US, China as friends

WHILE I agree with Dr Rehman acknowledging US help to Pakistan in some periods of crisis and difficult times, we should never forget that our consistent friend in need has always been the People’s Republic of China.

It would have been great if Dr Rehman had also elaborated on the reasons why the proposal for visiting the Soviet Union was ‘not utilised’ by the late prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan.


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Abdul Malik
Jun 19, 2013 11:18am

Absolutely ! you can say that again. It is China that has always been Pakistan's trusted friend and ally. As for America, it goes without saying, cannot be trusted.

Md Imran
Jun 19, 2013 04:25pm

Indeed ! Sometimes i wonder if we could have joined China and Pakistan together had Chinese turned to Islam. What a nation we could have been ! Inshallah, maybe some day soon..

Jun 19, 2013 09:13pm

China as friend of Pakistan? What about the persecution of muslim uighurs in China? Is China a morally righteous state and society? Is China not misusing Pakistan for China's goals? "You ignore my misdeeds and I ignore yours" - that is not true friendship. How foolish the pakistanis are.

Jun 20, 2013 09:28am

Actually, China has no choice but to suffer from the painful neighborhood and useless friendship with Pakistan..don't you get all this..Pakistan is worth nothing for a friendship with any country...

Jun 21, 2013 03:20am

What has china provided in its 60 years of friendship to Pakistan? Other than empty words and perhaps nuclear technology,nothing of economic or social importance.

Pakistanis are suckers for tall talk - the Chinese have realised this long ago...and pander to it.