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Rescue workers try to extinguish a fire at the site of a blast near the Ranger's office in Karachi, Nov 8, 2012. — Photo by Reuters

KARACHI: Pakistani Taliban claimed the responsibility of a high-intensity blast targeting the Rangers Headquarters in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area early Thursday.

Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP) Spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said that they have more targets on their list and those who would raise voices against them, the Taliban would target them.

He said that the Pakistani Taliban have their network in the country and would operate from wherever they wanted from.

According to media reports, a truck slammed into one of the entrances of the Rangers compound killing one person and leaving more than a dozen, including civilians, injured.

The injured were shifted to the city's Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

The blast was heard across the city and fear and panic gripped the citizens. It caused damage to nearby buildings and shattered windows in the vicinity.

Senior police official Javed Odho told a television channel that the bomber had used more than 100 kilograms of explosives in the attack.

Witnesses reported seeing a large plume of smoke in the sky.

Television footage of the blast site showed what appeared to be an apartment block with a gaping hole in the middle where the bomb went off and part of the two-story building was razed.

Emergency and rescue teams had reached the site of the explosion.

A portion of  a building inside the Rangers compound collapsed and caught fire and efforts were being made to put out the blaze.

Rangers created a perimeter around the building to hold off journalists and bystanders.

One of the Rangers, Muhammed Farooq, said he was preparing for work when he looked out the window and saw a vehicle smash through the main gate and into the building.

''Then there was a really big bang and I lost my balance and I saw a lot of smoke and then I lost consciousness,'' he said, speaking from the hospital.

The area was cordoned off by security forces as investigations into the incident went underway.

Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan and Interior Minister Rehman Malik condemned the attack and sought a report from IG Sindh on the incident.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Comments (109) Closed

