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Is Veena Malik a threat to Islam?

Published Dec 13, 2010 04:09pm


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How is it that religious leaders are ready to hurl accusations and profanities at celebrities on camera but are fearful of shunning terrorists or corrupt leaders in the same way? Perhaps because celebrities neither possess weapons and nor a public office, hence they remain easy targets.

This question has been asked several times on numerous public forums and television shows but time and time again we see actors, models and singers bearing the brunt of Muftis in a fix.

On Sunday night, the Indian reality show Bigg Boss was under discussion on a local television show where Mufti Abdul Qawi was forgetting his manners arguing with former Bigg Boss contender and television personality, Ali Saleem. The talk show host stirred the discussion in the direction of Veena Malik, who is still a contender on the Indian show. Apparently, Mufti sahib was very angry because Veena seems to be disrespecting Islam by behaving so irresponsibly in India on public television. What I don’t seem to understand is that how did this woman who got famous mimicking politicians and dancing between trees in Lollywood movies, become a representative of Islam?

She certainly did not enter the show as a Muslim contender. She was chosen for the show as a Pakistani celebrity (if you may) who became popular recently for playing an active role in making the cricket scandal further scandalous. I suppose it is okay for Veena to show her body in scanty silky saris and dance provocatively on local screens but the minute she starts showing that ‘immoral’ behviour in India, oh no, Islam is in danger!!

Ali Saleem, famous for his television persona Begum Nawazish Ali, mentioned the Hajj Scam, the corruption of our leaders, the silence of police on the face of torture and the unjustified killings which have become commonplace in our country but somehow all of that does not hold any weight to Veena getting comfy with an Indian (read: Hindu). Hats off to him for keeping his cool while the Mufti sahab accused him of “bay ghairthi, bay sharmi and bay hayai”. What a “mujrim” he is in this day and age, dressing up as a woman on screen.

So basically, Islam is under threat because of people like Veena who have joined the ranks of culprits such as suicide bombers who kill dozens by the day in the name of religion. But wait – while being put on the spot upon the insistence of Ali Saleem, the Mufti did condemn suicide bombers – so I suppose the religious leaders have done their duty.

I don’t think I’m giving enough credit to the show’s host here. By inviting a conservative Mufti and a controversially liberal celebrity to debate, the host already knew what the outcome would be: a mockery of both the guests. How would the show get its ratings and popularity without an angry religious scholar and a controversial celebrity attacking each other on screen?

Farzana Bari, a human rights activist, who was also invited to the debate, pointed out that neither has she nor Mufti Abdul Qawi seen the programme, and nor could they see the scandalous clips playing on the screen at the time of the debate. And the clips that were playing on screen were carefully chosen to show Veena at her best, or worst – but then again, nothing sensationalises better than the same clips shown over and over again.

But all of that didn’t seem to be important. What was important was that a Pakistani actress was causing the nation to hang its head in shame! As if being in the limelight for terrorism, honour killings, fake degrees, corrupt leaders and Baitullah Mehsud wasn’t enough, now we have Veena Malik who also wants to destroy the identity of Pakistan. The charged-up youth and ever-ready-to-protest religious parties must get their placards ready now – this is after all a matter of national and religious identity and Veena’s agenda must be destroyed!

Shyema Sajjad is the Deputy Editor at

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Shyema Sajjad is a former Dawn staffer.

