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Story time: The magic potion

July 21, 2012

Ronald was lying on his bed reading a novel. Ronald was a 13-year-old boy, but his mom still thought he was a kid.

“Ronald! Where are you?” his mom called.

“Under the blanket mum!” replied Ronald.

“Oh, my dear! You are always with your books. It’s good to read, but you should play also. Go out and play with your friends.”

“Mum! I don’t want to.”

“Ok then just sleep, you are good for nothing!” his mom replied and left.

When the alarm went off exactly at 7am the next morning, Ronald got up at once and went to the washroom and whoop! He slipped! “Ouch!” he cried out loud.

His mom came running and she said, “Come on, it’s not a severe injury. You can go to school.”

Reluctantly, Ronald got ready and left for school. When he entered the school bus, there was no other place to sit except a seat next to Jason. Jason was a bully and he was a lunch snatcher. Ronald’s best friend waved but the place beside him was not empty. So eventually, he had to sit with Jason.

As usual Jason took Ronald’s cookies, which his mom had made especially for him. Ronald did not resist. He always thought that bad luck followed him, he had no self-confidence.

During break time, he saw on the notice board that enrolment for the speech competition would take place that day. He was happy but sad at the same time because he knew he didn’t have guts to perform in front of a crowd. However, he did get his name registered for it.

After school he went to Uncle John’s garage. Uncle John was a scientist. “Hello my dear! How are you?” asked Uncle John. “I am fine!” Ronald answered politely.

“Why are you sad dear?” asked Uncle John.

Ronald stated, “Uncle, my school is having a speech competition!”

“Oh, that’s great!” replied uncle.

Ronald answered, “Yes, it is but I don’t have the guts to perform. I don’t even have the guts to do something to the bully Jason. I am good for nothing. What should I do?”

Listen to Ronald’s sad confession, Uncle John said, “Dear give me one week’s time, I will make you a magic potion.”

Ronald was so happy! After one week, before going to school, Ronald went to see Uncle John. He took the magic potion the scientist had made and went to school. In break time when he was sitting and eating lunch with Michael, he saw Jason coming towards him with a nerdy look. Ronald quickly drank half the magic potion.

Jason asked for Ronald’s lunch when Ronald shouted, “Go away! You are an ‘eat-a-holic’!”

Everyone gathered around and looked at Ronald in surprise. They were amazed. Even Jason was surprised into silence. Soon all the students went into the school hall as it was the day on which the speech competition was going to take place.

When Ronald’s name was called, Ronald stood up and started moving towards the stage with his bottle of magic potion, when Jason put his leg in between and Ronald tripped and broke his bottle.

“My potion!” he shouted.

The judges were strict they told him to start with his speech as soon as possible. Jason climbed the stage but thought that bad luck was clinging to him. But he just closed his eyes, took a deep breath, looked straight ahead and started to speak. When he stopped, he heard people clapping.

“Hooray,” he shouted, “I did it!”

After school he went straight to Uncle John and told him everything. “Uncle but how did I perform without drinking the potion? Probably its effects linger for a long time.”

Uncle John replied, “Ha ha! There is no such thing as magic potion dear, I just gave you mixed fruit juice. It was your belief that made you do this, I am proud of you! Belief is everything after all.”