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Explosion kills five in Peshawar mosque

Published Mar 09, 2013 04:23pm

Rescuers and local people look around the blast site in Peshawar on Saturday. – Photo by Zahir Shah Sherazi

PESHAWAR: At least five people were killed and 29 others injured in an explosion inside a mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Saturday, Chief Executive of the Lady Reading Hospital Dr Arshad Javed told reporters. Earlier however, SP Peshawar city Khalid Hamdani had said six people were killed in the explosions and 28 others were injured.

The blast took place inside the Chishtia Hanafia Ganj Ali Khan mosque near the city's Meena bazaar.

The bomb was planted near the front row of the congregation and people were getting ready to pray when the blast occurred, eye witnesses said.

Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat’s divisional chief, Haji Tariq Haideri, said Qazi Mohallah Ganj Gate, Muhammad Ilyas, had also died in the blast.

Four to five kilograms of explosives were used in the remote-controlled bomb blast, Bomb Disposal Unit in-charge AIG Shafqat Malik said.

District Coordination Officer Peshawar Muhammad Javed told four deaths had been confirmed while 29 others were injured, out of which three were in critical conditions.

He said the bomb was planted beside the prayer leader and was detonated at about 1:15pm.

Condemning the incident, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Eshanullah Ehsan said the TTP was opposed to attacks on public places and gatherings.

The blast badly shattered the walls of the mosque and the fans and other electronic equipment was reduced to rubble.

Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, has been the site of several terrorist attacks in recent months.

The city is surrounded by tribal regions where Al Qaeda and Pakistani Taliban militants are said to have hideouts.

The Pakistani military has carried out several operations in the area, but intermittent terrorist attacks continue.

Comments (11) Closed

Abdur Razzaque
Mar 10, 2013 10:04am
My deep condolence to all the victim families and may Allah (swt) showers His mercy and place all of them in proper place!
Abdur Razzaque
Mar 09, 2013 10:25am
Again the human like animals took 6 lives and destroyed 6 families consists of almost minimum 20/25 members. They lost their fathers, brothers or, sons they will never come back to them! The killers are also human beings, they do have their own families, kids,parents. How they would feel like those victims,if they lose their owns also? They are fake Muslims, may be more hated than the cruel animals or any blood thirsty demons! They are hatred and should deserves the highest punishment. It is not the Muslim sectarian or, political issues. It is the question of humanity. Islam never ever accepts such a kind of treachery, brutality and inhumanity with the worshipers. Their whole activities putting Islam and the very existence of the country into jeopardy. We need a strong and effective national actions comprised with the support of all the political parties and leaders of Pakistan. Remember if the citizens are safe and secured the country should be safe and well secured! My deep condolence to all the victim families and may Allah (swt) showers His mercy and place all of them in proper place!
Mar 09, 2013 10:42am
Jab kisi jagah riba (interest) aur bay-hayayi (immorality) phailtee hai to Allah subhanaho wa tala apna haath (rehmat/barkat/tahaffuz) uss jagah say utha laita hai.... I think this is exactly what has happened in Pakistan. Logo Allah ko raazi karnay ki koshish mein lag jao warna aisa naa ho kay tumharay ghar mein bhi kisi din koi aisa hee waqia ho
Mar 09, 2013 10:44am
It is really disturbing to see the continuous violence going in Pakistan. When will this end ? Why Pakistan has become jurassic park ?
Mar 09, 2013 10:54am
May Allah grant them heaven and have patience to their love one.. May Almighty Allah keep Pakistan save from kinda conspiracies and hatred...amin
Ravi from University of Pune
Mar 09, 2013 01:46pm
Just like Jurassic age was destroyed by foreign element of Universe i.e. by a powerful comet. Pakistan's Terror also will end up by one big stroke but I hope they will not be any foreign element like India or US, it should be Internal Pakistani citizen.
Ramakrishna Ps
Mar 09, 2013 02:41pm
Religion and its infinite sects must be more important than humanity and brotherhood and kindness in Pakistan. Would Pakistan ever stand tall among the comity of nations of the world?
Mar 10, 2013 02:02pm
Half of the world does not even believe in Allah or, in fact, any God. Nothing like this happens to them. Do not be naive and use flimsy excuses. History is full of people and nations who have defied God and yet they lived peacefully. Some of the world's largest countries do not believe even in the existence of God or else have thousands of gods, yet they are prospering. What is happening in Pakistan has absolutely nothing to do with Allah or God. This is man-made and is being done in the pretext of religion. As long as people will endorse your point of view, Pakistan is never ever going to realize peace. It will only remain a dream.
Human First
Mar 09, 2013 07:49pm
Muslim now will have to wake up and change their approach. They will have to understand that every religion have some loop holes or wrong interpretations and so is theirs. People will have to open up for reforms. They will have to tell their kids that each religion is way to reach god . They will have to set them free and allow them to go to temples, churches and gurudwaras. let them have prasad or any thing there it will not make them a less muslim but will help them to understand other religions and increase tolerance . Just start opposing a perosn who tries to fill with hate and drag to terrorism or inform police about them. So police can keep watch on them. Keep your self open to any cristicism
Mar 10, 2013 03:14am
How about putting a NUKE and Blowing the whole Country.i am tired of this happening every day.finish the country once and for all.
Mar 10, 2013 04:31am
Is this all you can say or do? What would Allah do when religious hatred is widespread throughout Pakistan? Sunnis kill Shias, Shias react. Sunnis kill Christians, it will have repercussions somewhere else. Stop this first and then pray to Allah.

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