She tweets @ShyemaSajjad

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Comments (300) Closed

Dinesh from Bangalore Dec 14, 2010 07:26am
Just for info. The Supreme court of India has found this show unfit for family viewing and has instructed the channel to remove it from the Prime time slot to post 11pm slot.
zahd Khan Dec 16, 2010 09:25am
There is no indiviual on ALLah's earth who could be a threat to Islam. Islam is the religion till the day of hereafter. Allah would protect the originality of the Quran and all generations would find guidance from the Book of Wisdom. Veena Malik and other chracters like her need to get their focus right. They are hypocrites who by their practices prove more to themselves than to anyone else that theyare muslims only by birth. The beauty of Islam is that it gives you the choice to submit your will to to Allah and if you do not then get ready to face the consequences.We could only pray for their guidance and guidance that Allah may instill in our hearts fear of the day of judgement.
Shekhar Dec 15, 2010 05:37am
I appeal to all of you please take it easy this i is only a TV show nothing else. Every serials and every films has its own story please don't compare with our own nation and life. I think Veena get a role and she is doing very will in her role. She deserve WIN..... Best of luck VEENA.
Mehboob Dec 13, 2010 09:39pm
People Like Mufti Sahib are enough to harm Islam
Anonymous Dec 15, 2010 05:27pm
Mufti Saheb - the threat to Islam is Talibans and the terrorists - you better concentrate your efforts on criticizing them and not worry about what an actress does.
rao Dec 15, 2010 05:21pm
you are telling a rite thing i am agree with you
syma Dec 13, 2010 01:37pm
these molvies do nothing. they provide no solutions, no answers. they just criticize.
Komal Dec 13, 2010 01:34pm
Totally disagree, Veena Malik Is not a threat to Islam . but to pakistan's image. not only veena all lollywood actresses are expert in vulgarity . All veena trying to do is TO GET CHEAP PUBLICITY through indian media.
hadia Dec 13, 2010 01:33pm
very nice article.she introduced in india as veena malik from PAKISTAN & she should respect this name.
IndianObserver Dec 13, 2010 09:55pm
This comment hits right on the nail. >> "she introduced in india as veena malik from PAKISTAN & she should respect this name." Any impression good or bad she creates on the show doesnot represent the entire pakistan or entire islam or even part of it for that matter. Her image is hers only and only hers.
Mariam Hasan Dec 31, 2010 06:25am
Lets consider that even if she was not representing Islam atleast she was representing Pakistan. The other indian girls wear the same scanty clothes but somehow theres a load of difference between the way our veena malik is acting. All the musicians that have moved to India have represented Pakistan in a positive manner even Ali Saleem was all right. As far as you are talking about the films these girls work in Pakistan nobody bothers to comment on them because nobody watches them!!! Come on this show must have been telecasted in more than just one country. The least she could have done was behave. However there is no point in creating a havoc about it since there are way too many issues standing before us. Don't you think that the least we can do in this moment of crisis is that to try and enhance the image of Pakistan and this include the Veena Malik since she got the chance to do just that and it was just a complete waste =(
Shabbir Ali Dec 15, 2010 02:01pm
In my humble opinion Veen Malik can neither be reckoned as someone representing Islam in an holisitic manner nor she happens to be truely an icon for Pakistani nation. She is predominently an actross and can only represent the very industry she belongs to. Yes, if some one does things exhibiting vandalism to our religion and country, than that case must be dealth with our state laws ensuring justice in an absolute jurisprudence.
jay verma Dec 15, 2010 02:06pm
Nice to know that you would like to abide by the rules of Islam. Have been reading about your politicians, even in today
Luke Dec 15, 2010 02:54pm
There is no money to be made in Pkistan for artists like they do in India so the only solution is for them to go to India...So be it...Artists too hv to make a livin u know and they hv to follow trends as well for this so the best place is INDIA ...If u don't like what u see then there's always a remote with an ON/OFF option u know...Grow up folks this is the 21st century not some medevial time hence u hv the liberty of switchin on yr computers to comment....
Sane Dec 15, 2010 02:11pm
Would i let my child do something like that. No. But only till they are 18. When the children themselves become adults, even the parents can't do much more than be disappointed. Last time i checked, Veena Malik was an adult. She is responsible for her own life. Her wardrobe choice or lack thereof is nobody else's business, as long as she stays clear of the Law.
SAK,IRT Dec 13, 2010 11:02pm
Yes, people like Veena become a threat to Islam, in some sense, when they try to rationalize their unislamic behaviour as Islamic. It is Veene-type characters who donot tire of saying InshAllah and MashAllah in their conversations and project themselves as very good muslims. It is hypocritical to put on a garb of Islam while you know only to commit unislamic acts. like Veena is doing in Bigg Boss 4. It is not a problem if Veena chooses to do so, but it does become a serious problem when she projects herself as a good practising muslim. This hypocracy is misleading and must ALSO be identified and condemned. This is no justification to defend this act or difuse the severity of it by saying that there are so many other more unislamic acts being committed...
mystrugglewithin Dec 13, 2010 01:20pm
babu Dec 13, 2010 01:18pm
wow ! the indian conspiracy theory.
kk Dec 15, 2010 12:23pm
FIrst thing is nobody in india thinks that Veena represent all pakisthani women or Islam. If Rakhi sawanth shows off her assets, do you think all Indian women does the same way?
mystrugglewithin Dec 13, 2010 01:18pm
"How would the show get its ratings and popularity without an angry religious scholar and a controversial celebrity attacking each other on screen?" Talking about popularity, I guess your article has contributed to it too. So Shyema, you should also get the credit :) They do wrong. We criticize wrong. This Criticism is not doing right. It's not productive. It's not effective. It's sensual=sinful (i clicked and saw VM jumping in the pool) .. I was tempted to do so. So, what side are you on? I believe you and me (sitting and merely commenting) are part of the problem.
Farhan Dec 14, 2010 07:42am
Just a comment: if the mullahs and muftis are doing does not give everyone the right to do the wrong thing...everyone has to give his own answers.... Think
Suresh Dec 14, 2010 07:43am
for your information, it is not Supreme court. Moreover, the time had been changed not for bad scene or adult scene. but because of languages used by these contenders.
SYEDA GHINVA RAZA Dec 14, 2010 07:44am
See miss shyema all the readers must have agreed with ur point of view!! but the thing is though these celebrities have no moral values!! it is very evident! even before when she appeared in Big Boss!! but if you might cought a glimpse of how is she doing everything & specifically portraying herself as muslim on certain occassion is certainlyy a hugee humiliatyy espepecially In India!! there news channels aree calling her a muslim! pakistani! it will make us a moderate muslim pakistani also infurated! on the height of disrespectful & ugly behavior she is showing over there!! is it acceptable!! we do everything in our country! but the moment we step in other land we r the representatives of our homeland, on a positive note she have shown an insolent behavior! which have embarrassed US!! a moderate one!
shailesh Dec 13, 2010 01:14pm
every person has a right to behave in a way whatever he/she wants . nobody should tell a person how what to do and what not. veena's clothes are the least of concerns of pakistan these days. a country in turmoil should focus more on positive things rather than discussion about some tv show. this is the problem of pakistan . they never prioritize things in front of them.
SHOAIB IKRAM Dec 13, 2010 01:03pm
Not being in favor, i just want to ask from all. is there only one VEENA present in our society? Look around, on the roads, in clubs, hotels and even in markets of all major cities, what is happening. once someone will get the answer then bring religion in such matters.
touseef ali Dec 14, 2010 07:49am
you are amazingly correct, Veena is a portrait of liberal woman for pakistan, she is modern persona for pakistani woman, every woman unconsciously searching Veena like liberal character in her, it is great pity to contempt her in such way. Suku, Folks, you are really correct.
Pinky Ahuja Dec 14, 2010 07:55am
You hid the nail on the head Mr. Ashraf - after all it is a game and she has plays it very well. She has got a better temperament and nature than most of the contestants. I too vote for her regularly - way to go girl !
Samantha Dec 14, 2010 05:28am
Very well written and explained, all i understand is its not about Islam onli about every Pakistani women she is representing, i feel ashamed when i see her behaving like a desperate there are some Indian girls in the show as well they seem much dignified then veena malik
Riaz Murtaza Dec 13, 2010 12:47pm
I believe, it is the Indian media, which trying to exploit Islam. In other words they want to tell Pakistan: " Look this is your Pakistan and Islam ". Veena Malik should not do this it is against women and specially Pakistan women dignity. Our society is based on pure Islamic faith.
Mohammed Ali Dec 13, 2010 12:58pm
Congratulations Shyema for bringing this up. No doubt we will have difference of opinion on this but the debate has to start. We, as a nation, have to make up our minds. Personally I feel that encroachment on personal liberty even in the name of religion should not be allowed. This Divine Right of Interference in the lives of others is causing a lot of misery in our country. This encourages sectarian mud slinging and the resulting conflict. Mufti Sahib should spend his life the way he wants but should not assume the right to control the behavior of any other person including Veena. Give a chance to God to punish the culprits. Do not assume His role.
Haya Dec 13, 2010 11:39pm
We cant forget she has an identity, though she might not have been sent to the competition through the GoP but as long as she holds the passport she will be a Pakistani, representing a part of who we are, and I being a Pakistani women would definitely not like to be labeled by her behavior and shenanigans that she does on the show, It does very much offend the Women of Pakistan. And yes the show is very vulgar due to which the Indian censor board has ordered the channel "Colors TV" to move the show to after 11pm slot because of the adult content and we all very much know because of who. Anyway as Religion, Identity and Morals have become a by the way thing of personal choice then who is anyone to point to whats wrong is wrong. Let others live and preach yourself...
Rizwan Riyaz Dec 13, 2010 11:59pm
Well written article agree with Ali, we need to get rid of religious and liberal extremists. How come these Molana/Mufti never missed entertainment buzz, even we don't know that Veena is being part of Indian tv show:)
Abida Bokhari Dec 14, 2010 12:19am
- Good write up. What I dont understand is that the minute a woman steps out of the country, Islam becomes vulnerable for the mullahs. Its about time that mullahs realized that the biggest threat to Islam is they.... themselves.
SAK,IRT Dec 14, 2010 04:36pm
Afridi also did not act in an appropriate way. But, it also depends how grave is the misdeed. I am not in a position to judge who (Afridi or Veena) is worse. But they both were wrong and hypocritical.
Jasy Batra Dec 15, 2010 10:45am
Good one
kinza haider Dec 13, 2010 12:46pm
we cant really tell veena how to behave. i am not saying what she is doing is right or not, its her personal choice. she is responsible herself if she depicts herself in this or that way.... i dont know what is the debate about. can anybody give a surety if they are put on silver screen, they will behave...... ah come on...
Saleem Dec 13, 2010 12:25pm
Nobody says a word when shoaib akhtar is doing all the same shameful things like those done by Veena, whenever there is something done by a female whether Veena (Pak) or Sania (ind) there is a loud noise against them.
third musketeer Dec 14, 2010 12:30am
These titled mullahs are the biggest problem. Their lack of understanding about Islam leads them to believe that they have acquired Islamic knowledge and are following Islam properly. Once these guys start believing that they are going to be successful in the hereafter, they feel it obligatory to openly criticize others and make ridiculous comments. Because of lack of understanding about Islamic core, and only the understanding about the surface matters, such mullahs can not differentiate between right and wrong. Maybe its Allah's way of teaching these so called mullahs by getting lost in ridiculous issues like Veena Malik, and making a clown out of themselves.
Muzammil Dec 13, 2010 12:43pm
Ms. Veena is a shame to Islam along with MANY of the politicians who show up on different talk shows. Having said that, I wonder sometimes how many (such) Muslims actually live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Everyone? I feel ashamed when I sit outside Pakistan, watching our leaders shatter the image of our country. Discussing Veena Malik will get us nowhere. Ignore her. Ignore everyone like her. Banish them. As someone mentioned, start looking at the brighter side of our country.\ God bless Pakistan.
Bharath Dec 14, 2010 06:47am
Veena Malik has done a lot of item songs while she was in Pakistan and no body cared, why all the fuss now? Now don't waste money by burning her effigies as we normally do in the subcontinent. Veena is an actress who needs a bigger platform to show her acting skills, so lets leave her alone.
Naveed Aslam Dec 13, 2010 12:27pm
