TTP`s top gun Qari Hussain `killed`

16 Oct 2010


Reports of Qari Hussains death were denied by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. — Photo by AFP
PESHAWAR The alleged 'master trainer' of suicide bombers, Qari Hussain Mehsud, is reported to have been killed in the October 4 US drone attack in Mirali town of North Waziristan.

However, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan contradicted reports about Qari Hussain's death and described it as part of a campaign to demoralise its fighters.

“Qari Hussain is alive and healthy and will soon contact the media,” one of his associates told Dawn correspondent Sailab Mehsud on phone.

He said that 'infidels and their agents' were spreading disinformation to demoralise Taliban.

There are two different accounts of the October 4 drone attack.

According to one report, Qari Hussain was injured in the attack on a house in Mirali in which eight foreigners, including German militants, were killed.

According to intelligence sources, those killed included Qari Hussain, known as Ustad-i-Fedayeen (teacher of suicide bomber), and his two guards.

They said that Qari Hussain, who was sleeping in the house, was severely injured and taken to Miramshah where doctors amputated one of his legs and he died there.

According to another report, Qari Hussain was hit in the attack and he died on the spot.