Gir na Nov 08, 2012 05:27pm
What corruption has to do with this attack ? Corruption is there in all most all countries .It is just religious extremism.
N K Ali Nov 09, 2012 03:18am
May Allah Almighty rest the Shaheeds in Jannatul Firdous and give Sabar to their families. It seems the PPP government is scared of the TTP that it has forgotten the difference between right and wrong. The 'go-ahead' for an operation against the terrorists will not be given because either they do not have the funds, training, plus equipment to tackle them (e.g. Lyari operation) or the political will to go ahead with it. Plausibly, all funds of the Sindh government have been frivolously spent and squandered with nothing to show in development terms and beefing up of security. The target killings and now suicide bombings are evidence of the unfolding scenario wherein the police are ill equipped and cannot go after the killers. Another reason being the political hobnobbing among politicians. The TTP will eventually be defeated by the people of Pakistan and not by a government in suspended animation. Salams
Raoul Ciao Nov 09, 2012 04:59am
Sad that govt, army and the PML are fighting each other , calling press conferences to show their anger against one another, but no one including army willing to go and fight the terror mongers in their home turfs like N Waziristan etc. Moreover one thing is clear - the TTP and such forces are getting support from ordinary local people in each and every town and many of us would actually be knowing these things are going to happen, but we are so filled with hate (those who are supporting the terrorists and Taliban), these people are not willing to divulge. Ordinary locals are as much to blams by direct or even indirect support, as they feel that by supporting these monsters they are helping their religion !
Fatima♥TheWanted (@Fati_Nathan_Tom) Nov 08, 2012 11:16am
Due to that blast in Rangers Headquarters i have lost a family member who was a have no right to say anything to anyone..!!
Khan Nov 08, 2012 04:05pm
Dear, dont be misguided by the thumbs up/down here. There are more Indians posting here than Pakistanis, and we know how well wishers they are for us ; )
innohunter Nov 09, 2012 12:58pm
We understand your pain bro. You and i both know how dumb people are all over the country. You will find many taliban sympathizers as well as taliban haters. Its a shame we haven't all united to wipe them out.
Maha Nov 08, 2012 07:40pm
and what reason is that?
Nahraf Nov 08, 2012 08:36am
Salams Every one, We ll have to raise a question and ask ourselves , are we human beings the fire caught at next door can come to our houses as well. Killings of innocent people at first , land mafia , extortion , religion based sect violances and these bomb attachk. Where are we heading? This was not the pakistan of the Great Quaid (Mohammad Ali Jinnah).
Indusonian Nov 08, 2012 07:53am
Lord, knight, sir, doctor rehman malik has an agenda and working on it with huge success.
Asif Kashmiri Nov 08, 2012 08:40am
Army plz come back
Arif Abid Nov 08, 2012 10:02am
May God Bless all the brave man and Woman of Pakistan who have lost there lives and May God give Sabar to there families ... I dont know How Much more blood of Inocent Hard working Pakistanis will be needed to develop a will of our High-ups to have a focused and determined approach in eliminating this meace
Caretaker Nov 08, 2012 07:50am
Don't worry, we are taking very good care of this monster. After all it is our strategic asset.
Taha Nov 08, 2012 09:04am
how can pakistanis accept this sort of violence - whether it be the elites, the security services, the military or the politicians, or the average person - no one is safe - that alone should inspire all sectors of society to work together to once and for all end this chaos and build a decent future for pakistan and its people.
Saqib Nov 08, 2012 08:17am
Actual terrorists or suicide bombers would try to get maximum casualties from any attack, so blowing up the enterence to this complex does not make any sense. This is all staged and with a purpose. And the two people mentioned here., namely Rehman Malik and Dr Ishrat Ul Ibad know very well the purpose of this attack.
Kris Nov 08, 2012 05:11pm
Government and Military needs to talk and get rid of terrorists. Just blaming each other is not going to work. I don't see any opposition party leader talking about terrorists but every day I see Drones have to stop. What kind of IQ does our leaders have? What is stopping them from getting TTP guys? is the question on everyone's mind. Kayani knows the answer? Zardari knows the answer and so does every leader. They are scarred of TTP and and have made deal with them to be around so they can use them for their own good. TTP is not going to go away until all those unwanted are killed and they have a say in operation of Pakistan. No civilized world leader keeps quite the way they do in Pakistan. TTP has guts to come down and kill the law enforcers and other innocent people. These guts cannot be guts unless someone let them have such guts. Hell to those who let it happen.
Aht Nov 08, 2012 08:18am
Thank You very much democracy Government of PPP who handle the Karachi past 4 years and results are coming worst day by day. Government failure...
Human Nov 08, 2012 09:01am