I don't care if Veena or Ali Saleem is muslim, hindu, jew or whatever. My only concern is they both are Pakistanis. So where ever they go they take Pakistani passport with them. Since they are representing Pakistan they have to behave according to what Pakistan represents. Simple as that. No mufti required for this. Now, if you all think let Veena do whatever she wants to then its not possible. If its ok for veena to be vulgar you allow this for everyone too, like allow pakistan's to take part beauty Pageants (Miss world, Miss universe etc). But i dont think this will anytime soon. I support anyone who is against Veena's vulgar acts. Since i am getting ashamed by her acts.
Amir Dec 14, 2010 12:55am
A nicely written article. These mullahs and the so-called Islamic scholars (the muftis) are indeed interesting species and something that should be researched on. I have "never" read or heard any of these people issuing a decree (fatwa) against corruption, which runs in the blood of Pakistan (a sad fact) and is the cancer that has brought this country at the brink of disaster. These people will not speak against the blasphemy law which has made the minorities vulnerable and unsafe in this country but will not spare a moment to attack these types of irrelavent things.
Majid Maqsood Dec 14, 2010 05:14am
Muslim name or claiming Muslim is not enough to be considered Muslim, Quran Sharif shades light on the true Muslim but its not fair to say, its threat to Islam, We know the Indian culture, and we know well the life of celebrities of India. If somebody already knows all such things and participate such program, shows her own interest and reflects the weak belief in Islam teachings. Such symbolic characters do not reflect true religion and Islam is a religion of peace, love and forgiveness but unfortunately some our so called clerics and religious scholars interpret Islam according to their own belief while Islam is a universal religion and most liberal and enlighten in the World. true teachings of Islam gives us lesson of patience but we are inpatient Nation considered in the World because we do not have room for other religion or sects,
Usman Chaudhry Dec 14, 2010 05:13am
Please read again and again and again. It doesn't criticise India, it doesn't criticize Hindus, it even doesn't criticize Veena. It fingures out the septic state of mind of a molvi Qawi who thinks Veena is out there to represent Islam.
Usman Chaudhry Dec 14, 2010 05:09am
Well said Mr Sriniwasan. Who cares for anything silly or not concerning.
Umair Nathani Dec 13, 2010 11:42am
It is more to do with Pakistan`s identity than Islam. I agree to you that this woman has nothing to do with Islam. I believe that religion is a personnel matter of human and Almighty, so why we people start finding a true Muslim in these TV actresses.
RhyMe Dec 15, 2010 09:32am
I know its all scripted as is obvious from the behaviours and actions of the participants still its called a "reality show" now whether we agree with the concept or not.... Think outside the box!
faisal Dec 15, 2010 10:29am
i would like to say one thing that as being a pakistani i am deeply shocked to see veena's behaviour on the show.. i have watched the show 2-3 times and i noted that shweta is also indian and she is not muslim.. but still living in india and following indian culture was good to see. i did not see her in any short of contrversial dress unlike veena who to get fame is ready to cross all limits.. i am pretty sure that big boss is a afke progarm but even if its not then pls all u people who are defending veena answer one small ques " will u let ur child act the same way veena did.. with this ashmit guy and all".. if ur answer is No then u got the answer right there.. if ur answer is "yes" then i must say that u are the biggest enemy of ur child... sorry but that the truth
Omer Dec 13, 2010 12:13pm
When our women cricket team fetch a gold medal we were proud of them. Since, they were representing Pakistan and playing for Pakistan. But, what Ms. Veena Malik is doing is not compatible with the life style of Pakistan. She must be careful since she is a Pakistani actress and representing Pakistan abroad. Her immature behavior can cause problems for women in Pakistan who are struggling in different fields to prove themselves.
LIFE Dec 15, 2010 10:05am
not agreed. we cannot just close our eyes from everything. i havent seen any Veena type on the roads of Karachi. I am not aware about clubs and hotels though. we cannot justify a wrong with another wrong.
asif naseem Dec 14, 2010 01:22am
i think our self made image of islam seems to be a threat to my motherland pakistan
saurabh Dec 15, 2010 10:02am
i agree that conduct of veena malik and many other celeberities is not sobre in the eyes of general public in the subcontinent.And definitely not if we see trough the eyes of religious gurus. actually what me be happening that our social values are changing fast and are being diluted at the expense of fame and money in short-term it is the role of censor boards/ governments and other such organizations to check the dilution in our cultural values without being autocratic and antiliberal. Pundits/Maulvis are only one spectrum of whole view and may not be taken as the view of the whole society which changing quite fast.
Nostalgia Dec 14, 2010 01:59am
Bravo! Very well written article... Please keep writing witty satires like this... It is indeed a necessity for every society...
Asif Dec 15, 2010 10:28am
It is very easy to pin point at any one. My concern is that before we throw stones at others, it is better to look inside our self. How close we are to Islam in our daily life. This Big Show main objective is to get publicity and money. I have seen alot of tv show channels, news channels. The bottom line is that all these shows want to be famous and money. As a nation we have to be honest and to abide by Islam. We are all living in 21 century and everyone thinks that we have freedom to speak and do what ever we like. I agree freedom is individual right and Islam also gives freedom but we should not forget that we are muslims and to abide by the rules of Islam. End of the day every human has to die and to be judged on the day of judgment. That time people who talk about freedom and implement freedom as per their thoughts and negativity. That time they will for sure suffer and regert of what they said and did.
David Dec 23, 2010 09:43am
Afridi's one action brought a bad name to the nation. Veena's 100's of actions are bringing a bad name to the nation, and more r still coming. If you r good at maths, u will judge it by urself :)
M Ali. Dec 13, 2010 11:57am
Well written and very interesting take on the extreme hypocrisy present in our society. We must wake up to our own shortcomings. Self analysis and introspection are always the most difficult.
Yaseen Asghar Dec 13, 2010 11:57am
I would agree with Paki...I think these celebraties are presenting Pakistan on world media...they are as ambasadors...So they must behave responsibally. They must behave in a way that it does not dent the name of Pakistan...It is wrong statement that if politician or anyone else is doing wrong, i will also do wrong...I think that a code of conduct must be singed by any Pakistani representing state in any field of art/sport/diplomacy etc.
Anil Khan Dec 13, 2010 11:58am
I am glad Shyema did not forget to criticize the host.
Salman Dec 15, 2010 09:40am
100% agreed
Paki Dec 13, 2010 11:33am
Well i partially agree but at the same time disagree with you, the complete name of Pakistan is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan", so when we say "Islamic" it means every pakistani must respect the islamic values, I am not talking about cultural, and every pakistani who is coming out as a public figure regardless if he/she is a politican or artist, specially in case of appearances in international media, he/she is representing Pakistan willing/unwulling and as Pakistan is a Islamic Repulic, he/she must take care of what they are portraying to the world.
LIFE Dec 15, 2010 09:59am
Artists are known to be the ambassadors of any country so an ambassador always keeps in mind the cultural aspects of the country he is representing. Neither Veena nor Begum Nawazish in any way represents Pakistan's culture therefore they are rightly criticised by Pakistanis. They are Muslims too (as we know) but there acts cannot be justified from any source of islamic teaching. After saying this my conclusion is that since these people are Pakistanis and Muslims therefore whoever is criticizing them as a Pakistani is right and whoever is criticizing them as a shame to Islam is also right. If they are at liberty to perform then people have freedom to speak.
tanvir Dec 13, 2010 12:03pm
Since my child hood i am hearing that islam is under threat. These mullahs first opposed the use of loud speakers but now only they use it. Then they were against the pictures and now they are appearing on tv more than anyone else. And what is appearing in Pakistani movies is perhaps no threat to islam. As far as veena is concerned people and media must not give her any importance.
David Dec 23, 2010 09:39am
Disagreed. Imagine the same for your own sister or mother, and then see where your head would be. How easily you have said that entire Pakistan is doing so, and for a fact you have stated youtube as evidence. How many people use Youtube in Pakistan? not even 2%. This is true indeed that cultural values are not being regularly practiced by some, but most still do. And more then that, she is behind the enemy lines. Don't you get it, the show organizers wanted this to happen, else y did'nt they call someone sensible????
Khatarnak Khopdi Dec 15, 2010 09:59am
Friends, This show Bigg Boss is just for increasing the TRP. Shilpa Shetty was also in the similar show and went to UK for that, got some racial comments, got some votes from Indo-Pak community in UK. Won the Show, The Show got popularity more as Indian viewers increased. Similarly, Pakistani Viewership will increase for this Show. I wont be Surprised if Veena is the final Winner. Thanks for watching the show, my pakistani friends. -- The Indian Khopdi
sunny, berlin Dec 14, 2010 02:56am
your last line: '' The charged-up youth and ever-ready-to-protest religious parties must get their placards ready now
Hafsa Dec 13, 2010 11:40am
Shyema hits another one out of the park!
Isfahan Dec 13, 2010 11:26am
only Shyema can come up with such interesting yet pertinent topics on Interesting read!
suvankar Dec 15, 2010 09:41am
Well Said!!!!
Shahanshah Dec 14, 2010 03:27am
Veena is intelligent and smart and is learning the art of making friends in powerful film industry. Please don't drag religion into this mater.
Mustafa Hussain Modan Dec 13, 2010 11:35am
Every Muslim (or those who call themselves Muslim) represents Islam ... and those who are outsiders (non-Muslims) to this religion might take the wrong idea from a Muslim like her. So yes she is a threat to Islam.
Aemon Dec 13, 2010 11:34am
Nicely written. Interesting indeed!
ayesha khan Dec 14, 2010 03:47am
The show host Salman Khan is himself a Muslim. So it is unlikely he is going to dosomething that is derogatory to Islam. BiBoss is a show with has-been celebrities. Veena Malik is one of them. The show has plenty of Hindu has-been celebrities who are also making a fool of themself. Don't bring nationality/religion into what is clealry a low class entertainment show that the courts of India have said is unfit for viewing during peak hours and it has been pushed back to the 11 o'clock slot.
Bilal Dec 13, 2010 11:28am
Nice article. I would blame media, I really do not get it why do we have such talk shows. Such talk shows should be banned. We have thousand of nice topics that we can talk about like Science topics, Art but we have those political talk shows where every time politicians are fighting. Live was much better before Media Boom... at least you were not victim of depression and all this crap..
Aemon Dec 13, 2010 11:29am
Nicely written. Good view and job Ms. Shyema Sajjad.
Major Balbir Singh Cheema Dec 14, 2010 03:50am
Hi Shyema, great article again. My only comment is as a Sikh and a Sufi, I don't know what all the fuss is. Religion is such a personal issue and how we relate with our Creator is such a personal matter. How has Veena Malik even remotely threatened Islam? She has not. In fact it surprises me that religion keeps getting dragged into any matter in Pakistan. Even in Pakistani sports religion gets dragged into sporting issues. I just cannot fathom it. There is not a day that goes by in Pakistan where somebody is being blamed as being 'murtad' or doing something 'haram'. Let our Creator decide our fates for us instead of self appointed religious purists.
Pervaiz Arab Dec 16, 2010 12:28pm
Strange how could any HUMAN BEING a threat to Islam when GOD ALMIGHTY has promised to protect this religion till the END of this WORLD. The show is a senseless concieved IDEA from a similar show being aired in another part of this WORLD. It is neither shows culture of Pakistan nor India.
ayesha khan Dec 14, 2010 03:55am
So have yo guys watched any mpvies with Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman, Katrina Kaif? All top class Bollywood heroines and each one has dressed skimpily and done bold scenes. They are doing it for their profession not as ambassadors of Islam.
ayesha khan Dec 14, 2010 03:56am
So i take it you are also against the success of Atif Aslam in India because Islam forbids music?
Sachin Dec 15, 2010 08:35am
I see Big Boss show regularly and I dont see anything objectable by Veena. I am amazed that how come she has servived for so many weeks. There absolutely nothing wrong she is chill guys. Any ways its a take this seriously..just watch and enjoy..
LiberalPakistani Dec 14, 2010 08:05am
It is abosolutely annoying to see that Mufti Sahib has so much of time to watch Big Boss and even comment on Veena's behaviour. I think every human being has the freedom and right to express their feelings and what's Veena is doing is probably not using the right approach, but at least she's following her heart. So, what's wrong in it?
Maddy Dec 15, 2010 09:15am
