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Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.—File Photo

KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari is to arrive in New York on Sunday to lead the Pakistani delegation at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in which over 120 world leaders are expected to participate.

The President  will raise Pakistan’s concerns at the United Nations over the profane film disrespecting the Holy Prophet (PBUH), senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khan Khosa told reporters on Saturday.

President Zardari will address the 193-member assembly on Tuesday when the high-level debate begins.

The session is shaping up to be one of the busiest general debates ever – with 123 heads of states and governments in attendance and around 50 separate side events.

During his four-day stay, President Zardari will confer, among others, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Nato Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Comments (37) Closed

shariq Sep 22, 2012 10:53pm
i hope he will raise this issue in the similer way u mentioned
Akhter Husain Sep 22, 2012 07:32pm
Every one is trying to draw our attention toward the sad and condemn-able incidents that had taken place during protests without bothering about the provocations which is becoming a routine feature in the otherwise known to be civilized societies.A civilized person would never hurt the feelings of any one,even if it is said to be lawful in their countries,because he/she considers every human being as equal and having emotions.Those who provoke others must be either crooks or agents of violence.
SZ Sep 22, 2012 04:30pm
Why President goes to UN General Assembly session every year instead of Prime Minister, as its always the Prime Minister or Chancellor of every other parliamentary democratic country who attends this session. So why it's President in our case who attends this?
shariq Sep 22, 2012 10:49pm
it happened in only big cities where crimininal gangs mixed with general public!!! millions protested in other cities and areas all over Pakistan!!! there is no coverage of those protests!!!! oh yeh as those were peaceful!!!! my fault
Shah Deeldar Sep 22, 2012 10:05pm
No, thanks! No blasphemy law for the world!That won't work except in Islamic countries. Islam should be able to withstand such assaults.
Sohail Sep 22, 2012 07:11pm
is there any in your counry against muslims?
shariq Sep 22, 2012 10:44pm
i wish and pray that he protest the way bhutto did in security council !!!!!! may Allah show him the right path!!! its only Allah who can do miracles!!!!
Qurban Sep 22, 2012 09:15pm
What is Pakistan turning into? We need to grow up and stop collapsing on outselves, burning and killing our own people, when some "offends" us. Shame on the president who wants his childish ideas imposed on the world. He is just reenforcing the image of Pakistanis being whining kids, in need to not just financial support but also babying around. And best of luck trying to convince the US of abridging the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.
Akhter Husain Sep 22, 2012 07:51pm
Surely there are laws protecting the people of other faiths.Consult a barrister at law he will confirm it.
Jitendra Sharma Sep 22, 2012 04:16pm
hina rabbani khar says in washington that there should be some limitation on freedom of speech (in ref to so called disputed movie made by an amarican), hereby i want to ask her is there any limitation in your country on atrocities done to hindus and cristians
Nooffence Sep 22, 2012 10:32pm
Good luck Zardari, you will just be pushing a mountain out of your way. Western values are totally different from Arabians' (You are not even Arabian). Even US president cannot take away US citizen's right of freedom of expression.
BEA Sep 22, 2012 11:11pm
most probably because obama does want to talk to the fool.
Qurban Sep 22, 2012 09:16pm
There is no law in US that prohibits you from denying the holocaust. You can deny all you want.
shariq Sep 22, 2012 10:51pm
it happened in only big cities where crimininal gangs mixed with general public!!! millions protested in other cities and areas all over Pakistan!!! there is no coverage, oh yeh as those were peaceful!!!! my fault
shariq Sep 22, 2012 10:47pm
same question for you!!! is there something for muslims
Akhter Husain Sep 22, 2012 08:03pm
