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Putin defers Pakistan visit; quadrilateral summit postponed

Published Sep 27, 2012 09:28am


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President Asif Ali Zardari and former Russian president and current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev have met six times during the past three years.—AFP Photo

ISLAMABAD: Russian President Vladimir Putin has postponed a much anticipated visit scheduled for next week in which he was expected to meet leaders of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The quadrilateral summit, which was planned to be held here from Oct 2-3, is being rescheduled, a Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement Thursday.

“New summit dates will be worked out after seeking convenience of the respective leaders through diplomatic channels,” it said.

The statement added that the Russian president, in a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari, expressed his eagerness to further develop Russian-Pakistani ties and trade and economic projects.

“I am confident that in future we shall be able to find opportunities for arranging our personal meeting. We shall always be happy to receive you in Russia”, Putin said in his letter to his Pakistani counterpart, according to the Foreign Office statement.

Accords likely to have been signed during visit

Both Russia and Pakistan have been working behind the scenes for a rapprochement after decades of acrimony and mistrust. The new direction in the relationship has been forced by the developments in Afghanistan and a strong push by President Asif Ali Zardari and former Russian president and current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev – who have both met six times during the past three years.

According to an earlier Foreign Office statement, the inter-governmental commission (IGC) on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation had approved in a meeting on Sept 10 the text of memorandums of understanding that may have been signed during Putin’s trip.

Moscow has shown special interest in energy projects, including Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. Russia, it is learnt, had agreed to invest $500 million in the CASA-1000 (Central Asia-South Asia) electricity transmission project, besides helping Pakistan in upgradation of Pakistan Steels Mills. Russian energy giant, the state-controlled gas monopoly Gazprom, has been interested in laying the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline.


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Comments (16) Closed

ROHIT PANDEY Sep 27, 2012 07:53pm
Russians would a risk a lot by befriending Pakistan..and I sure Putin's advisers advised him so!
Mustafa Sep 27, 2012 08:07pm
You don't have to be negative minded people.
Raja Farhat Abbas Sep 27, 2012 12:17pm
A troll is someone who baits people by stating obviously incorrect statements.and thats you Mr Raw agent ;-)
Vikas Sep 27, 2012 03:18pm
Putin should visit India for quadrilateral summit on Afghanistan. Another diplomatic success for India.
Peace Sep 27, 2012 05:42pm
Pakistan has to be a viable business proposition for any country to invest..with war on terror going on..I believe Russia, which itself is a struggling economy might not invest in the pipeline project.
zafar Sep 27, 2012 06:16pm
Well said Akmal!
Akmal Qabal Sep 27, 2012 12:11pm
This whole region can progress together and move forward, or keep bickering. Central Asian states, Afghanistan, Iran, Pak, India, Russia, China, there is huge potential for business here. States that need energy to grow and states that need to sell their energy resources, its a perfect deal.
Raja Farhat Abbas Sep 27, 2012 11:50am
Its Your point of view and wish,to me your comment is meaningless.
Sheetal Sep 27, 2012 12:39pm
Some people had enormous hopes from this visit thinking that they will be able to blackmail USA.
Raw Agent Sep 27, 2012 10:03am
Trust my words, he will never visit Pakistan.. Russia has enormous things at stack with India.
manghirmalani Sep 27, 2012 02:48pm
I thought Muslim do not like communism
Observer Sep 27, 2012 12:51pm
A country in mess from inside with no government, infighting among institutions and political parties, terrorist activities expect that some foreign power will help them. God help those who help themselves - says the Quran.
Aamir Sep 27, 2012 12:14pm
Russia's first choice always been Pakistan, its Pakistan who repeatadily side ways with america since liaqu ali khan. I think Pakistan wanted some time to find way to aviod PEPRA rule for awarding Iran Pakistan project to Russia without bidding
raam Sep 27, 2012 01:18pm
i trust you
Tassawor Sep 28, 2012 09:10am
Regional land scape is changing, Russian leadership has realised this, soon region will see a lot of changes in terms of polices focus and alliances.
Raw Agent Sep 28, 2012 06:45am
I am giving wrong statements.... your name represents wrong statement...!! Who are the king of which state? lol..... On serious note, can you tell me the reason for this postponement ??? In today's time, Counties join hands to get some thing, what Pakistan has to offer to Russia? ;) What u guys did to Russia in 1979 and now when US is droning you, you are looking for new friends.... :)