Dear Ms Shyema! Quite a while I've been a spectator to this show and its about time someone wrote about it. Good Job. Everyone has written enough already. My point here is in reply to your criticizing the host as if he has done something blasphemous. He is wrong in his expressions but Please this is a reality show. Here everybody is himself / herself or claims to be so. So she is rightly critiqued and should be by all means. She could at least pretend to be a sober person but I think this is too much to be asked from someone like her who is indifferent to all the taunts and mocks. She is utterly an impeccable example of our actors/actress behavior when given a chance/representation in foreign Television specifically cross border. Islam should not be involved here as we all know how much "True Muslims" we are.
Haseeb Dec 24, 2010 01:43pm
I really feel sorry for the people who find a perfect Pakistani and Muslim in Veena Malik.... Haseeb
AHR Dec 15, 2010 09:04am
Lessons to be learnt: 1). A Molana who attends a talk show hosted by Ali Saleem and then sits throughout and watches Big Boss clips and then provides his two cents of wisdom does not need to be taken that seriously so just chill! 2). Veena Malik is NOT a representative of Islam by any stretch of imagination 3). She may be representing Pakistan in an implicit way as she is the only Pakistani left on the show but that's just implicit and we've had worse representations of our country at many forums uptill now 4). Neither is Veena Malik a representative of Moderate/ liberal Islam/ Pakistan. Give me a break. We have much more better and succesful women who can represent pakistan in a moderate/ liberal manner far more effectively than a Lollywood 2nd lead turned into mimicry artist
Karim Alam Dec 14, 2010 04:51am
Extremism of all forms must be condemned.
Rabia Basri Dec 14, 2010 06:22am
Naveed bhai what if someone interfere in your personal matters and ask you to stop doing this? have your ever watched Pakistani Vulgar Punjabi Dances in the rain?????? and the Punjabi Stage Shows???? huh! stop being diplomatic
Akhmas Dec 14, 2010 04:42am
Big Boss is a game and Veena Malik is the only one truly playing the game. On the sides of it, she is trying her level best to grab a role in any film through references who are somehow in the Big Boss house. Her relationship and terms end with those who get evicted and focus remains on those who are inside. Anyways, the television discussion with regards to this Big Boss show was to distract the attention of citizens of this country to what is going on in Big Boss rather than the sugar crisis, increasing fuel prices, brutal killings of innocent people and massive corruption. Its sad that all of us citizens have a great and extraordinary tendency to forget that was done to us a couple of years ago by the same supreme leaders and we eventually end up getting them in the office to sit on the country and ride it as a mule. By the way, interesting article Shyema. Keep up the good work.
man pushing women= veena malik Dec 14, 2010 06:19am
there is nothing like the good days before...... when there was television, radio, arts, creativity, music, dance, you name it...
Usman Chaudhry Dec 14, 2010 05:04am
Thanks for bringing sanity to discussion.
Adyla Dec 14, 2010 05:02am
very well said , dats what i always wonder , how come muftis are so quick on giving verdict for any controversial song , movie and likewise! Veena Malik is not participating in BB as an ambassador of Paksitan! so what ever she is doing must not be linked to the well- being and reputation of Pakistan.
Saba Maraj Dec 14, 2010 06:21am
Well quoted man!
veerta Dec 14, 2010 05:05am
this was hillarious. I wish i had seen the show. Actually, i think this kind of confrontation between the conservative and liberal sides of pakistani society is essential to establish some sort of middle ground where people can tolerate eachother. there will always be different people who think what they are doing is right but what they think of as right behaviour or thought will be different. Personally, I feel ashamed if I see a woman or man who i can somehow identify with behaving against my own moral code. That is why it is so important to have a public debate about everything. It might change something. It might be important, even if its in people's heads.
Raz Dec 14, 2010 05:41am
as usual...
Shankar Dec 14, 2010 05:47am
Good one!
Nizam Akhtar Dec 15, 2010 08:01am
This is the same happens when sania mirza married in pakistan, Indians make hue and cry.Same thing is happening to Veena. If she was he, then there is no objection. Now the questions are - : 1. Is she defaming Pakistan ? My opinion : She is not sent by government of pakistan , like in sports where in CWG we faced more disgrace (Shujad Malik case). There i can say pakistan image tarnished. Here is not. Here she is an actress just doing acting, that doesn't we relate it to pakistan. After show will be over. All relationships will go in air. 2. Is she is defaming Islam ? My opinion - : There is also one more girl Saira khan, she is also muslim. All muslims are equal whether pakistani or Indian. No one talks about her, why target Veena only. I don't know for every small things, people starts shouting Islam is in danger or defamed. Islam doesnot start from Veena or end in Veena. Religion is seperate concept. She is just an actress who is doing acting, that's all. Every body knew she is trying her luck in hindi film industry. If our Industry is same like India, our actors will never go to India.
Razi Dec 14, 2010 06:02am
howcome veena malik became representative of Islam? when the theme of the programe in which she is participating is totally different.we should learn to take a balance approach in every affairs and learn to respect everyone whether it is veena malik,ali nawasish or any religious scholar,if someone does not agree with the contents and views of the program,well you have a remote control in your hand !)
suku Dec 14, 2010 06:10am
Veena malik represents the Liberated women of Pakistan, We cannot have one rule for man and another for woman. I respect her courage.
Faza Dec 14, 2010 06:10am
as far as veena is concerned she shud behave with dignity as there are other women who are still in the show and playing well with dignity. and if we talk about the image of pakistan there are many other things which are spoiling its image before having program on veena they shud fix those one first and shud not give that much importance to veena. its shoking y they hav choosen this topic for their show, just to gain attention of those viewvers who watch BB rather than this talk show!
Karan Dec 14, 2010 05:37am
All I can say after reading comments from the Pakistani lot is that the Pakistani common man is far more mature as opposed to their leaders...and that's truly refreshing! Good going mates! Hoping to see you guys trigger a growth propelling phenomenon in your nation... Good Luck! --A friendly neighbor
Umair Dec 14, 2010 05:38am
If you ask a religious scholar that Veena Malick is doing right or wrong. Ofcourse his answer would be negative. So why ask the question.
girish Dec 14, 2010 05:41am
Mr. Naveed Aslam, I respect our feelings, but Veena has not done anything that would insult her country or her faith. And she is not the first Pakistani actress to act or participate in Indian TV show. And, Pakistani women do particpate in beauty paegents though at the time they may not be holding Pakistani passport. But they definitely wear the Pakistani badge on their bikini clad bodies! The problem with some people these days is, they want all comforts provided by modernity but they also want to safeguard their regressive behaviours. In any case, if Paksitan claims to be a democracy, its people need to learn to have respect for individual freedom. This freedom would include the right to take part in BIG BOSS! In the end, the most important thing people forget is that the BIG BOSS' immediately past version was anchored by Amitabh Bachchan, and that was the reason for its tremendous popularity. Since the current show is being anchored by Salman Khan, who has way behind the legendry Bachchan, the show has to invent something to keep it on the top position on TRP Charts!
Ad Dec 21, 2010 07:14am
Art has no boundaries! And when you have no boundaries, you can do what ever you want to get fame. Infact then you have no Shame. Like Hollywood and Bollywood, they even took off their cloths, just in the name of Art.
umair kapadia Dec 15, 2010 08:00am
first of all , Hats off to the writer by putting a distinction between different agenda's of different nature . coming to veena's threat to Islam , if she indeed a threat to Islam then this is her problems its her personal life , she was invited in the show not as a representative of Islam , but as a celebrity women who made a scandal further scandalous( as noted in article ) although , the glamourism is prohibited in Islam , but if some some is not following Islam even in real life , so one mustn't except any such thing from that person , whether its ALI SALEEM or VEENA MALIK . .
mon Dec 14, 2010 06:36am
so true
Khawar Dec 14, 2010 06:37am
"... now we have Veena Malik who also wants to destroy the identity of Pakistan. ..." Interesting Enough. The last paragraph and the line above in particular sets you no different than that religious scholar whom you have hit hard. He saw Veena ruining the image of Islam and you saw her as ruining the image of Nation. Its just the matter of priorities. I would not have commented even if that last para hasnt been there. But what amused me is how we point fingers to others on things we do ourselves as well.
Nida Dec 14, 2010 06:29am
Veena is a media personality, whatever she does in PAkistan or anywhere in the world is to give a boost to her career. Taking her as a representative of ISLAM, would be wrong not only to her but also to the religion. Im surprised at the fact that this MAulwi could have time to watch TV and analyze her performance on Big Boss, but not look at our local fashion channels and see what ordinary women are upto these days. If our governments invests in Lollywood and tries to polish its image, I believe our lot of actors & actresses will not feel the need to go abroad and do the stunts on international channels. Whats more surprising is that why are woman always the victim of such harsh criticism and indecent accusations? How can everyone forget the music videos of male singers shot in India where they dance with girls(in short dresses) and get comfy with them. this is sheer hypocrisy! I bet, if Veena wins the title, all current accusations will fade away and she will then be considered as the jewel/crown of the nation!
Rabia Basri Dec 14, 2010 06:42am
zoxaib jee If one family member does not represent whole family.......
Owais Dec 14, 2010 06:49am
I dont understand y we are so concern over veena malik's acts in the show? we all know very well that who veena malik is...those who have watched veena in our movies must have had the idea that she has done nothing so far in big boss as compared to what she has done in the movies.. she is the one who talked bluntly and without any shame that asif has not given me the money that she has earned ;) ppl like veena are not even the representative of our country...islam tou bohat door ki baat ha
samyak gowda Dec 16, 2010 10:11am
My point was, why were such behavior not condemned by the Maulvis. What about the behavior of the current Pakistani Cricketers? Is Veena's behavior worse than Afridi's?
the bubble Dec 14, 2010 06:15am
veena malik becomes a long term permanant issue BUT SHE IS NO AWARE OF IT, she becomes an iconic figure where as, the rest in comparison, they are short term problems connected to the worlwide ways. they are the problem historicallly, veena malik is just a new thing. hypocracy cannot be campared to veena malik, but i would like for her not to have such fashions that she doesnt have to fit. before looking at veena look at the ones who ask her tell her what to do. ............................
Yousuf Dec 15, 2010 07:13am
Islam is not a fragile thing and Veena Malik is definitely not a threat by zillions of light years. What does the Maulana expect from an actress, she is not the first one and definitely not the last to avail the opportunity to enhance her popularity. Secondly if being Muslim is a criteria than what about all the muslim indian actors/actresses? this only refelects that maulana's mindset - a muslim is a muslim, no matter he/she is Pakistani or Indian.....
Rabia Basri Dec 14, 2010 05:58am
hahahaha..... this point is really to be noted
Aarij Dec 14, 2010 07:04am
Very good comment. Our society is suffering from both kinds of extremism. While we condem the religious one we are turning away from the liberal one. The latter is causing more frustration in our society than anything else
Mir Muhammad Kamran Dec 15, 2010 06:47am
Not only she is threat to Islam but, we all are threat to Islam. But what she has done in a reality show is shame full for all of us. She has shown her true personality that how she is?
Syed Rizvi Dec 14, 2010 07:09am
Shyema: a nicely written piece. I would like to have something written on the personal lives of Molvis of today. These guys are expliting Islam and think they are the only people who own the religion. I expect an informative wruter would come up with a well researeched article giving insight into the earnings of todays Molvis. How they get funds for luxurious living style. How they grav a vacant plots of land illegally in almost every place and build mosques that become a continous income source. These guys always try to engage the common pople in petty matters and even label anyone as Kafir and sometimes going wild to blame anyone they want destined to death penalty on blasphemous charges. May God show them right path to pass their lives in accordance with the injunctions of Islam.
ravi Dec 15, 2010 07:32am
Hello to everyone, Isn't this mirroring the same sort of sentiments and generalizations that west does. Every terrorist attack is labelled as a "Islamic fundamentalism" or called "muslim terrorists", thereby defaming the entire community for actions of few people. In this case, you condemn he most trivial episode in life of one individual and broaden as a slur on the entire community thereby undermining strength and foundations of Islam and giving that person's actions undue importance. For the record, I hate big boss and like reality shows, but believe in their right to make them or act in them.
Shahid Ashraf Dec 14, 2010 07:11am
