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Poet’s corner

September 22, 2012

I'm a little Muslim

I'm a little Muslim, small but strong.

Allah made me and you all.

Some of us are big and some are small, But we're Allah's creations after all.

Allah has made us all different, But we're all little Muslims.

I'm a little Muslim, I'm growing up, I read the Quran, and I pray Selah.

Each day that I grow older, My faith starts getting stronger, Allah is my lord and whom I worship, He's the Commander, He's the Supreme Although I can't see Him, I know He's there For He is the Lord of the land, skies and seas When I feel upset, I pray to Allah for a better day.

Allah knows my intention, My darkest moment and my best, For us this life is a test.

I'm a little Muslim, I'm a little Muslim, my God is Allah Subhana wa ta'ala My prophet is Muhammad S.A.A.W, I'm a little Muslim, my book is the Holy Quran I'm a little Muslim, my religion is Islam Maryam Aamir Ashraf ,

10 years, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

My dog

I have a dog, It plays with me, I give it milk And meat to eat; It doesn’t bite anyone, Its name is Tony, It’s fat, not bony.

Ismail Ibrahim, 8 years, Turbat


Allah, please save our Pakistan! Please save our country from evils, Please make our country a symbol of love, And an example for other lands.

Allah, please make us truthful, So we never take the path of evil, Allah, please make us loyal to our land, Please Allah, make our land The centre of books and pencils; And end illiteracy forever.

Please Allah, make it a peaceful place, A place of the kind-hearted!

Aqsa Abdul Qadir, 13 years, Karachi


There was a baby, He was angry, maybe, His nick name was AB, It was a sweet baby, His toy was shabby.

Shahnawaz Ghani, 11 years, Turbat


Books are our true friends, Books tell us to be good, Honest, generous and kind; Books shape our minds.

They guide us to become successful, And give us joy and peace.

They purify our thoughts, Motivate our actions, And build up our confidence.

Books advise us to be helpful, Honest and truthful; Books are indeed our present, Past and future; They are our guide and teacher, Our personality and nature!

Books teach us discipline, Self-control and respect; And make us good citizens Of a civilised nation!

Thus I like books, I really do!

Javed Bashir, 13 years, Turbat

My garden

My garden is beautiful, It is full of trees, Birds come in my garden, They sit here and chirp, I walk in my garden every morning, Then sit and relax in a corner of it, You can find many flowers in it, Every flower adds beauty to my garden.

Haider Jan Bolani, 11 years, Turbat

  My umbrella

I have an umbrella, It has two colours, Red and white, It protects me from rain, It is so beautiful, When it rains, Everyone wants it!

Balach Yousuf Bolani, 9 years, Turbat


The world is round, Like a cricket ground, It is 70 per cent made up of water, Rest of the area is dry, And consists of landscapes, Mountains and sand; There is one moon, many stars And one mighty sun; The sun looks beautiful From my garden!

Mayar Jan, 14 years, Turbat


Wake up! It’s morning, The sun has risen, Wake up! It’s morning, The songs of birds, The fragrance of flowers, The clouds up in the sky, The raining of mist, It’s all very beautiful, So wake up! It’s morning.

Abid Pahmat, 13 years, Turbat


Air, oh air, It’s not fair, Sometime you blow, Sometime you stop, And sometimes You blow the leaves up and down; And the dust makes me frown!

Ali Abbas Kazmi, 10 years, Karachi


Oh! When will spring come! Spring season is fresh and cool, Flowers bloom in spring, And their fragrance is so soothing! Oh! When will spring come!

Rawish Fatima, 8 years, Via email