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Being the largest telecommunication company, PTCL has always been determined to stay on top of emerging telecom trends and technologies. A trendsetter for other companies in Pakistan, PTCL is once again in the news with its new product ¬– Pakistan’s First Wi-Fi enabled USB Dongle – EVO Wingle, that connects five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously at a speed of up to 9.3 Mbps.

Unlike PTCL’s Tenda Routers and Nitro Wi-Fi Cloud, EVO Wingle is a USB Wi-Fi device, which can get connected through any power source to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for internet sharing on all Wi-Fi enabled devices in the area.

But after introducing devices that do not require USB connection, why has PTCL introduced a USB enabled device? It doesn’t seem to offer anything different from Nitro Wi-fi Cloud other than going backward on technology where a user must have a USB power source like a Laptop or any external USB power source in order to use their EVO Wingle device. There is no improvement on speed as well because when multiple devices are connected to any dongle, the promised speed is never actually met.

The only difference PTCL states is that EVO Wingle is designed in a way that it is capable of detecting both EVO and Nitro networks of PTCL. It means that if you are in an area where Nitro 9.3 Mbps speed network is not available, the device will connect to EVO 3.1 Mbps speed network and allow you to surf the internet smoothly.

According to Executive Vice President (EVP) Wireless, Omer Khalid, “PTCL has specially taken this initiative so that our valued customers can work play and surf on the go”.

But EVO Wingle is not a novelty if Nitro Wi-fi can also provide the same benefits. In fact, Nitro may be a better option as it doesn’t need a USB power source. What if you’re in a public space and need to use the internet? Would you have to carry your laptop all around or look for an external USB power source? You’d rather carry your EVO or Nitro Wifi Cloud device and use your Internet a lot more conveniently on the go.

Whether you use it at home or outside, this device may have made a difference had it been introduced before Nitro – but definitely not after.

Unlike the Servis jingle where rhyming was at least catchy, the jingle for EVO Wingle is completely uninspiring. Specially the part ‘Jo Wingle karta hai, woh mingle karta hai, Aur jo mingle karta hai woh Wingle Wingle Wingle...’ makes Wingle sound like a space filler word that was used because they ran out of words to rhyme.

I use EVO Wi-fi Cloud device myself which claims to offer speed of up to 3.1 Mbps. Obviously, that never happens but it still works at a decent speed most of the time, except when I’m downloading or streaming from two or more devices simultaneously. At that point I’m sure even a dial-up network would work better.

The average internet connection speed in Pakistan in the fourth quarter of 2011 (Sept-Dec) stood at 741kbps, slightly lower than 763kbps recorded in the third quarter, according to Akamai’s quarterly report State of the Internet. Which is a shame as compared to the Global Internet Speed in the first quarter of 2012.

PTCL has been doing great for itself and doesn’t need such filler campaigns to keep it going. In fact if the company wants to remain on top of the telecom industry, it should look into improving internet connection speed in Pakistan when multiple devices are connected to a particular device. They seem to be aiming towards that goal but going back on improving speed on USB devices may not be the smartest way because Cloud devices are now not only becoming very common but are also more convenient to use outdoor.

Maybe the next step is a Cloud device with a steady 12.3 Mbps speed (at least), which you can charge in the car as well or maybe it comes with a portable charger (like the iPhone portable charger), so you don’t easily run out of battery on your device and can recharge when required, without having to worry about looking for a socket.

Sounds like a step forward?

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The writer is a New Media Design Manager at

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The writer is a Multimedia Producer at She tweets @mejmankani

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Comments (10) Closed

HQ Nov 10, 2012 10:14am
Mr Mankani I guess you didnt bother to actually research the product before writing this piece. the USB Adapter does require an external power source which can be an electric socket, hence it can be used in public without worrying about battery issues. furthermore the internet speed average that you were so eager to point out has nothing to do with the ad or the company. The average is low due to PTA restrictions on 3G and 4G for mobile. combined with internet restrictions and infrastructure provisions there isnt much that service providers can do to enhance that.
Khurram Nov 10, 2012 10:16am
A completely unresearched analysis. It is a great improvement since users who dont have access to wifi (such as on their desktops) could also use usb. It is a multi purpose device which has both usb and wifi functionality. I have both a laptop and a desktop and with my current Nitro Wifi device I cant connect it to my computer directly so this device solves that problem. You also needed a separate adapter to charge this device which is not necessary now since ti could be charged by directly plugging into the computer. Again a nifty improvement. As to your analysis that the only improvement is that in areas that dont have a nitro availability in those locations it connects at evo 3.1 speeds. Again completely off-base. ALL nitro devices are backward compatible which means even if you plug in a previous generation nitro in an area with no nitro 9.2 accessibility it will connect at evo 3.1 speeds so technically this does not qualify as an "improvement". But in any case although i love the features I dont like the package coming with this. There is a serious downloading cap on it which means atleast in my case my cap would be reached after 4 days worth of downloading so I would rather stick my my NON wingle device. Cheers
Kashif Nov 10, 2012 01:18pm
Most USELESS article. Please use your talent for some thing better and worthwhile to write.
Marketing Perspective Nov 12, 2012 07:33am
Ms. Mahjabeen this article is pretty confusing. I would like your clarification on what it is about; a diatribe against the Wingle Advertisement or of PTCL company strategy as a whole? Secondly from a marketing POV this advertisement is pretty catchy and has a high retention rate. That is one of the primary purposes of an advertisement to ensure that the target market actually knows and remembers your product advertisement. Considering that we get bombarded with so many product advertisements. And this 'annoying' ad, as you put it, has a very high retention rate. Tell me how many of the people can actually remember the service advertisement lyrics vs those that can actually remember the 'wingle' advertisement lyrics. After reading your article, the PTCL marketing team would actually be very happy that their wingle advertisement is getting the buzz that they wanted. There have been many advertising campaigns that are annoying e.g HBL's Mr. Bean series or the all too classic 0900-78601 jingle which have always been a hit with the masses.
Black-Swordsman Nov 11, 2012 02:19pm
Brought the new wingle USB on the first day of market rollout and returned it back to PTCL with 2 days; must say I was quite disappointed with the way the device performed. For starters the advertised 9.3 mbps is didn
Junaid Nov 11, 2012 11:33am
3G EVO Wingle is a great leap forward in terms of Internet connectivity. It's versatility int terms of connectivity options and fast speeds of 9.3 Mbps makes it unique. I have used it as a standalone wi-fi router at home and it connects multiple devices with ease. While traveling, I plug it into my car's LCD and use GPS and other options. Its a must Buy!
Saad (@saad_durrani) Nov 10, 2012 09:34pm
If I am not wrong, all the new smartphones come with a USB charging brick. Can't you plug the Wingle into the USB charging brick and start surfing? I think the Author should have asked a technology expert.
Taimoor Nov 10, 2012 03:43pm
Who cares its an advertisement. I have never seen such scrutiny about an advertisement. We got more important things to worry about.
sdf Nov 10, 2012 05:31pm
The writer is clearly a woman since her name is Mahjabeen and there is a photo of her. And I think she has a point. It seems to me, instead of making a whole new product, and causing cannibalization between products, they should have just made the Nitro device fully functional and chargeable via usb (which cannot be hard). With the "Wingle" they took one step forward and two backwards since Nitro is the more versatile. Wingle is no good for all the new tech devices coming out: phones and cameras and many others that can connect to wifi but have no usb ports.
KH Nov 10, 2012 02:47pm
Yet another article by this lady which does not make any sense at all. I fail to understand when she moved from doing advertising analysis to a consumer tester role passing judgements on technology that she doesnt know about