I agree with Umair over here that if you ask a religious scholar about such acts he/she will condemn it just like a doctor will never say the smoking is alright. At the same time I disagree with Samantha. She is an actress or celebrity from Pakistan. She is not the representative of all Pakistani women just like Sarah Khan, Shweta Tiwari, Doly Bindra or Seema Prihar are not representing the entire India. Because I know for a fact that an average Indian girl won't be willing to be married on National TV (in absence of their parents) like Sarah Khan did. And I also know that not all Indian women are bandit queen like Seema was in the past.... Coming back to Veena, I think it's her right to do whatever she's doing in Bigg Boss. In fact, I'm impressed that how intelligently she's playing this game and it's her big achievement to come that far beating celebrities more liked and more famous than her given the fact that Pakistanis are not voting! Good luck Veena for rest of the episodes! You're doing good job! :-)
Tasneem Dec 15, 2010 06:41am
Dear Babloo! The main problem in Islam is no qualification required to become a Mufti is incorrect, but the main problem is ignorance of the muslims about their religion and one of these ignorant people get a little knowledge he proclaims him as a mufti and this is where the problem comes from. Islam is about Wisdom and unfortunately most muslims are no where close to that. Whatever Veena is doing I dont know since I am not there; doesnt have to do with harming Islam; whatever she would do will do to herself. Extermism and wars if they dont happen then the countries who have piles of weapons where they gonna sell tham man! Dec 13, 2010 12:13pm
Salam .... Well being a pakistan ,,,Veena malik representating Pakistan in the show ,,, and i m agreed that she used to do more vulgar scene in pakistan then in the show ,, but she was not that much famous peoples of Pakistan dont bother to see her clips etc .. even i dont tooo but she shouldnt cross the limit till she is represantating Pakistan ,,, thats it
Salman Dec 15, 2010 08:55am
Disagree with Shyema Sajjad , Unfortunately u are not able to see this on the bigger side ... Plz open ur EYES and see what veena malik was doing there .... who she is representing there she is there bcoz of Pakistan... First of ALL Who knows Veena Malik if she is not Pakistani ????? a she Pakistani girl participating in the show otherwise we have countless other unknown woman who can participate in it also ???? Whatever she want to do in Private she can do , but when they Artists or anyone are in Public they are representing the Nation as Ambassadors of country ..... one can not just allow this to humiliation this Nation.... Mufti Saab was just saying that Wrong will remain Wrong plz... author must be able to diffrenciate between black and white... i Agree that we should read and understand the Quran but we have no right to challenge Mufti's by becoming the pseudo- intellectual....tell me where he was wrong
Dinesh from Bangalore Dec 14, 2010 07:13am
Well said !!!! Straight forward and simple. :)
Tasneem Dec 15, 2010 05:46am
I fully agree with the editor that Veena is no danger to islam rather she is showing a face of the Moderate Islam which all of us need and once you are in a reality show you cant be dressed like a shalwar Qameez dopatta stuff of course you have to show a bit of skin since this is what sells. I feel sorry for People like who host these shows and the Pakistani Media who are trying their best to bring Pakistani Muslims to a modrate Islam but these people are so naive that they dont want to change their mindset.
Fahad Dec 14, 2010 07:23am
absolutely right u r
Asad Dec 15, 2010 05:38am
Shahid, for your very kind information , first go through the whole article and then comment on Maulana's behaviour, its written there that neither Maulan nor Farzana Bari saw the show and didnt even see the clipping being played there. The thing is that they went there to comment inthe light of ISLAM what ever they are being told about Veena is right or wrong. Emaan last stage is that if some1 is doing a bad thing, we must atleast consider it to be BAD in our heart and not debate on it to be right.
Afsheen Dec 15, 2010 05:38am
I totally agree to the fact that Veena Malik is tarnishing Pakistan's image, and since we are a Muslim state and she is a Muslim her behaviour raises questions about the Islamic values of our country, which btw we are so proud of. On the other hand I totally disagree with a Maulvi saab shunning Veena or Ali Saleem the way he did because there are somany other issues religious and non religious which need such strong reactions and are not given any.
Shah Dec 15, 2010 05:36am
And that decision of I&B Ministry was contested by the Channel in High Court & a stay is granted by the High Court.
Pakistani Dec 14, 2010 08:22am
Bhai jaan, I love your response, and second what you rightly said. There should be a write up on these issues as well.
Masood Dec 15, 2010 05:29am
AoA, The topic itself is not adjusting to the subject of the discussion, Veena Malik , lets first decide, is she a muslim who is there for our image ,culture ,publicity or money , is she doing every thing, what a muslim women wears and does . or take it this way .... does our muslim women massages man like this.... For people like me, she is just an actress who has no moral character, hurts us by the way she present her self as a pakistani on indian soil.
Bilal Dec 16, 2010 08:36am
I agree with the point you are making but I would totaly disagree when you point out their lack of understanding with regard to the issue deiscussed on this forum here. Come on, its so common sense, she did wrong, being Muslim, being Pakistani. There is a term, Public Show of Affection, it is even banned in the "Enlighted Moderated" (Mr. ex-President's words) countries too, so cant we modify our concepts and say that she did wrong; not concerned about the Mufti Sahib's talk but concerned when arguing on these issues, and we say that they are less knowledgable than we are. I spent 4 years at university and then got my professional degree, while he probably was studying at some other institute in the same time to be acknowledged as Mullah, I am not certain to say that I am more knowing then him in field of Islam (so is he of Engineering) (we should be realistic). How could I be?
Dr. Bakshi Dec 16, 2010 08:46am
By talking about and wasting time on them we are giving them exactly what they crave. Forget them and they will disappear. I am an Indian and find this show and ALL it's participants RIDICULOUS.
Omair Dec 15, 2010 05:21am
Come on - REALITY SHOW ? it is not - its a totally scripted show , just like Indian Idl, Voice of India etc. Come To Life
Sid Dec 15, 2010 05:18am
hey good reply
Ethical pakistani Dec 15, 2010 05:26am
yes liberal , i agree , so the comments of mufti sahab is also his right of freedom of speech ,, you should admitt also. it is not the right of so called moderates and liberals , they keep on talking on any topic, in any way, but also for the religious personnalities too. every person has right to express his or thoughts and we should respect.
Sid Dec 15, 2010 05:16am
well here i am not at all a VEENA fan ... infact feel disgusted upon her acts... but i would support the article written here... the point is that she has not gone for Islamic preachings, she has goen as a contestent for the Show... what Islamic picture are these mollanas protrayign with this Hajj scandle etc... one should look at himself before finding issues in others... we need maturity !!!!!
talha Dec 15, 2010 05:15am
I feel the mufti nor people like Veena is helping Pakistan.. It usually happens when a society is about to tarnish and no values left. Islam has given everyone its right. But its mentioned in the QURAN of how to lead a prospreous life. Most of the people in Pakistan are corrupt; truly non of the politician represents Paktistan apart from few like Imran Khan who is better amongst many.. We need a leader, we need a code of conduct. Veena's acts deserve to be condemened in every possible manner for what she is leaving for the youth; Ali Saleem deserves a strict punishment too for defaming us. Shame on most of you who represent yet disgarce Pakistan!!
Sajeel Dec 13, 2010 09:03pm
Assalam-0-allikum Hats off to the writer...great analysis...atlast dawn news is represented by good writer who have balanced views on issues.
Syed Omair ALi Dec 15, 2010 05:07am
Asalam o Alikum Well Put ! Please people, remember its not PAK, its IRP - ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan. Its not our duty, but government's to make proper rules regarding media. We got to reduce immorality from our system, then we should move to make rules regarding Pakistanis' Participation in any international program. Why I hated Veena's role is because people like her are trend setters for a big portion of our youth. The whole point is she is doing all those acts publicly on a very wide platform. If 10% ppl watch lollywood movies, then 50% watch Colours' Big Boss - thats y it has become an issue. Celeb of IRP should not be allowed to do such behavior in or outside of Pakistan. I would have respected the Editor more if rather covering Veena and Ali, she would have slammed the government for not setting rules. How can IRP's Gov can allow ppl like veena, mahitra (Vibe TV) , Ali , Nargiss etc to do such acts PUBLICLY - One must remember - u drink in closed room: its between u and Allah , , , , u drink in public: government need to interfere as it becomes SOCIAL PROBLEM ASALAM O ALIKUM PEACE!!
mon Dec 15, 2010 04:49am
my question to Molvi sahib that why he is watching big boss?
Mbz Dec 16, 2010 06:32am
well if maturity means to forget ur norms and values then i dont think we shud get mature.. but all u *mature* ppl over here no harsh feelings but i dont find ur posts logical.. its not wht WE think abt veena whether she is representing Islam or Pak its wht the whole wide world thinks she is.. they know her as a girl from Pakistan her identity IS Pakistan .. that one line which salman khan often says *aur humari PAKISTAN ki contestant* makes me feel ashamed at wht this girl is doin over there.. and moreover i am utterly disappointed by seeing u guys paying no heed to this issue.. yes she is an adult and shud be free to do anything but while she is on this show she must respect her identity.. she is an ambassador *unfortunately* so shud act like one..
Benish Dec 15, 2010 04:39am
Sir, I tend to disagree here. I think she is representing hersself and not Pakitan, or us. So no offense should be there to our nationalism or religion.
Syed Muhummad Asim Dec 15, 2010 04:40am
I think Mullahs and Muftis is not the rite word to use . One should respect these people and call them ulemas for better guidance and communication purposes.
Umesh Dec 13, 2010 08:35pm
Is there any national code of conduct that everyone in Pakistan supposed to follow? And if Veena's actions are compatible to that code of conduct, what do you do? Give her 50 lashes in public or stone her to death? How does Veena's actions can cause problem for other women in Pakistan? Would they be pushed to wear burkha and not be allowed to go to school? Well, wasn't that already happening in some parts of the country even before Veena went to India?
ayesha Dec 16, 2010 05:54am
well said
sana yasin Dec 15, 2010 04:34am
i am agreed with some of comments we shouldnt take her seriously.her personality is not that influencial she cant affect any component of our society, religion or anything
Umesh Dec 13, 2010 08:26pm
Was Veena sent to India by Govt of Pakistan? Otherwise she is a private citizen and doesn't represent the country. And if you are worried about image of Pakistan due to Veena's actions on Indian TV, you must not be paying attention to the world news. Open your eyes and see what image Pakistan has in the world. Veena's actions are least of your worries.
Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D Dec 16, 2010 04:59am
Well said. I will add that the real threat to Islam is "ignorance, intolerance, and lack of understanding the true spirit of Islam" and the "darkness [shaitan] in each individual. The word "taliban" actually means "student"; these are the misguided souls who are being trained by their ignorant, uneducated, bigot teachers [Mullahs] to do heinous crimes all in the name of Islam and teach one Muslim to kill another Muslim and blow them in the places of worship[mosques] praying to One God [Allah] and who follow the same Prophet.
Umesh Dec 13, 2010 08:17pm
Since when a private citizen started representing the country Pakistan? What happened to the diplomats and government figures who are supposed to represent the country? (The wikileaks don't paint great picture of official representatives either!). Or you feel ashamed because Veena did it in INDIA? If you are ashamed of Veena because her vulgar actions are in your eyes, then stop watching. There are Pakistanis carrying out acts of terrorism worldwide. By your logic, aren't they representing Pakistan? Isn't it time for you grow up?
Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D Dec 16, 2010 04:07am
No one individual is a threat to Islam nor is there any threat to the society, if society itself has any strong values to live by. No followers of Islam are vulnerable if they are true believers. Faith is within each soul and each soul is connected to its Creator. If one has strong moral values and belief, he or she cannot be vulnerable.
GKrishnan Dec 15, 2010 03:38am
How come no one ever speaks about the visits of singers like Tina Sani who came this year to Chennai, and Abida Parveen last year, and I had the privilege of hearing their performances, live ? Priorities getting misplaces somewhere !
Umesh Dec 13, 2010 08:04pm
And the brighter side is ....?
Umesh Dec 13, 2010 08:02pm
Of course, otherwise why did Indian media allowed Veena to participate? :-)
ravi Dec 15, 2010 01:15am
She is not threat to Islam, it is her choice what profession to take. greatest threat to Islam is from so called self appointed saviours of Islam like talibans claiming to be true muslims, who kill fellow muslims for having slightly different interpretation Islamic teachings.
ejaz Dec 15, 2010 01:16am
I have seen few episode of Big boss and could not find anything vulgar or damage stuff to Islam or Pakistan. I would say veena might has played many vulgar roles in movies than big boss.