He can inspire or not,It is the question of recording the protest before the international community so that such provocative material is declared immoral and illegal.It is up to learned representatives of international community as to what they decide.This is against the Muslim faith now tomorrow it can be against others..
sri1ram Sep 22, 2012 06:00pm
Awesome, once more make a laughing stock of yourself and your nation. You rock.
mark from hong kong Sep 22, 2012 06:00pm
i agree, we dont CARE if you are offended or not! :)
Ahmer Sep 22, 2012 05:00pm
Why is he meeting Hillary Clinton and not president Obama?
G.Nabi Sep 22, 2012 04:09pm
That is hilarious. He is going to move and inspire UN as much as he has inspired his own people in Pakistan .What is he doing there anyway? I thought Prime Minister was head of executive branch, why isn't he in the fore front?
andy fr dc Sep 22, 2012 02:44pm
Here is America's answer in advance. No we will not forgo freedom of speech to make you happy.
Asim Sep 22, 2012 07:48pm
ummm...things must be going real good in Pakistan as this president and the people of Pakistan have nothing better to do to!
krish Sep 22, 2012 07:48pm
Why is that there are no protest in any muslim country on the killings of innocent muslim and they protest only when the prophet is chalenged or called a name or picture him in a questionable light..How does it matter or offend you when majority of muslim countries either harbor or promote muslim terrorism that kills scores... NO protest or a word on that...
Praful Shah Sep 22, 2012 05:30pm
UN will not be able to do anything. Each nation has their laws. There is freedom of speech and a person is protected. By the way look the history of Islam which committed so much atrocity, destroying their religious places. If one travels in India one can find the destruction. The most ancient university in Bihar was burned by Muslims. This is just a film. Pakistan is occupied by religious fever and looking for an opportunity making mountain out of a mole.
Random Sep 23, 2012 03:08am
People living in glass houses should not throw stones !!
Waseem Sep 23, 2012 04:30am
Come on man. He needs some recreation+shopping+photos. What's wrong with you? Why you people all the time think against him?
Sunny Sep 23, 2012 04:22am
Passing a UN resolution regarding disrespect of any religion is the need of the time. It will help foster respect, peace and understanding among believers of different religions and pave way for long standing peace in world.
Introspection Sep 23, 2012 02:40am
This is not freedom of speech and tolerance, but pure ABUSE of it. Will America continue to allow and condone this ABUSE, or conscientiously legislate against this form of ABUSE of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America?
Harvey G Sep 23, 2012 02:26am
take a look into your own country how much law binding are you.its really amazing that you gonna advise the other countries how to run their country
Asher Sep 23, 2012 01:11am
i agree, don't forget that the people around the prophet (pbuh) during his time were even more offensive and how he dealt with all the adversity. We need to follow his example to win the hearts of ignorant and to show them the right path. The smart thing would be to not play in their hands.
M. Asghar Sep 22, 2012 04:06pm
Beyond the destructive but ineffective manifestations and noise, the only effective means to confront all this hatred is to acquire the ability to be effective and make the other side feel this and the consequences of their acts.
P N Eswaran Sep 22, 2012 04:22pm
Wonderful! Such an important issue for Pakistan. What an encouragement to the burning mobs!!
Guest Sep 22, 2012 06:17pm
He probably thinks Hillary Clinton is gorgeous. Didn't he say this to Sarah Palin when he met her.
Dil Sep 22, 2012 06:21pm
In stead of trying to remove Blasphany laws in his country, he wants to impose that on the world ? A good move to distract problem at home. Sadly, people of Pakistan fall for it.
Abu Sep 22, 2012 06:36pm
Hina rabbani khar arrives in USA and thanks Clinton and Obama for sending a joint message to people of pakistan denouncing the movie. However, she did not apologise for the burning of the USA flag by mobs in pakistan. Forget about atrocities to hindus and other minorities in pakistan. The two faced hypocrities. And they wonder why the world hates them!
Syed Shah Sep 22, 2012 06:39pm
Press hard for a Law against attacking others' religion. When you can have one for holocaust why can't we for the prophets.
Khurram Sep 22, 2012 07:58pm
aching across the broder - we love to fall into it