BEIJING, March 20: China said that US-led war on Iraq is a clear violation of the UN’s charter and demanded its immediate end.

Taking strong exception to the declaration of war against Iraq, a spokesman of the Chinese foreign office said here on Thursday that war is also against the basic norms of international law. He said most UN members were opposed to inspections ending.

He noted “bypassing the UN Security Council, the United States and some other countries launched military operations against Iraq. He said the Chinese government has all along stood for a political settlement of the Iraq issue within the UN framework, urging the Iraqi government to fully and earnestly implement the relevant Security Council resolutions and calling for respect for Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by the international community.

Security Council Resolution 1441 adopted unanimously last November is an important basis for a political settlement of the Iraq question. It is the widely-held view in the international community that the strict implementation of Resolution 1441 can deny Iraq weapons of mass destruction through peaceful means. The Chinese government has worked tirelessly with various countries to this end.”

The spokesman said, war will inevitably lead to humanitarian disasters and undermine the security, stability and development of the region and the world at large. People throughout the world detest war and want to see peace preserved.

He said the Chinese government is committed to peace and stability in the world. We stand for settlement of international disputes by political means and reject the use or threat of force in international affairs.—APP