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Poet's corner

December 06, 2012

pg9 wildlife

The dentist


The dentist pulled my tooth out,

And he thought it was such a fun,

He grabbed his pliers,

And dental priers,

And pulled another one!

“Yippee, hooray! What awesome fun,”

He shouted again with fun,

And went back in,

And pulled out number three,

Then number four and number five,

And number six and seven,

Were followed by a cheerful cry,

Of eight, nine, ten and eleven!

He took a few more from the top,

Some from underneath,

He yanked them fast,

Until at last,

He pulled out all my teeth.

Without my teeth, I could not chew,

I just drink soup now,

But don’t be said,

I’m kinda glad,

Because when the dentist

Pulled out my last tooth with joy,

I woke up from my dream,

And got rid of the dentist boy! Samra Noman, 12 years, Karachi


I love you mom,

My dearest mom,

You make me happy

When I a sad;

I want to tell you,

I really love you,

When I am with you,

I feel so happy.


Iqra Saeed,

9 years




I like rose flowers,

I water it after 24 hours,

My rose flower is red,

I see it daily before going to bed,

I put the rose plant under the sun,

With my rose plant,

I have a lot of fun.


Farwa Abid,

9 years


Load shedding

I turned on my computer,

And began to play


To have some fun,

And to get rid of the noise of

Our neighbour’s silly old bike!

But before I began to play,

The light went out!

Load shedding crisis!

It ruined my mood!

When the light came back,

I started the game again,

But before I began to play,

Again, the light went out!

Frustrated, I went out,

And walked towards the nearby garden,

But the noisy bike of our neighbours

Didn’t allow me to rest there either,

So I came back home.

Surprisingly, the light came back!

I was happy and wanted to enjoy the moment,

I threw a party,

And wore some cool outfits,

I invited some friends,

And decorated my home,

It was going to be a blast when…

The light went out again!

Load shedding crisis!

It ruined my mood!


Muhammad Raziuddin Siddiqui,

12 years, Karachi



My pet dog

I have a pet dog,

He sits on a log,

He is very cute,

And likes to wear boots,

He has four legs and a tail,

Two eyes and a nose,

He sleeps in our lawn,

And likes to eat a bone,

He is very naughty,

And his name is Lotty!


Umama Aslam,

13 years, Karachi



The flower of happiness

Once there was a flower of happiness,

That grew in a meadow,

The meadow was in a valley,

The valley was on a land,

The land was by the sea,

That was connected with an ocean,

One of the largest oceans of the world!

It was a beautiful dream,

Dreamt by a girl,

Sleeping on her bed!

The bed was kept in a room,

The room was in a house,

The house was in a street,

The street was located in a town,

The town was built on a land,

The land was by the sea,

That was connected with an ocean,

One of the largest oceans of the world!

The world, where the flower of happiness

Grew in a meadow!


M. Tayyab,

12 years, Rawalpindi


My nana


My nana is very nice,

He is very kind,

He is very wise,

He never minds,

He is very intelligent,

He gives me advice,

He prays for my good grades,

May God give him a long life,

He is the most precious

Gift of my life;

I love my nana very much,

He is the best nana in the world.

S. Naaim Shadman,

8 years, Karachi


My sister


My sister is very nice,

She likes to eat rice,

She hates lice,

She likes to go to school,

There she feels cool,

She likes the sun,

And doesn’t like to eat fruit bun,

In a river, she can not dive,

Oh Allah! Please give my sister a long life!


Fizza Jafri,

9 years, Karachi