Faheem Dec 15, 2010 01:17am
I couldn't agree more Faiza. Well said!
Naveed Dec 15, 2010 01:21am
After watching the relevant episode of Frontline for 10 minutes, I must say I agree with Mufti sahib. Cameras in bathrooms!!! That's incredible.
ALi Dec 13, 2010 07:48pm
Thank you for righting a very balanced article unlike Nadeem.F.Paracha, who has nothing better to do than bashing the entire Nation. I read you article and it is very well written. The reason i am saying that because we are being surrounded by the liberal and religious extremists. Both are equally self destructing and shame full, hence we condemn all of these self-righteous people.
Harish Bansal Dec 13, 2010 07:14pm
Can just for a single moment pakistan have an image for herself... India is home to 800 million hindus but niether Hinduism represent India nor India represents Hinduism...
Hammad-USA Dec 13, 2010 07:11pm
Mufti Qawi gone wild! Can't believe he is watching Big Boss to "analyze" Veena Malik's behavior.
adam Dec 13, 2010 07:02pm
Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D Dec 15, 2010 12:21am
Adeel is right on the mark with his comments. What is this talk of "practising Muslim"? Either one is a Muslim or one is not a Muslim. The term "practising" [Muslim, Christian etc) is a misnomer. There is no such thing as a "practising Muslim" in Islam. All Muslims whether they offer the five times ritual prayers or not are Muslim regardless; and then again we cannot say for a certainty who is a good Muslim or a bad one. Only the Lord God knows which of us are good Muslims. Each is rewarded according to his or her deeds. Let's not mix religion with Veena Malik. We recently saw how people and Ministers exploit the "devotees" even when all they desired was to go for Hajj. These people are no different from Veena Malik. We often rush to judgment and use religion when we are lost for any plausible and rationale explanation. There are many corrupt Mullahs in the country still. In the Eyes of God all are equal, whether Muslim,Jews, Christian, Hindus, etc because He created all of them.
arshad Dec 14, 2010 11:40pm
Islam is a perfect religion , venna Malik has nothing to do with the Islam , it is her personnal character , what ever she is performing , it has no effect on Islam , we should not mix Islam with our culture .
sami khan Dec 13, 2010 06:45pm
Their is only two kinds in muslims,praticing & non-practicing.non-practicing fear more on their freedom of expression & feel intimidated by the laws of islam so they point on those who practice & focus on their mistakes,some time they blame islam on the mistakes of muslims.Islam never was & never will be in danger cz its a religion of Allah swt,it don't get weak if people don't practice it.
Asad Dec 14, 2010 07:35am
It is very bad to see most of our brothers/sisters comments without knowledge. Mufti Saheb (Mulla - as called by most of you) were called as a guest to debate on Veena's behaviour in Big Boss. Islam does not permit any woman to behave like this either in movies, reality show or any where in the world and this was his concern. Debating on if she is in India/ Pakistan is out of question. QUESTION is if VEENA is doing the right thing. As MUSLIM, we have to say NO. Another point what Mufti Sahib raised was that if our sisters are doing the same thing. Then we say its wrong and for any other Pakistani Girl we say its right. This is not moderate islam. So think again about your comments. I dont know how in ISLAM can you defend a guy (Mr. ALI SALEEM) to be dressed like a woman (Begum Nawazish Ali). GUYS, wake up, learn your religion first and then start debating about wrong and right. Emaan last stage is that if some1 is doing a bad thing, we must atleast consider it to be BAD in our heart and not debate on it to be right.
Shiraz Dec 13, 2010 06:36pm
Shyema indeed a thought provoking issue put on the table of discussion.
Rabia Basri Dec 20, 2010 10:50am
but I liked this article a lot..... as it is a controversial one
nosheen raza Dec 20, 2010 10:51am
well said,mr butt. i second ur opinion.
kailash sethy Dec 13, 2010 06:33pm
I feel if ever there will be a revolution in Islamic world again, It will be either in IRAN or Pakistan
Haidery Dec 13, 2010 06:28pm
Not Veena but these religious leaders are a SHAME to Islam for not outrightly condemning Talibans and the terrorists for blowing up innocent people!! Get your facts right bro. Veena on the other hand is only providing entertainment. If you don't want to follow her, concentrate your time on better activites! She is not killing anyone and living her life the way she wants. That's her right and is given by God. The developed countries are ahead of us because they give these right to their citizens. And that's maybe one of the reasons you are sitting outside Pakistan!! Please don't get offended. This comment is meant for all Pakistanis who can't think straight. God Bless Pakistan and proud to be a Pakistani :)
Pardesi Dec 16, 2010 01:16am
She isn't ambassador of Islam. So why these people are so worried? Ultimately she is showing her true side...
Nizam Akhtar Dec 15, 2010 08:03am
Umair she is not sent by pakistan government too. Now a days in beauty contest women wear pakistan tag and there images are clicked in swim suits. Nobody shouts about them
hina khan Dec 20, 2010 10:48am
couldnt agree more.
Shafiq Khan Dec 14, 2010 10:31pm
If personal views are the dominant values then I would side with the lady. It is time the Mufti Sahib learnt to mind his own business. Ms. Malik is going to go to her own grave with her own credits and the Mufti will go to his own grave. I know which one I would like to accompany. If the Mufti is headed for the heaven I certainly would not want to go there.I am only 76 I know better than the Mufti, where my future will lie, it certainly ,I hope, will not be any where near the Mufti. I always consider it best to "light a candle" than to curse the darkness. I never met a religious preacher who believes that. Islam can look after itself, Islam does not need narrow minded bigots to support it. Thank God. Shafiq
Nauman Dec 15, 2010 11:59pm
Haya, I'd suggest you shouldn't worry about the girl-on-the-tv representing you, you worry about the audience that tries seeing you through the prism called veena-being-a-paki-means-every-paki-is-the-same, and in the end, you should simply ignore that audience and walk by. cuz you're what you are and veena is what veena is. Nobody's representing nobody.
Amir Dec 16, 2010 12:31am
Well said!!
SM F Dec 16, 2010 12:34am
Veena Malik is an adult, she can make her own choices in life. She has not been elected or nominated to any post or station as a representative of Pakistan, and so should not be judged as such. As for her openness and confidence, she is definitely quite bold and not what we patriarchal pakistanis like to see. Nonetheless, excessive hugging does not make one a bad person, and it does not imply anything bad about her character. Those of you who have actually watched the show would know that out of a max of 7-8 men in the same house, she is only clingy in one male's company; as an unmarried adult she should be permitted to make that choice. As for the 'Mufti', the less said the better. He was called for the express purpose of saying what he said.
Adnan Qureshi Dec 13, 2010 05:55pm
Muzammil Couple of points. Pakistan was not originally called Islamic Republic of Pakistan but rather just Pakistan - a secular state meant for the people of South Asia regardless of caste, creed and religion. It just happened that a majority of those who opted to settle and make it home were Muslims. How exactly is Veena a shame to Islam? What she does on and off screen is her business. She is not forcing you to watch and read about her antics. Its a choice you make. Live with it. Veena does not claim to be the flag bearer of Islam and lest I am mistaken has never actually issued a religious statement. She is an actor/performer. Period. Live and let live. Banish them? Its people like you whose myopic views have lead to the current state of affairs our country finds itself in. Lastly, you 'feel ashamed when you sit outside Pakistan, watching leaders shatter the image...' - well you can sit there for as long as you want(visa permitting), its not going to change the ground realities. I would have normally at this point stated that its Pakistanis settled abroad who need to be more proactive and take more concrete initiatives in making a positive impact rather than just writing and critiquing. Good day, Adnan Qureshi
Ashfaque Ghouri Dec 13, 2010 05:47pm
"Give a chance to God to punish the culprits. Do not assume His role". If we just adopt this into our thoughts many of our social problems/menace could be solve automatically.
Raza Dec 13, 2010 05:42pm
dude i like your username..."the struggle within" classic really ;)
Mohit Dec 20, 2010 10:36am
Well, in my openion, all the participents are chosen such that there will be chaos, politics, fights and all sort of nasty activities in the BigBoss house. If they select so called "sensible" people, first they wont come to this house, and if they do, they remain in their senses of morality and attitude. And for this case, no one is gonna see the show...means no money for the channel and all. For example, whenever I see it (and my friends), I like it when Dolly shouts and yells like mad. And thats the purpose of the show. :D :D So I think Veena, based on the character described by my Pak friends here, deserves to be in that show. :) Peace!!!
G.sriniwasan Dec 13, 2010 05:32pm
Veena Mallik is an artist and an film actress.what she does is her personal decision.Why involve Religion and Nationality.Those who do not wish to see her on TV Screen,do not watch the show.I am an Indian,and believe me till date,I have not watched a single epiosode and I am not being Judgemental.There are better things to watch on TV,enjoy those and Happy Viewing.
Syeda Dec 13, 2010 05:14pm
hahah @ the conspiracy comment! (i hope everyone else get's the sarcasm out of this)
jehangir Khan Dec 13, 2010 05:03pm
Always remember, the ONLY person you can change is yourself. If everyone does that (for the positive), there will be far less problems. If you point a finger at someone, three fingers point at you. That should tell you something!
Shahid Dec 14, 2010 10:04pm
Everybody should have the right to free speech and this includes the Mufti and Veena but we Muslims and Pakistanis should realize how all this plays into the hands of people who lobby against us to day in day out. Just because there are other unislamic acts going on, doesn't mean one should not condemn her behavior.
Iceman Dec 14, 2010 09:48pm
At what point did this actress, from the country of Pakistan, representing Pakistan (as a Pakistani, I find her actions revoltingly), and Pakistan's 'Westernized Society', begin to represent a religion she is not actually a follower of? This Blog is an over reaction to a woman's desperate attempt at grabbing fame. I have never seen any evidence of 'Veena Malik' being a Muslim, so the question of her representing Islam is null and void.
Raghav2k Dec 20, 2010 09:59am
Why are you guys going crazy over nothing? Veena is a budding actress with ambitions of making to Hindi movies, so what? She hasn't done anything indecent or criminal just by participating in a TV show. Becuase of her, the show has become well known in Pakistan as well! we in India welcome all the Pakistanis, be it artists, singers, cricketers, or any other talent even including the common people..
Sajid Dec 14, 2010 09:20pm
As far as i think, veena shouldn't do like that as she's doing in India, though i never watch a single episode of big boss but after reading comments i came to know that the aforementioned program isn't good at all, for teenagers specially!
AM Dec 13, 2010 04:47pm
The question I'd like to ask her is, would she have gotten the role if she was not from Pakistan? By the way, I watched an episode of the show. They diss her pretty well and she tries really really hard, it's embarrassing to me on her behalf as an individual let alone a Pakistani :)
G.A. Dec 13, 2010 04:31pm
As far as I know Jinnah created East and West Pakistan. "Islamic Republic" was added later by the very Maulana's who were against Pakistan's creation as they were doing brisk business keeping Muslims and Hindus in India at loggerheads. If 'bay haya-ee' is the reason for any society's downfall then how do you explain the West doing so well economically and being far better in dispensing justice then any Islamic country? I don't suppose injustice, rampant bribery and corruption in the Islamic world could be the cause?
Karnatakan Dec 24, 2010 05:54am
Art has no boundaries. It is meant to stretch boundaries. If every budding artist, or at least a significant number of them, took off their clothes solely to get fame, then they would not get fame, because it would not be anything worth noting. So we are back to the notion that taking off one's clothes may lead to fame if their is some art or meaning to it. So if Veena Malik takes off her clothes in the context of some movie, it may be ok since there may be some artistic merit. If she does it too often and their is no discernible artistic merit, people will get tired of it and move on. She takes of her clothes and nobody is interested. Huh, now would'nt that be embarrassing?
Maulana Fazal Dec 13, 2010 04:22pm
She has enormous potential ;)
amust Dec 13, 2010 04:10pm
well said. i could not say it better. "How would the show get its ratings and popularity without an angry religious scholar and a controversial celebrity attacking each other on screen?
Zee Dec 13, 2010 04:02pm
One of the greatest part of Islam is that each of us have to be responsible for our deeds. Veena and Salim knows what they are doing and they will answer, let them do it..Moftis plez stop lecturing!!!
Nate Gupta Dec 21, 2010 09:32pm
Mr. Jam, Once again, people in general don't think she represents Pakistan. She is in show business who happens to be from Pakistan and good at what she does. Why such a big deal? About your question - Yes, Aishwarya Rai representing India would be welcome. She has represented our country on International stage before. She won Ms. World and made all of us proud. As far as Rakhi Sawant is concerned, if roles were reversed, I don't think most people in India would care. Working in the show business in Pakistan and making good money!! Hell, I would do it myself :) And if I remember correctly, a dude from Pakistan is doing an Indian movie. - Nate
