cannot be considered honest. Yes in all probability rigging did take place and nothing was done to prevent it. Inspite of the claim by ECP that everything was in place, polling in many places either started very late or not started at all. Unless ECP orders re election in all the controversial polling booths, peoples will not digest this election as free & fair.
Rizwan May 14, 2013 10:07am
As people say "Nakal ke lye bhe akal ke zaroorat hote hey" Unfortunately Its evident what sort of people want these parties to be in power again!
Hanif May 14, 2013 11:52am
What more evidence of rigging is required than the fact that more votes were cast than the total voters.
Fahad May 14, 2013 12:33pm
Sorry Here you are assuming all the bogus votes went to PTI. It could be that PTI lost from that polling station or overall even the bogus votes were not enough to defeat PTI. Do not be too quick in decision making.
Aysha May 14, 2013 03:23pm
U r right. Looks like Pakistani awam will get tired of PMLN in 5 years and will elect PPP in next elections :)
naren May 14, 2013 03:39pm
What happens now?
nabeg May 15, 2013 04:42am
we voted for a change & bahi log changed our votes