RAWALPINDI: National Assembly Speaker Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan yesterday appealed to the Legislature and the Executive to work in harmony for the good and wellbeing of the country and the people. To achieve this, new conventions and working patterns may have to be evolved, he said.

Replying to felicitations offered earlier by members on his unanimous election as Speaker, Maulvi Tamizuddin assured the House that he would endeavour to help in the growth of sound and democratic conventions and sought the support of the members.

He said the unanimous election of the Speaker underlined the basic unity of the country which mere geography or distance could not obliterate. It also signified that patriotic people, dedicated to the ideology of Pakistan and to the service of the country, could be a potent force in establishing ideological unity. The ideal of service of Islam and dedication to the ideology of Pakistan transcend the barriers of distance and diversity and assured equal and generous treatment to minorities as well.

The Speaker said re-establishment of a constitutional form of Government is a tribute to the inherent vitality and strength of the nation and to the wisdom of the Head of the State who perceived and realised the need and urgency of re-establishing representative institutions. Without representative institutions, both the Government and the people tend to live in isolated, insulated and watertight compartments. — Staff Correspondent

Rehbar-II launched KARACHI: Pakistani scientists successfully fired into space the second weather rocket Rehbar-II yesterday.— Agencies