Even martial law is not the solution to this problem my friend. What the army should do is conduct a big operation against these terrorists and clean up the entire country.
Gerry D'Cunha Nov 08, 2012 08:55am
its high time the army should take over the country and impose martial law to save the country from incompetent civilian government and relieve the people from losing their lives and their loved ones.
Raja Nov 08, 2012 08:19am
Human Nov 08, 2012 08:19am
call in Martial Law
Agha Ata (USA) Nov 09, 2012 01:31pm
Where was our army when Ranger HQ was attacked? The army we spent billions of dollars, and sacrificed the education, prosperity of our three generation to make them ten times more efficient than any enemy, the possessors of NUKES and for whom we sacrificed democracy many times for their whimsical experiments, yes, where was it when the attack came?
Imran A. Nov 08, 2012 03:36pm
1- It's funny that when government was deciding to attack N. Waziristan because of Malala's case, the worry was that the Taliban will retaliate with more bombing. I don't think this is true. They will attack you anyways. 2-It's funny how proud Zardari is when he speaks of how many people in our country have sacrificed their lives because of our war against terrorism. Zardari, it is not sacrifice. We didn't make a choice to get killed. 3-It's funny how selfish Imran Khan is in commenting against Taliban when a bomb blows up but how selflessly supports the humanity value of negotiating with the Taliban. God save us from Imran Khan from ever coming to power, even Zardari is a better person than him. 4-It's funny how much our nation hated Musharaf for taking action against Taliban, and yet cry and feel helpless when their family members die in suicide bombings. 5-It's funny how the Taliban apologists will send emails about how important prayers 5 times a day is, but fail to see gravity of the evil in killing innocent people in cold blood. 6-It's funny to see how someone will give me a thumbs down to my comment, but would not want to send his child to become a Taliban or even worse, not want to experience the death of a close family member at the hand of the Taliban. I could go on and on... but no one will listen.
A Sheikh Nov 08, 2012 03:34pm
Knowing how the country has treated previous generals, I don't think Kyani is keen on interfering. We beg the Army to come for our rescu. Then Media and Politicians and the West all gang up on the general - calling him dictator and everything else - and we end up with corrupt politicians again. What a shame the people never learn.
Ahmer Nov 08, 2012 04:41pm
These innocent rangers had committed no sin. How long are we to tolerate this?
Khan Nov 08, 2012 01:29pm
What a pitty even law enforcement is not safe. Inspite so much security personnel available in city no one checks what is being carried and where it is heading. They are good to provide protection to useless and corrupt leaders of Pakistan.
wizarat Nov 08, 2012 02:21pm
When you have the so called political parties enjoin them, such as PML (N) joining SSP (ASWJ), LeJ etc, what do you expect. The killer of Ihtesham uddin Haider (Brother of then Interior Minister, General Moin Haider since 2003 has not been sentenced/punished yet. This is the Judiciary of Pakistan Justice delayed is Justice denied.
Saeed Nov 08, 2012 04:38pm
Nothing to do with pure or impure, just a matter of corrupt government. Don't be so happy at our misfortune it can happen to any nation.
krishnan Nov 09, 2012 01:04am
Yes, as a Muslim will never attack another Muslim ..
Mashiqkhan Nov 08, 2012 07:35am
No one has last word on national interest: Kayani Parliament must decide actions to deal with the TTP.
amir Nov 08, 2012 07:23am
the comment above is Not a personal attack to any one
ahmedomair90 Nov 08, 2012 07:24am
whatever happening its happening for a reason.........
Khurram ShahzAd Nov 08, 2012 07:25am
Simple failure of government of Pakistan. As the ruling party have been failed to deal any problem of Pakistan including Law n Order situation city of Karachi.
ahmedomair90 Nov 08, 2012 07:22am
its always a high time in Pakistan ,,,, :(
ahmedomair90 Nov 08, 2012 07:21am
in Pakistan there always a high time ... sad but never ending truth.... :(
maimoona Nov 08, 2012 07:19am
i heard that blast while i was getting ready for office
Saadia Nov 08, 2012 07:15am
Its civil war, civil unrest in PK and it will stay 4 more years now.
amir Nov 08, 2012 07:17am
Dear Pakman How easy it is for you to play the blame game and pointing out others.what are you for to sit and write comments.Atleast they showed the guts to come to streets and raise their voice."the dont have bangles in their arms". Rallys have not stoped any drone attacks but have only disturbed the economic activty around the city. we all agree to this ,Do you still want an other free day so that others raise their voice and we pass comments on them Think about it.
Ali Salman Nov 08, 2012 06:58am
we as a nation always remain confused about whom we support? America or these forces which carry out such attacks and claim that they are against the drone attack. Beside all these we should remember one thing that it does not matter who is right and who is wrong, killings of inconnect people should stop in any condition.
Indian from Sargodha Nov 08, 2012 06:45am