Fyra Dec 13, 2010 03:47pm
Great piece!
MK Dec 13, 2010 03:29pm
People get a grip .... She is not representing Pakistan as she was not sent to some competition or sports event by GoP ... she represents her self only ... as far as religion is concern ... Why do some naive people drag religion to each and everyyyyy thing happening in the world ... Look, religion is Every ones personal belief ... what ever they do ... let them do it please will you ? if you are being self appointed leaders and molvies then only preach it to your self ... there is hell & heaven if you believe in one ... and they are for a reason ... so just chilllll and stop forcing people to believe what you believe in .. Thanks Shyema for the article
JUNAID Dec 14, 2010 07:26pm
MAY ALLAH gives us all the HIDAYAT !!! ameen
Seedoo Dec 13, 2010 03:16pm
Every time you feel uncomfortable with someone's act does not give you the license to ban them. Grow up please! If you feel offended, learn to deal with it.
Moiz Dec 15, 2010 10:12pm
Boring article. Stopped reading after the second paragraph. 1st para was well written.
Umer Dec 14, 2010 07:05pm
I have a little different perspective to bring to the writers attention here. Veena Malik cannot be a threat to Islam; but she definitly is a threat to the Muslim Society, the followers of Islam who are vulnerable.
Mobeen Iqbal Dec 14, 2010 06:17pm
I do agree with Dr. Iqbal. by acting like this and falling so low she is not only disgracing herself but the nation.
R S JOHAR Dec 13, 2010 02:52pm
I have seen several episodes of Big Boss but did not find any vulgarity in Veena Malik's actions. Does show of emotions considered un-Islamic ?
RhyMe Dec 13, 2010 02:38pm
Both religious and liberal exterimists have placed the country into this upsetting position....we cant blame any one of them!
Amir Lodi Dec 14, 2010 06:23pm
Well, leaving everything aside, in my personal opinion Veena should behave in a more dignified way. As with some of the post above, where some have got offended by the fact that why does a woman always get pointed. It's not a mater of being a man or a woman issue. Behaving in a cultured way is the deal. Nowhere in a cultured society would you find a woman or a man massaging the opposite sex very appropriate. Just a thought...
Ziaudeen Dec 20, 2010 05:51am
How profound. You are very right. I hang my head in shame.
Vikram Dec 15, 2010 10:41am
Dear all pakistanis Please enjoy it as a show and do not make it a matter of pride or honour.Veena is a clear hearted and a beautiful girl who deserves to have aspirations of a career.She is a human being having every right to have feelings.Indians and Pakistanis are like brothers and should never take these things on pride.Another contestant Begum nawazish ali was also an excellant person having very fluent voice.Watching him on the show was fun and feeling that pakistanis are also good human beings and not some people of other race having horns on their head.Artists from both countries should display their talent accross borders for better cultural understanding and relations .Extremists groups at our ends want to create a divide by raising these issues.We should never encourage them.
paatchu Dec 13, 2010 02:23pm
Umair ...YOu said it...the only logical response so far!!
Daud Butt Dec 14, 2010 05:16pm
Well, the question is not whether she is a threat to Islam or to culture of Pakistan, the issue is that the way she is behaving or representing as a woman, especially with Hashmit Patel. No doubt it is reality show but her postuer and gesture too much bold. there are many others girls in the show but no one behaving like Venna Malik.....kissing, hugging, OMG, it seems that we are watching "titanic" not "big boss"......what is this???...............this is not about Pakistan not even Islam, rather its about "feminsim" its about "loyality and sincerity", its about "modesty" can someone say Veena Malik is doing good there...Be impartial and don't blame only Ulma or Molivies
fayaz ahmed Dec 14, 2010 05:11pm
I agree with you.
Abhijit Dec 14, 2010 05:07pm
Spot on!! Good one.
Ram (Mumbai) Dec 15, 2010 07:26pm
well said Srini. The whole point of these reality shows are to stir up some controversy and grab eyeballs. Anyways no time to watch TV these days. ;-)
Majid Dec 15, 2010 07:25pm
Big boss is a tv show and is not the olympics. Veena Malik is not representing anything but herself for the fee she is being paid for that representation. People should stop looking at everything through the prism of nationalism and religion. It's very unwise and does nothing good for both religion and nationalism.
Asad Dec 14, 2010 08:27am
One bad act does not justify another. So, saying that there are bigger problems in Pakistan to worry about doesn't justify what our actors are doing, be it in Pakistan or anywhere else. An evil is evil whether done by a star actor or a molvi. In Islam, whatever Veena is doing is not allowed at all. I'm not a molvi myself but I think anyone who has even an iota of knowledge about Islam would endorse what I'm saying.
Victim Of Islam Dec 14, 2010 08:28am
O yar!!!!Please live and let others live. Let GOD/ALLAH decide who is punishable and who is not.
babloo Dec 14, 2010 08:32am
I am Indian and Mumbai resident , I did see that veena malik is doing too much sometime but that is nothing to do with Pakistan nor Islam . the main threat to Islam & Pakistan is from extremist , terrorist. I am non muslim but know Islam very well , the big problem in Islam is , no qualification required to become a mufti or Mutawa.
babloo Dec 14, 2010 08:43am
excellent !!!! Ashfaque you r absolutely right , we all god's creation and let god handle this
Tariq Khan Dec 14, 2010 08:56am
Veena Malik is disrespecting the culture of Pakistan. I would recommend her not to come Pakistan what so ever!
Noreen Shams Dec 14, 2010 08:59am
hahaha v nice piece commendable job shyema
Karnatakan Dec 20, 2010 04:19am
She is not an ambassador or representative of anything. She is a pretty woman who happens to be from Pakistan. She has not said that she represents her religion nor has she claimed to represent Pakistan. She is not a disgrace to anything, and as far as I know, not killed, maimed, or otherwise harmed anyone, nor does she seem to hate any group of people. Why, on that basis alone, she would make a very good representative of Pakistan, if that is the set of values Pakistanis believe they have or ought to have.
reader Dec 14, 2010 03:35pm
so u mean to say this is how modern should be and i am a women from Pakistan and i consciously or unconsciously cannot act think or relate myself to her.
Tim Dec 14, 2010 03:16pm
I agree with you.why attach so much importance to such lowly rated shows. I think such muftis should be ignored.honestly,im not bothered by what veena does or what such a mufti says.
Shahid Ashraf Dec 14, 2010 09:20am
Good reply Vijay.. I agree with you. Asad: I favour your point to great extent on the Mufti saheb's position as I argued on this down below in my earlier comment too. However, I just wonder what made Mufti saheb to accept the invitation to discuss and talk on an actress's behaviour on a television channel that too in a foreign country. That from any angle would not fit in the dogmatic, traditional, strtict and very fundamental form of Islam that the Mufti saheb follows. So, it's obvious and not worth debating.
Ram (Mumbai) Dec 15, 2010 07:23pm
Can't believe ppl attaching so much importance to such a useless show. All contestants are paid to play the role to garner more eyeballs. Its entirely scripted even though the channel may claim to be otherwise.
Swapnil julme Dec 14, 2010 09:23am
Dear friend, religion is not the criteria to judge any person. As per ISLAM there are many things which may be bad or wrong. But as far as Individualism is concerned Every person is born free. Everybody has its own point of view and right to do whatever he or she likes. Don't judge evrybody on the basis of religion especially ISLAM.
Ozan Dec 14, 2010 02:59pm
Useless article...
Arsalan Hayat Dec 14, 2010 09:30am
I think Veena Malik is not that powerful that she can become a threat to Islam or to Pakistan. We as Muslims and Pakistanis must think above the lady. Mearly writing / thinking against her does not solve the purpose.
Zimbo_Indian Dec 22, 2010 04:20pm
That is a very sensible way of looking at Veena. I wish there would be more Pakistanis (and Indians) like Veena.
rao Dec 20, 2010 02:17am
bigboss is not a drama its a reality show and what veena malik is doing, no body forcing her to do anything there. and i have problem with that i mean she can do whatever she wants to do in pvt life , but not in some reality show where she participated as a "pakistani actress " ...wasay i hate talkin abt her shes not worth attention
anuj Dec 14, 2010 02:45pm
v well said Adnan
Shankar from Delhi Dec 14, 2010 09:46am
yes..these are the good points given by Akhams, which effects the lives in any nation.
naz Dec 14, 2010 09:53am
veena is a disgrace she has no respect for her religion she acts like a deseperate person and shes a biggest show off, she needs to respect her religion and stop being a slapper
Obaid Dec 14, 2010 10:08am
You might have missed the point there, buddy.
suku Dec 14, 2010 10:08am
If Veena Malik is UnIslamic, All of you watching Big Boss is Un Islamic too.
Faiza Hassan Dec 14, 2010 10:11am
I must say very well written , but the article is lacking conclusion...let me conclude it "We should get mature as a Nation"
Obaid Dec 14, 2010 10:16am
I understand sarcasm is hard to follow, but come on, you can atleast try.
the Dec 14, 2010 10:17am
Good luck Veena, well done, see how many people care about you. Keep going
syed ala imran Dec 14, 2010 10:18am
Guys, Wait wait wait. I dont think if some muslim does something non-islamic, gives any damage to ISLAM. The damage which he does is with himself ONLY. Islam is not at all effected by any muslim acts or something. So let us stop calling she or he is doing a damage to ISLAM.
RhyMe Dec 14, 2010 02:20pm
I wont say nething on Veena's character but just a question often strikes my mind is "Couldn't we have a better replacement for Veena Malik in that reality show?
Adeel Ansari Dec 14, 2010 10:45am
I completely agree with the article. The moment a "Pakistani" crosses the boarder, he/she comes under the lime light and is scrutinized from an Islamic lens...why?! Never did Veena Malik act as a practicing Muslim before coming on the show and quite frankly she never stated a claim to being a practicing Muslim in any of her statements that I've come across, so why mix the issues? I personally don't approve of our so-called Muslim scholars taking a low key situation and commenting on it so openly when the real issues of our country are put on mute for the rest of the world to see but not hear the true ISLAMIC side of it all.
samyak gowda Dec 14, 2010 10:49am
While your argument is correct, what I find fascinating is the importance attached to such shows (I'm not talking about the actress). Big Boss is one of the worst shows I have ever come across. No Indian or Pakistani should go through the torture of watching such a show.
Mustafa Dec 21, 2010 08:58pm
I agree with you 100 %
samyak gowda Dec 14, 2010 10:52am
You're wrong on one account. Film artistes are public figures also. So, what they do is not their private business.
sattar Dec 14, 2010 01:37pm
fully agreed with you.
samyak gowda Dec 14, 2010 11:26am
What I realized is that, such a wretched show is popular in Pakistan, as much it is in India. I think, pakistanis should stay away from Bollywood, as much as Indians should.
Dalbir Dec 14, 2010 01:40pm
Some of the readers have missed the REAL THING . It is a game which she is playing so intellegently that she has survived past the known celebrities like Manoj Tiwari She is infact a genius who has made a fan following just from a scratch . I really doubt if anybody in India knew who Veena Malik was before she came on the show , but look how far she has come . She is the biggest GENIUS making fool of a whole ot of compititor contestants . I feel she must be having offers worth millions of dollars in endorsements & roles when she comes out of Bigg Boss house .
Raj Dec 21, 2010 09:15pm
She should be allowed to do what she likes to do, not someone else's likes and dislikes.
dr iqbal Dec 14, 2010 11:53am
what i believe , one should not disscuss personel life like her scandal but when you are on some forum where you representing a nation you have some responsbility . look at shaeta in same programme how is she behaving . one thing more it is a reality show not a written script that you have to follow . she can behave as that we feel proud rather a disregard . saying that others are wrong so i am also not answerble . one should condemend
Shankar Dec 14, 2010 11:55am
I think its Ministry of information & Broadcasting which had taken this descision.
Aslam Dec 22, 2010 05:24pm
In the words of prophet Isa (pbuh) "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." How can we judge her or anyone else for that matter when we ourselves are not perfect.
Nasir Dec 14, 2010 01:16pm
Thats grt8...exactly i want to say....thats joke being saying Islam threaten by her...i might say culture
samyak gowda Dec 14, 2010 12:29pm
What about the likes of Shahid Afridi, who uses similar phrases and went on to have lunch out of a cricket ball? Sorry, when he tried to smell the ball with his teeth? What about such people?
Aamir Abbasi Dec 14, 2010 12:59pm
She is not at all a danger to islam or any bodyelse for that matter. i dont like what she is doing but dont take it too seriously. she is not so effective that she will hurt a religion or society.
ibrahim Dec 14, 2010 01:00pm
The main reason is every body thinks he is right. Islam i mean (DEEN) is a complete code of life and there is no doubt about it.Nowdays every one describe islam in its own way as if ISLAM is the property of their father when ever who wants make changes.These kind of talk shows will keep on continuing and people will keep on forwarding comments but in the end ISLAM is crtisised. Talk shows and the celebrites never represent the COUNTRY or ISLAM they only think about themselves.Apart from this still those great personilites are there to represent their Country and the Islam.
