ABBOTTABAD/MANSEHRA, April 12: Speakers at different rallies in Abbottabad and Mansehra on Thursday renewed their demand for a separate Hazara province while calling for registration of an FIR against those responsible for killing of seven innocent protesters in Abbottabad on April 12, 2010.

In Abbottabad, rallies were held at four different places to observe the death anniversary of the victims. The speakers lashed out at the provincial and federal governments for not recognising the voices of people of Hazara for a separate province and registration of an FIR against those who opened fire on innocent people holding a peaceful rally in favour of a separate province. The administration, however, provided full protection to traders and transporters, and business activities in the city remained as usual. An attempt by a group of people to shut down shops was foiled by Hazara commissioner, who later also offered fateha for those who lost lives on this day in 2010. Baba Haider Zaman of Tehrik Sooba Hazara and Sardar Yousaf of Hazara Sooba Tehrik held separate protest meetings at Fawara Chowk and Jinnah Road respectively.

Relatives of the victims, who had formed their own group, organised a memorial function at the press club where the speakers showed anger at the two main groups. They said that the two groups in the name of Tehrik now raising voice for Sooba Hazara were doing nothing except arranging photo sessions, as both had failed to even file the FIR of April 12 incident in last two years. The relatives of the victims announced complete disassociation from both the groups.

In his address, Baba Zaman warned the government to announce creation of Hazara province otherwise they would have no choice but to start disobedience movement. He also criticised his rival group, saying that they joined hands with the government in the name of Hazara Sooba Tehrik.

Sardar Yousaf and other speakers at their own rally said that their struggle for Hazara province would succeed one day.

Ali Asghar Khan of PTI, who has also formed his own faction as Tehrik-i-Haqooq-i-Hazara, organized “Dua” at his residence for the victims of April 12 riots and vowed to continue struggle for creation of Hazara province.

In Mansehra, the lawyers boycotted court proceedings and held rallies in connection with the second anniversary of killing of seven protesters demanding Hazara province on this day two years ago.

A rally led by Sardar Yousaf was taken out from Channai which left for Abbottabad after passing through different roads on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Yousaf and others demanded of the government to register an FIR of the April 12 incident and give Hazara a status of province through constitutional amendment.

The lawyers also demanded registration of the FIR. Speaking on the occasion, district bar association president Shahjahan Khan Swati said that the government should create more provinces to cope with the current challenges being faced by the nation. The traders in Mansehra organised a ‘Quran Khwani’ for the victims of April 12 tragedy.