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Obama losing Jewish support

Published Aug 08, 2012 12:00am


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WHO will be next? It’s become a bit of a guessing game as to which prominent Jewish supporter/defender of the president’s Israel policy will be the next to break publicly with him.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has a $6.5m ad campaign on ‘buyer’s remorse’ by Democrats who are now appalled by President Obama’s treatment of the Jewish state. Aaron David Miller, who has served in Democratic administrations and previously offered praise for the president, now says Obama “is not in love with the idea of Israel”.

Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union has privately and publicly defended the president, but he had enough when the president refused to admit Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Now, maybe Obama’s most vocal Zionist backer from 2008, former editor of The New Republic Marty Peretz, who went out on a limb to assure wavering Democrats of the president’s bona fides, lashed out in a scathing denunciation. In an interview in the Wall Street Journal, Peretz unloads on the Obama team’s “great self-deception” that “somehow the president’s tranquillising words and theirs would bring honesty and reason to Russia, to China, to African tyrants and, their biggest bet, to the intersecting orbits of Arab states and... mullahs”.

His harshest words are for Obama’s stance towards Israel. “Obama can’t visit Israel,” Peretz says. “The Israeli public is uncontrollable. There would be a lot of unpleasantness. If he visited the Knesset — the Knesset is one of the most rambunctious parliaments in the world.”

Other prominent Obama supporters, such as Dennis Ross, have essentially acknowledged Obama’s ‘peace process’ efforts led nowhere and then have been conspicuous by their absence in the political campaign.

The job of pro-Obama spinners, including former Florida congressman Robert Wexler and philanthropist Alan Solow, who were engaged by the campaign to try to reassure former Jewish supporters, has become a sort of fool’s errand. The effort to convince pro-Israel Democrats that there is no basis for upset and even anger asks that those knowledgeable about US-Israel relations turn a blind eye towards the last three and a half years.

The Obama spin squad might get more mileage and preserve its integrity if it acknowledged reality: this president’s relationship with Israel has been the most acrimonious of any US president. The team can argue he’s learned his lesson or that he saw the disastrous results of trying to strong-arm Israel in negotiations, but insisting he’s been swell for US-Israel relations sounds increasingly like the claim that the private sector is doing ‘fine’.

If the spinners could be totally honest with fellow Democrats, they would say that as bad as Obama’s stewardship of the economy has been, it’s better than his handling of the US-Israel relationship. Dawn/Washington Post-Bloomberg News


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Comments (5) Closed

Falcon Aug 08, 2012 10:02am
Yeah. The only way for Obama to show his pro-Israel credentials apparently is to give carte blanch to Israel to do whatever they want to whomever they want in the region and US will back them.
zafarov Aug 08, 2012 02:51pm
Barak Obama is not an ignoramus like his predecessor George Bush. He befriended Dr Edward Said and Dr Rashid Khalidi when the three of them were teaching at Columbia University. They often spent long evenings together in deep discussions. Barak Obama knows everything about the historic tragedy that befell the Palestinians with the creation of the Zionist entity and their endless suffering and deprivation. He attended fund raisers for Palestinians. When he first became President his speech at Cairo gave a clear indication of his sensitivity and empathy toward the Palestinian struggle. But he was soon rudely awakened to the fact that to survive as the President of the US meant kow-towing to Israel and its relentless expansionist policy to create Eritz Israel. So he began back peddling and pretty soon was forced to make a complete U Turn. For years now he has been taking dictation from the Zionist lobby and has always bent over backwards to support Israel even at the cost of American interest s. But it was never enough. It was never going to be enough. So now his back is against the wall trying to win a second term with the powerful Zionists and neo cons arraigned against him. Whatever Obama ended up doing was I have no doubt, against his own instincts, principles and core beliefs. If he had stuck by them and used his powerful position to try and bring justice to the Palestinians and deliver to them their due rights enshrined in International law, the chances were he may not have succeeded. But at least he would have remained true to himself and gone down fighting for a Nobel cause.
P. Joseph Raju Aug 08, 2012 02:59pm
President Obama is a Marxist with no interest to help anyone. He is a disaster in the US. Like any dictators, he likes power. He has undone the US economy. Now he is active in removing all the fences in the border to allow anyone and everyone whether they have a visa or not. Look how many civilians killed from his drones in Pakistan alone. If he is given 4 more years, drones will be used all over the United States to kill people who will resists his agenda. He is the worst liar ever elected US President. He is a lie. He breaths lies. Nobody knows where he is born, and nobody knows whether even he has a degree from any US Higher Education institution. He bluffed lot of people. Unfortunatley lot of people believe his lies. At least the Jews deserves his disgust, because it is their money and media elected him in the first time. The Americans should defeat him in the next election and save America from total destruction. If Israel wants to save their country, they can ask their supporters in the USA to withdraw their blind support for this great liar.
Mustafa Aug 08, 2012 04:23pm
Friendship with any foreign country is not the first priority to bring happiness and prosperity to all Americans.
Mustafa Aug 09, 2012 06:03pm
Raju, never put your steps on the soil of United States. Be happy living in India.