dks Dec 14, 2010 12:52pm
what exactly is "culture of Pakistan" ??
Shensah Dec 14, 2010 12:55pm
Don't drag religion into professional career. Veena is a decent girl who is fighting hard to make her career in a highly competitive industry. This requires relation building with powerful one(Jee Salman Jee). Let us not drag religion into this. I am not Muslim, I admire what Veena has achieved.
momin Dec 21, 2010 12:49am
hah! this is a hilarious article! Shyema Sajjad, awesome ending to the article! the agenda must end :P haha
Hassan Parvez Dec 16, 2010 05:13pm
Mr. Mufti who claims to be an authority on Islam (my religion) like all the Mullahs in Pakistan, who remain silent on the real issues such as, Karo kari, innocent non-Muslims and Muslims being killed by Islamic terrorists, the unjust hoodod laws and the modern education for women must be opposed by all Pakistanis. It is very difficult for me to read comments from educated people who in the name of Islam want all Pakistanis to live in the dark ages of 14th century. Religion is a very personal. The ultimate judge of right and wrong is ALLAH almighty. Mr. Mufti or people who are commenting on the character and religious views of Veena Malik have no right to say that she does not represent Pakistan or Islam.
Shahid Ashraf Dec 16, 2010 08:07pm
I wish Mufti saheb has decided to talk on rather more serious and important issues that people of Pakistan are facing than on somebody's personal behaviours!
Mushtaq Ahmed Dec 21, 2010 07:38pm
I totaly agree of the view of Mr. Zahid Khan
Mushtaq Ahmed Dec 21, 2010 07:43pm
I totaly agree with your point of view
iAhmed Dec 21, 2010 11:42am
If Veena is a threat to Muslim society then we all are too. She is doing it openly and we are doing it behind closed doors. Whats next protest to not to allow her in Pakistan.. well then we all should be out of Pakistan too.. Just open youtube and search for Pakistan and you will know... She will not be allowed in Pakistan she will do it in India.. and far openly. Come on guys give her some space its her life how she wants to live. She is not representing Pakistan or Muslim.. she is representing herself at the end of the day she is a human.
Ahmed Khan Dec 17, 2010 02:59am
Couldn't agree more!
Ahmed Khan Dec 17, 2010 11:51am
Spot on!
Canuck Dec 19, 2010 04:14am
very well said.
DK Dec 20, 2010 03:17pm
Why do you have so poor self image that actions of others impact you? Just give it a thought.
Omar Dec 17, 2010 01:54pm
I am 100% sure every person who has commented is no saint, we must have openly or in hiding committed deeds not acceptable to Allah than what right do we have to comment on some else' character. Let us judge ourselves and mend our ways and be an example to society. Hopefully this can solve many issues.
Aj Dec 23, 2010 04:06pm
Veena malik is just another modern day woman. We cant be leaving in 21st century and think and talk like people in 18th century. Her behavior might not be acceptable to some but you cant blame her for being what she is...
haroon Dec 21, 2010 04:53pm
very true,ahmed.
vk Dec 18, 2010 10:53pm
well said.
Sunjoy Dec 17, 2010 07:35pm
Perfectly said. I fully agree with you. Unfortunately the show still runs at the Prime time 9:00 PM slot, despite the court order.
Sunjoy Dec 17, 2010 07:42pm
The winner in this show is all "fixed up"
sachin Jan 01, 2011 06:46am
Well said..Azad.. I have been watching this show..ever since its been started.. U were on target when u said about Vina's acts were not related to religion..Its just a show..they are being paid for that so I dont know why all this fuss..about???
Dr Priyanka Naware Dec 18, 2010 01:45am
I think Mr Faisal you are forgetting that there is something called the word freedom. Don't get so shocked. It will spoil you are health ,because if you find this shocking what will happen in the future I wonder ? Don't get fooled by external appearances of people. Don't compare Ms Veena Malik with others. We donot know what they are upto behind the screens. I support Ms Malik and wish her all the best.
ahtasham raza Dec 18, 2010 02:08am
so true
Ahmad Raza Butt Dec 18, 2010 05:36pm
agreed Sir ji
Ahmad Raza Butt Dec 18, 2010 05:32pm
Veena has done no Harm to country because art has no boundaries or ideologies. No doubt she is a talented artist doing well at a big platform. And i have not a single doubt that our so-called proud nation would, one day, proudly say that Veena is our(Pakistani) star when she would make many successes in Indian cinema.
Ahmad Raza Butt Dec 18, 2010 05:33pm
I agree with ayesha
Anand Dec 18, 2010 06:29am
Actually when Salman introduces Veena as *aur humari PAKISTAN ki contestant* , I feel good that Pakistan also has liberal people. I think only Pakistani people must be feeling ashamed of her, whereas the world sees her as a positive sign from Pakistan.
Jam Dec 18, 2010 03:15pm
why wouldn't we be ashamed of her, we don't want Veena Malik to represent us. She is known here as a "person of suspicious moral character". Let me put it this way; if forced to make a choice would you prefer Aishwarya Rai or Rakhi Sawant to represent India?
DK Dec 20, 2010 03:04pm
Khan bhai, why be a judge when He is there to judge us all one day? & why have fear of the day of judgement when you haven't done anything wrong?
Jam Dec 18, 2010 02:48pm
The article is obviously meant to be a little sarcastic.
Imthiaz Dec 28, 2010 04:54am
Veena is just another 21st century human-being, thus she has a right to do whatever she wants as a celebrity on a non-adulatory TV show. You live however you want, but do not have the right to put rules on an individual's freedom and thought process. Ppl should get educated and come out from the medieval ages thinking, world has proceeded too far from where it begins, one should acquire the knowledge to determine what is right and wrong using their brain not from the old rules and regulation built for that age. Some survey shows that 60% of the countries people are living like they are in medieval age's, this can be solved only by getting education, i want to see ppl getting educated like my other educated muslim brothers and keep moving forward. Thanks, Imthiaz Khan
Momna Gull Dec 29, 2010 11:39am
why we are discussing her to be a representative of Islam or Pakistan. what our tv channels represent are they represent Islam, Or Pakistan. even in eid our channels show neighbor's films and less clothed girl dancing on stage. after a single show are we able to challenge her. "NO" every one in his concern making money. this is not the debate for the sake of Islam Or Pakistan. don't know how many people making money by abusing her who cares if there is a TV host or an article writer. after all we all have freedom to speak.
Faraz Dec 29, 2010 11:14am
A musalman always thinks at least before acting in public, good or bad.
Harsh Wardhan Dec 28, 2010 07:11pm
This is a great debate. Yea why not Veena Malik is a real threat to Islam. Fantastic itellectual piece of work. Keep it up. Debates like this are very enlightening. Vow ! Harsha Bardhan Miami USA
Shahsia Dec 30, 2010 05:01pm
Agree 100%. Maulvi Saheb and Pakistani men need to work on other glaring issues -economy, poverty, terrorist, floods, and what not....please leave the women alone..
Goliath Dec 25, 2010 04:19pm
Hey nobody has rights to be moral police and be so judgemative on somebody elses act? People please look within yourself before advicing others. How perfect you're? That's her own life and she has right to live the way she wants to. However Veena Malik is, she is lot succeful in her profession. She is celebrity-why? because majority of people accepted her. And it seem People of India gracefuly accepted her as well as she lasted lot longer in the house then many of the other Indian celebrities.
num Dec 26, 2010 02:22am
she shuold not come back to pakistan ... she is the cheapest women of the period estimated in the history of pakistan pakistan is a muslim country and no matta its 21st century or modern world .. we still dnt allow the womens to get so wild ,,, shes just destroyng the name of pakistannn,,, her entry should be banned in pakistan in my opinion
Azad Dec 29, 2010 09:37pm
Oh Come on!!! This is just entertainment. Maulvi saheb has a right to speak and Veena has the right to do whatever she is doing. Where does religion enter? Just keep religion off e v e r y issue. Maulvi saheb earns his living by preaching and Veena, by putting on an act. None is more noble than the other.!!!
umer nyaz Dec 26, 2010 10:52am
Well reading all this and watching her on y0u tube massaging some Indian Hindu, wearing just boxers and tops and stuff like that, I came to couple of points I would like to clarify. 1 She doesn't represent Islam Nor Pakistan. 2 What she is doing, she has been highly paid for that. Now first of all she accused M. Asif (Our Cricketer) on Indian TV without any piece of proof she should be held accountable for that. Then broke all the moral boundaries on a public TV , I don't know about what Mufti Sahib said, but we as Pakistanis should condemn both Ali Saleem and Veena Malik. They should be held accountable for breaching the boundaries. We all know what they did is so embarrassing and we should not compare them with terrorists.
umer nyaz Dec 26, 2010 10:59am
Miss Ayesha By Principle we should be ....but our faith is not that strong ..... there is a degree of every thing .... Some one stealing a piece of chocolate from a store might not get punished or embarrassed but some one robbing the whole store will get punished and will be jailed ... ryt .. So its about degree ... two wrongs never make one right..... OK Some day you will say .... A Pakistani Running Naked in Indian Highways should not be condemned why ?? because; alright, what he or she is doing is against Islam but , What atif aslam is doing is also against ISlam ..... so we can not condemn that naked runner because we are not condemning Atif aslam so the crux is "Two wrongs neva make one right"
Khurram Shamsi Dec 28, 2010 10:54am
I agree with the writer in the 7th paragraph. There is no point in discussing Veena's actions in India with a Mufti. Her whole life is objectionable in the yes of the Mufti. This was just getting cheap popularity for the show. No point in discussing something with Ali Salim and Mufti Sb both at the same time. Veena is doing whatever she wants to do and Ali Saleem is doing whatever he wants to do. If Pakistani public does not want to see them or like to see what they are doing they will automatically lose their celebrity status. So let's the public decide. No point in dragging a religeous scholar in the issues of Showbiz. It would have been more intelligent to discuss this among showboz celebs. Even then the concept of Veena representing Pakistan or Islam is too stupid. She was not sent their by Pakistani Govt. She went on her own and was not on the payroll of PAk Govt like our cricketers are so we are no one to denounce her for her actions.
Hashim Khan Dec 26, 2010 09:46pm
I dont think so that shes a threat to Islam.She was not representing Islam and Pakistan in that programm.She ia an artist and was representing herself there.It is her personal life and matter.
Hashim Khan Dec 26, 2010 09:57pm
Very well said.
Milan Bhise from Mumbai Dec 27, 2010 12:04am
How one person can affect Islam. Veena Malik is free to do what she wants to do in India or in Pakistan. Mr.Mufti can not control how one should behave or conduct himself, and his views can not be imposed on others. How one person or his/her acts in entertainment industry can effect Islam. Opinions of some one like Mr.Mufti can not be taken seriously. Milan Bhise
amar india Dec 30, 2010 07:03am
I like your thoughts. All Mullahs should speak on the terrorism, and other national issues rather than these issues. if mullahs decides they can control this situations..
mitya sinha Jan 01, 2011 03:02pm
First, a Very Happy New Year to one and all! An interesting and a bold op-ed in a Pakistani newspaper followed by an even more interesting discussion here. It is refreshing for us in the West to get a glimpse into how the English speaking Pakistani intelligentsia perceive their country. Over the past few decades, our impression of Pakistan has deteriorated to a point where we generally view it as a semi-failed state that is being torn apart by religious trouble-makers (both civilian and military). While this Mufti guy re-enforces that view -- it is wonderful to hear voices (albeit muted) that seem to challenge those who would like to define Pakistan in simple sectarian terms. There is hope for Pakistan. I agree with the writer's implication that if these religious bigots and 'moral' policemen are really concerned about the image of Pakistan (and Islam) in the big wide world, they should start by condemning what is being done to their country in the name of religion. The latest example being the hullabaloo vis. the attempted repeal of the so called blasphemy law. My heart goes out to those aspiring Pakistanis who, if not incited by religious demagogues, would want nothing but peace and prosperity for themselves, their families, and their country. I would like to believe that Mohammad Ali Jinnah would have wanted nothing less for the country he helped create.
A.Bajwa Jan 01, 2011 03:06pm
Islam is an ideology. How an individual's behavior can threaten it. Let us not be hysteric.
P K Vaidyan Jan 01, 2011 05:19pm
Couldn't agree more...In the words of Prophet Isa " How could a blind lead a blind"... Its seems this world is full of hypocrites..who say something else..and do something else.. Besides, it is Allah who protects us all and he don't need anyones protection.
keenjhar Jan 02, 2011 11:13am
people what ever they are doing in this world its their personal matter, but sorry to say that being a muslim veena malik to that, anyways i don't think so that she is threat of ISLAM b/c nowadays nobody is 100% good or perfect muslim................
Someone Jan 02, 2011 05:40pm
It is so ironic to see Indians defending Veena & Pakistanis bashing her.. LOL
Momna Gull Jan 03, 2011 12:52pm
yes this is an entertainment and as I said earlier that we should not discuss her good or bad deeds just take it as entertainment or use your remote because after sometime no one even remember just stay her away from Islam Or Pakistan discussion.