Just another day in the 'pure' land....
Human Nov 08, 2012 06:45am
Other news groups say TTP (Tehrik e Terrorist Pakistan) has claimed responsibility of this blast. Everyone is fighting in the name of Islam and Pakistan, but in reality they are the ones who are tarnishing the reputation of the nation and Islam. My question is, who is providing then with so much ammunition? is our government completely sleeping? I wish the same thing happens to the masterminds of these crimes.
Pakman Nov 08, 2012 06:40am
We come out on streets against Drone attacks killing innocent civilians, where are the political and mullah organizations condemnation and protests against organizations responsible for terror atrocities already taken over 50,000 innocent lives.
Sonny Nov 09, 2012 03:15pm
Short sighted thinking...
Anand Nov 08, 2012 06:35am
Evertime to put the finger towards Taliban is very dangerous.I know sometimes they are responsible,but not everytime and this gives a chance to other parties.N is behind the blast and you are blaming O.Very dangerous.
Parwaiz Jiskani Nov 08, 2012 06:30am
To stop these type of attacks specially in the season of Moharam we need to sweep terrorist from karachi, and it is only possible with army operation in whole karachi before Moharam ul Haram.
bilal Nov 08, 2012 08:05pm
i don't get it...u said may ALLAH keep us safe and i can't believe people actually dislike this comment...what's wrong with everyone??? has everyone lost it?
roofi Nov 08, 2012 08:02am
its an severe apathy from governmental side.
Info-Girl UK Nov 09, 2012 03:21pm
Simple:You are attacking and killing them. They are responding in kind. Talk to them and treat them as humans who bleed just like you. Not savages and terrorists as you have been taught to call them. Love them and treat them as equals and see how they change the same way towards you. Do it before it is too late,..or get used to the same, worse!
Dev Nov 08, 2012 06:20am
It is high time Pakistan army disband their strategic assests (terrorists) and take some action against them so that such incidences do not occur in future.
Fakhar Muneer Balouch Nov 08, 2012 06:17am
This is the way terrorists create panic in any country to attack on security forces which have the responsibility to save people and this could be the way to break/weak any nation/country. Think again
Raj Nov 08, 2012 06:12am
Brian Nov 08, 2012 06:02am
One more day in Pakistan
Indian Nov 08, 2012 06:01am
For god's sake, please take care of this monster that is taking innocent peoples lives before it's too late.
badsha Nov 08, 2012 05:52am
so sad!
ishrat salim Nov 08, 2012 05:36am
100 % a security lapse....was there no concrete barrier, check post etc; ?....such incidence proves that all govt institutions have failed.....
rafiq meghani Nov 08, 2012 04:29pm
you are overconfident. We dont have any stronge army. There are juniors dedicated with love of country. On top mostly corrupts.
arif Nov 08, 2012 05:04am
people who did this should be hanged on the road. this is only solution for this type of crime
Ahmed Jumma Nov 08, 2012 05:00am
It is very sad to read bomb blasts in our lovely country. We see that security personnel are especially target of the terrorist, but I am unable to understand why our security agencies are not capable to save themselves. It is only because there is no Will for doing the job honestly. I had written many times that if you will not become faithful to your country your homes will also be damaged and your children will not be spared. If you will care for the nation, Allah Almighty will care for you and your family. Since there is corruption at its peak we can not survive in the long run. After ruining the lives of common people, everybody will suffer irrespective of their rank and status.
Abbas Nov 08, 2012 03:52pm
I am just a shopkeeper work everyday 14 to 16 hours a day .....and I can say that with all the confidence and out any professional experience if I spend the same time in finding out all the terrorist in Pakistan ....I guess in 90 days I will catch some big ones rats in the city of Karachi for the starters. And I cannot believe that thousands of ranger and police can't even stop crime and killings only for 1 week in Karachi. What's the problem.
sheikh Nov 08, 2012 04:49am
business as usual
S.M. Rizvi Nov 08, 2012 04:38am
Khudara Khudara... save our country and religion from these extremists who can bring only disgrace to our religion. I wonder why this so called (abused) Jihad is not going on in Saudi Araabia, UAE etc where we have american forces themselves ..where shia sunnis hindus christian live together ..where we have mosques as well as night clubs ... why it is only happening in Pakistan ..sure its not religion! I hope all people out there realise this and stop supporting these pathetic people...
Abid Nov 08, 2012 04:26am
north nazimabad area is being targeted for quite a while,
seema jadoon Nov 08, 2012 07:47am
so MQM drama regarding taliban in karachi is truly being staged now for next election....
Mustafa Nov 08, 2012 04:13am
If security authorities by them self are not safe from terrorist attack, then what will be the safety of citizens. Please take it seriously and stop these attacks by joined venture of security authorities and politicians. By no means Islam teaches this to its true believers. Request by a citizen of Pakistan
