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Poet’s corner

June 15, 2012

Father’s Day

My father is very nice, I love him and he loves me too, I am very fortunate To have him as a father; Even when working day and night He never forgets to bring me things; He works very hard for us, My father has a serious personality, I  behave very well with him, I will celebrate Father’s Day at home With a special breakfast made by myself; God bless my father!

Mulaika Obaid, 10 years

My nephew

I have a cute little nephew, He is eight months old, Muhammad Hassan is his name, He likes to play games, He sleeps in a cot, And sometimes breaks my pots, He is always ready to crawl, And enjoys in the mall, He is the apple of my eye, And waves everyone goodbye.

Ahmed Riaz 11 years, Karachi

Yes, I can do

Yes, I can do! And it is very true, I can’t fly in the sky, But my wishes soar up high.

In my dreams, I do many good things, I wish to become a good student, And serve people with my education, I have many wishes like these, So I’ll work hard, And make my wishes come true, May Allah help me in every way, So that I can make my dreams come true.

Wajahat Hussain Soomro, 12 years, Johi, Dadu

My cat and dog

Every morning, I give food To my cat; But my dog always snatches The food from my cat; My cat really hates my dog.

Shehzere J. Mirza, 7 years, Karachi

I want a dog

I want a dog, That can go with me to jog, The dog that plays with me In the fog; And also befriends The neighbouring frog!

Mikael Manghi, 8 years, Karachi

My great holiday plan

I have a great holiday plan, I want to go abroad, But before that I will meet my relatives, And my friends, I will give them presents, Then I will go to an orphanage, Meet the children, And make them happy, After these tasks, I will go abroad, Will spend a great fun time, That’s my great holiday plan.

Syeda Zahra Hasan, 8 years, Karachi

My doll

I have a doll, It is very tall, I bought it from a mall, I call my doll Jenny, I love my doll.

Alishba Altaf Bochia, 11 years, Karachi


Nael is fun, And he gets tired in the sun, He plays cricket, And takes a wicket, He is scared of his father, But not of his mother, He chats on the phone, And loves to play ringtones!

Ramis Riaz Kamlani, 8 years, Karachi

My mom

My mom is sweet, She gives me a lot of treats.

She takes me to the shop, And buys me a lot of tops.

She stays with me all the time, No one can take her away, Because she is mine!

She loves me and I love her too, We both love each other very much!

Inbisat Khalique, 9 years, Via email


Life is full of colours, Every colour has its own importance, Red symbolises love, Love is life, Blue represents the sky, And encourages us to reach out for the sky!

Yellow symbolises friendship, It strengthens the bond of friends.

Green symbolises nature, It shows the creativity of God.

White represents peace, And teaches us the lesson of brotherhood!

Pink is for special people, Expresses the deepest emotions!

Black symbolises darkness, A moment of complete silence!

Look around, We are surrounded with colours, Representatives of our feelings, Colours are everywhere!

Alma. M. Iqbal, 13 years, Karachi

Who is she?

Who is she, who tells you the right way?

Who is she, who begins your day?

Who is she, who never makes you sad?

Who is she, for whom you are always glad?

Who is she, who takes care of you?

Who is she, whom you love too?

Who is she, who sends you to school?

Who is she, who makes you feel cool?

Who is she, who gives food to you?

With whom your love is true?

She is the only one…

Your dear mother!

Haiqa Babar, 9 years, Via email


The bright shiny colours Of the wonderful sunset; Red, orange and yellow Shine so brilliantly; The sky is all brightened With amazing hues of colours; Oh, how beautiful this sunset is!

Tabreek Somani. 10 years, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

My school

I love my school, I think it’s very cool, I like to sit on the bench, And learn to speak French, With my best friend!

Maheen Ansar, 10 years, Karachi  


Friendship is like a sky, It has no limits, It has no end, The one you trust is your friend, Who would always be there, When you need help; Friendship is like a dream, Which needs to be fulfilled; It is a strong bond, Which you should hold strong, It is like an open book, With solutions to all problems,

Javed Bashir, 10 years, Turbat

A day without electric items

One Sunday morning I woke up, And saw there was no fan, No AC, no television, Not even the electric saucepan.

I walked in the dining room, And thought my life was doomed, There was no radio, no toaster, And nothing else except the brooms.

I tiptoed in the bathroom, And saw there was no sink, I quickly ran out of there, As quickly as an eye would blink!

I rushed into the kitchen, And didn’t find there An ice cream maker; I closed my eyes tightly, And let out a big scream!

Just then I woke up from my dream, And quickly thanked God, Who saved me from a day, That had no electric items at all!

Laeba Hussain, 12 years, Karachi

Life and I

Life is a cage, And I am a bird.

Life is a page, And I am a word.

Life is a stream, And I am a drop.

Life is a crop, And I am a seed.

Life is a soul, And I am a breath.

Zarak Naseer, 10 years, Turbat

Daily life

Getting up early in the morning, It is so hard and boring, Getting up from bed and doing exercise, It is difficult, but not unwise, Then preparing for school and having breakfast, They saying, ‘Life is a race, so run fast.’

The day is full of adventures, When you are taught by your teachers!

The evening is full of excitements and joys, When you play PC games or with your toys, Life is a gift of Allah, live it joyfully, Consider life a game and play it happily.

Javed Bashir, 12 years, Turbat

My city

My city is full of bright lights, But nowadays, It’s neither green nor clean; The trees are dry, The clouds don’t cry, We are finding solutions To get rid of this filthy pollution!

Atikah, 12 years