red bull, Chris Pfeiffer, BMW F800R

Pakistani stunt biking fans are in for a treat this weekend as no less than the God of freestyle biking Chris Pfeiffer is set to set their pulses racing in a series of breathtaking shows starting from Karachi this evening.

The 42-year-old Pfeiffer is on his maiden trip to Pakistan and in an exclusive interview with DawnNews, the wizard announced that the fans would not be left disappointed when the show is over.

“I am happy to be here in Pakistan, I had heard a lot about the country and now have this great chance of performing in three major cities hopefully in front of packed crowds. After visiting 85 countries for my stunts, I have made it here and am confident that the biking enthusiasts wouldn’t be disappointed.”

Pfeiffer also dwelled on the tricks in his repertoire, from burnouts to wheelies, Christs (a stunt performed with the rider standing straight up on the seat or tank of the motorcycle) to hangs - he has a grip on them all.

“I have many daring acts that I thrill the crowd with, the Christs and burnouts are two of the traditional stunts whilst I have also been doing various types of hangs over the years, the key is to unwind and give it your all. I am not averse to risks and the interesting thing is that many acts that look life-threatening are the easiest to perform,” Pfeiffer stated.

The German started biking at the age of five even though the environment in his hometown in the South of Germany wasn’t too exciting for his sport. Slowly and gradually, though, he made it through the ranks and started his professional career in 1996.

The year 2003 was a milestone year for Pfeiffer. He was crowned stunt riding World Champion in the Czech Republic in front of a crowd of 15,000 and since then he has gone from strength to strength and garnered a reputation for pushing the limits in all his endeavours on the biking track.

In all, the man, has won as many as four world titles which are a testimony to his prowess on what appears to be an extremely tough and risky sport.

On the first day of his tour, Pfeiffer went on a biking ride with a group of enthusiasts near the Sea View beach and was excited to see some power packed bikes and felt that Pakistani bikers were also ready for some top class adrenalin pumping action.

“The bikers here have some great machines, I am impressed by the bikes and there seems to be a genuine interest in the sport here in Karachi,” observed Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer is set to dazzle crowds in the three cities on his customized BMW F800R, the bike is his favourite and the daring stunt man feels all at ease on his best machine.

“I will be unveiling my bike for Pakistani audience today. The machine is top class and is customized as per my needs. It has the power to sustain all the acts and stunts I desire to perform on any track around the world.”

The soft-spoken biker also had plenty of advice for young bikers; he feels that the threat element should be minimized especially at a younger age.

“It is important for young bikers to realize that they have to reign themselves in on major roads where heavy traffic is the norm, there is no point in being a nuisance to the general public, the bikers need to find their way to a track where there is no commotion and little risk both for them and their fellow drivers.”

Pfeiffer’s first show is at the Autocross arena on the Clifton beach in Karachi today, the second show will be held in the International Expo Centre in Lahore on Sunday while the series will come to a close in Islamabad’s Karting Arena on the April 24.