Areeba Nov 08, 2012 04:10am
May Allah Bless us all and give us strength to be strong enough to live under such circumstances. Ameen
john d'costa Nov 08, 2012 04:08am
what goes round comes round..what pakistani intelligence and security agencies have been doing to people around the world is now happening to pakistanis .
Abdul Nov 08, 2012 04:01am
Go after these terrorists and kill each and every one of them RIGHT NOW. All of this sham PPP government deserves to be hanged for their inaction and leaving the country at the mercy of these foreign sponsored terrorists. An angry and frustrated Pakistani.
Sam Nov 08, 2012 04:02am
Concerned Nov 08, 2012 04:00am
May Allah keep everyone safe!
pakiboy Nov 08, 2012 03:50am
aur logon ko taliban ka pakistan chaheyay !! ..
imran yusufzai Nov 08, 2012 03:45am
karachi continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. may Allah bless this great city and bring peach and prosperity into our lives, ameen
Hamza Nov 08, 2012 03:48am
Why is there no action from the govt of Pakistan? there are bomb blasts and shooting almost everyday?
Hussain Nov 08, 2012 03:43am
That is routine here. What's new??
ahmedomair Nov 08, 2012 03:22am
the terriosts the building with truck containing explosive, sound of bomb are heared till gulshan e iqbal and near by areas ...... sad start of a day :(
bilal Nov 08, 2012 08:45pm
well said fatima !!...usman mate, choose your words carefully before you start speaking...those rangers happen to be son's, husbands and fathers...they lost their lives...instead of being so ungrateful, you should be more sympathetic towards them !!...would you have said the same thing had you lost one of your family member who happened to be one of those rangers who lost their lives? I THINK think before you speak because people like fatima happen to have lost their one of their family member !!
AHA Nov 09, 2012 05:50pm
Religious extremism, supported by 'you know who'.
Rohail khan Nov 08, 2012 02:53am
i heard it ... :s
KarachSadder Nov 09, 2012 03:30pm
IK is national and International. This is local. MQM should be doing that. Not him. What makes you think they are not behind it?
skeptic Nov 09, 2012 09:03pm
I am a Khan Supporter but i give your comment a thumbs up.
Sherjeel Nov 08, 2012 04:18pm
MAy Allah bless our country. We must do everything to get rid of extremists & extremism from our country.
Test of Man Nov 08, 2012 01:20pm
There is plenty of action. Your forces having been bombing their homes. You don't like it when they repond with a small bomb blast.
Khan Afzal Nov 08, 2012 07:45pm
Taliban is just the trade name used by any group trained and funded by mesterious forces which our security and intelligence agencies must unearth and share with the public. Where are the explossives coming from and how they know such targets. It is very strange that the so called taliban spokesman makes a telephone call and accepts the responsibilities but the whereabout of the caller is unknown? How comes?.
sami Nov 08, 2012 04:47pm
What other proof does Pakistani government and army needs to convince them that these people are the enemy of Islam and Pakistan and there is only one solution for this problem is take a decisive action against them and finish them forever. Majority of Pakistanis want Pakistani army to take action against these animals except few Mullahs. Please take action against TTP and save Pakistan.
JS Nov 08, 2012 10:09pm
haha i like your sarcasm
J Khan Nov 08, 2012 10:17pm
What a great description you gave Nony, absolutely true. What are the Intelligence Agencies and Army doing, because what ever it is, is simply not enough. The Taliban regularly do broadcasts to media, why don't the Intel Agencies do some Intel, why don't they go to Taliban hotspots?
J khan Nov 08, 2012 10:19pm
You need to wake up
APC Nov 08, 2012 10:39pm
As long as you (civilian government) don't have any control over the military which eat up a good chunk of the tax money by pointing fingers to India, US, Israel etc. for all the security problems, Pakistan is not going to be any better, but to be even worse. As NONY pointed out earlier in comments, what is killing Pakistanis, Indian Nuclear bomb or the bullets of your own people?
KK Nov 08, 2012 02:40pm
Shair Paoo need to read this if he knows to read.....
Munir Ahmad Nov 08, 2012 11:38pm
That's the kind of violence we have been dealing with in KPK and FATA almost on daily basis for the last decade and screaming to rest of Pakistanis to protect us from these elements. Yet you (rest of Pakistanis) can't make up your mind about these savages, weather they are friends or foes, weather Pakistan should annihilate these elements or not. It's not out of hatred but out of pain that I want to tell you (rest of Pakistan) that I am glad that you are experiencing what I have been going through for last decade, and may be it will wake you up. And if you still can't make your mind then I will and I do support every thaleban atrocity in rest of Pakistan (minus KPK and FATA and Balochistan) and will wish them all the best of luck. They will be our good Talebans, the ones who don't kill me but my neighbor just like you have your good Taleban who are destroying our lives and society in FATA and KPK.
jedie Nov 08, 2012 04:37pm
