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Any miracles after elections?

April 25, 2013

With elections due next month, it is interesting to read and watch the stampede of politicians running from one political party’s camp to another.

If these politicians can change party loyalty at a short notice, what sort of public service can the people expect from them if they are elected? Our election process seems defective.

Don’t the candidates feel embarrassed when they lead a long queue of supporters, with a number of gun-totting guards, walking into an election office with much fanfare to register themselves as candidates? A classic example of self-aggrandisement.

A better system would be for the public to propose the names of individuals for elections who have a proven record of public service, individuals who have proved their services to the nation by their exemplary track record over the years.

The public, in recognition of their services, must go to the Election Commission of Pakistan and propose the names of these dedicated individuals. Dr Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Maulana Edhi are some names that can be quoted.

I am sure there must be many more unsung heroes who are quietly and sincerely doing their bit in nooks and crannies of our country far from the public eye.

Maybe this idea seems utopian but there is no other likely alternative to get ‘quality and dedicated individuals’ to serve Pakistan, failing which the nation will continue to live with the dilemma of seeing the same faces over and over again, who are responsible for the mess we are in.

Everyone knows the problems faced by Pakistan — law and order, corruption, high prices, wrong distribution of resources, unemployment, closure of industries, goonda raj, poor health and educational facilities, lack of infrastructure, clean drinking water, and feudalism.

What happens if the next government falls short of public expectations? Do we spend the next five years cribbing and complaining? Let us hope not this time. The politicians must dispel the present notion that once elected they are there to stay for the next five years irrespective of their performance.

They must be made to understand that if at any time their performance falls short of public expectations, they will be forced to make an exit earlier than five years. What should be the nation’s action plan?

If frustrating conditions continue even after the elections, will the nation continue to be a captive audience and continue only to grumble and complain for the next five years? While the politicians are busy in electioneering, the nation must soon get busy doing its homework:

I am not a constitutional expert, but I believe that surely there must be safety valves in the constitution that can enable the nation to pull down a government before time if it does not fulfil the aspirations of the nation.

I request the readers, particularly the constitutional experts, to kindly share their thoughts and help the nation in providing a ready solution.

I am a great fan of democracy, but we spent almost 33 years under four army dictators. I am not sure but the last two are charged with treason for violating the constitution.

Fine! But what about our civilian governments which take the oath to protect and abide by the contents of the ‘sacred document’ and start violating the constitution from the word ‘go’.