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Saving Pakistan Railways


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THERE used to be 450 passenger trains and 400 goods trains per day over the system of NWR. With the connivance of transporters, important services have been cancelled.

The goods trains, which were the main source of income, have been cancelled in the name of shortage of engines and there is no goods service at all.

It is well-known that working locomotives were made unfit under a criminal conspiracy and converted into scrap. At least 345 new bogies were converted into scrap for exposing shortage of locomotives and coaches as a conspiracy.

Important train services have been gradually cancelled and the remaining mail and express trains have been converted into ‘donkey carts’, reaching in 40 hours from Rawalpindi to Karachi so that passengers may not use any train service. All this is the ‘magic’ of road transporters. Certain railway officers are working in connivance with transporters, thus working as their agents.

On June 12, the railway minister cancelled important train services namely 15-Up/16-Down (Lahore-Karachi), 33-Up/34-Down (Super Express from Sarghodha to Karachi) and six other services but there is no one to check him.

When there were 450 passenger trains and 400 goods trains there were only 200 officers.

The Pakistan Railways, now having seven divisions, one headquarters office, Lahore, Railways Board and Ministry of Railways, Islamabad, has 1,700 officers for just 76 trains.

They have proved themselves inefficient because some trains have been given in the charge of private contractors which are full of passengers and are maintaining punctuality.

I request that a campaign against the destruction of the Pakistan Railways may be launched and questions may be raised in the National Assembly and Senate in order to save this facility of the poor.

M.A. HAKEEM Sukkur

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Prabhakar Jul 07, 2012 08:18am
Indian Railway has the most no of employees as a single entity in the world and every year it includes several new express & other trains. With the development of Pakistan Railway a lot of people can get the job.
muhammad tahir Jul 07, 2012 06:38pm
very nice information .And other thing is that the minister of railway have lot of there own buses .now the question arises that why minister of railway improve the services of trains
Farid Jul 07, 2012 07:51pm
Does this not remind us of similar mismanagement and conspiracies as you call it in PIA, WAPDA etc... Isn't also a responsibility of opposition to raise a concern on this mile issue..
Prasad Jul 08, 2012 03:20am
why are you even comparing? Mr Hakeem knows nothing about IR. You know noting about PR. The only things that travel fast in pak are bullets. They are in danger of slipping below bangladesh standards of living.
kanak Jul 08, 2012 05:29am
Indian railway operates 20,020 trains per day both passenger and goods and in spite of around 1.7 million employees, has lower employee ration per train than most railways in the world as it covers 110,000 kms of railway track. PR can do wonders if it can connect main cities with fast goods and passenger trains unlike India which has to cover so many places.