The statement of IG as reported on TV was very funny-He said that we knew the attack is imminent but we did not know where it will take place or what will be the target. this clearly mean that the police chief was not expecting a terrorist attack on the rangers headquarters. Moreover, if tomorrow they attack the governor house, will the IG sahib will say that we knew the attack was coming but we did not that it could be governor house. There is no doubt that the security forces are struggling to protect themselves as is evident from daily killings of police and rangers and other security forces.
akbar Nov 09, 2012 12:38am
How can Taliban call themselves Muslim?.Are they not afraid of burning in Hell?Allah doesn't forgive sins committed against others.Everyone is answerable for their own actions.No one has a right to take another person's life.I am sure these people are mentally deranged.May Allah guide them so that they don't commit these horrible crimes against humanity and May Allah protect Pakistan from such people.
Abbas Nov 08, 2012 12:07pm
Actually all the institutions you named are still pondering whether this is our war or not. The people who are killing us are our enemies or not. By the time these strong institutions will come to the conclusion, lets see how many of us are left.
john d'costa Nov 09, 2012 01:38am
the shias of gilgit baltistan dont think they are so innocent
Amir Bangash Nov 08, 2012 04:11pm
We should think who could be behind this attack and many more taking place in the country. Karachi is specifically targeted as compared to the other cities of the Sindh mainly because it is the back bone of Pakistan,s economy and the enemy wants paralyses in her economy. Just think who can afford a life with every suicide bombing and the the cost incurring there in.
ZULFIQAR Nov 08, 2012 02:27pm
Why Imran Khan is condemning attack like these? or IK think only people who are dying of dron attack are human beings?
Observer Nov 09, 2012 06:19pm
Reason is destruction of Pakistan by radicals.
mirza Nov 09, 2012 06:18pm
Well done boys. Cordon off the area . Ask the IG for a report and then move on.Getting rid of terrorism is not your priority anyway.
AHA Nov 09, 2012 05:45pm
The politicians, the military high-ups and the mullahs do not care about the well-being of us ordinary citizens.
AHA Nov 09, 2012 05:40pm
They believe they are the true Muslims. I am sure they could produce quotes from Quran to prove their point of view.
ZZX-1 Nov 09, 2012 03:23pm
Not if you IK wins your votes and wins the elections.
Sajid Nov 08, 2012 09:27am
200% agree!
Pakistan Nov 10, 2012 05:22am
I feel sad for the Taliban who are not educated who are poor and politically made used by certain people for their ulterior motives. Some one save Talibans.Let them come to mainstream and lead a peaceful and prosperous life.
NONY Nov 08, 2012 09:06am
we have independent judiciary, democratic govt. and one of worlds strongest army and intelligence agencies but i have never seen even a single instance where they brought the culprits to justice !!! some1 just tell me what is the use of these all huge cost bearing institutes ??? As a Pakistani i am not scared of nuclear bomb of India, Israel or US but the bullet that kills me everyday inside my country, in my street, near my home, that is my concern !!!
Eusha Nov 08, 2012 05:41pm
Sir, the perpetrators are never brought to justice because our judicial system has gaping loop-holes in it..we need to strengthen our law enforcement, specially internal security departments..
Zeeshan Nov 08, 2012 09:10am
Do you think the country is run by the current government? Come on!!!!! It is working as a Pupit. Everything is controlled by the Military Establishment.
Usman Nov 08, 2012 09:08am
I live in Block A of North Nazimabad, and the blast took place less than 2 kms away... Our whole vicinity shook like an earthquake and our house shattered almost... Then we ran out into the gallery and saw the cloud of smoke, black and brown, with some debris into the air like a nuclear cloud in the clear sky.. All birds went crazy, flying here and there... ... If the Rangers can't protect themselves,then what they'll protect us???
Abbas Nov 08, 2012 08:31am
Very wired on one has claimed responsibility ? There are so many forces working in Karachi has to think and suspect all the usual suspects from A to Z . There is bigger threat in Pakistan than TTP .......I remember Iraq and Marriott Islamabad's so sad and sickening to see this happening in Pakistan almost on daily bases and no one is doing there jobs .
A Pakistani Nov 08, 2012 03:21pm
Time for Marshal law...........Again !!!
Praying for the victims Nov 08, 2012 05:39pm
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, It was really sad to hear that you lost your honorable family member in that blast. May Allah Ta'ala do his maghfirat, make his grave a garden amongst the garden of Jannah and give him one of the highest places in jannat-ul-Firdaus. Please forgive these people and make dua for them who lack knowledge. No doubt it is Allah Ta'ala who protects all Subhana'Allah. Everyone's life is in HIS hands. Masha'Allah all the soldiers are performing their duty fully. May Allah Ta'ala give us all strength and courage to fight against evil. Jazak'Allah khair. your sister
Abbas Nov 08, 2012 08:34am
Well said but I hope no .