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Check box religion

Published Mar 16, 2012 04:45pm


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-Illustration by Mahjabeen Mankani/

Know thy box. I mean do you know what box your faith can fit into? You better check that out or you won’t be able to vote in general elections. You need to fill out Form IV to register yourself as a voter and if an enumerator has already luckily knocked at your door he would have filled Form 1 and 2 for your family. These and all other forms of the Election Commission include an array of check boxes titled Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc. You can’t help but fit yourself into one of these and in case of any confusion or hesitation you are awarded a liberal ‘Others’ box as well.

If you are a Hindu or a Christian your checked box is believed in as such. But if you are a Muslim you have to prove it. Don’t worry; you won’t be asked to walk on fire nor would you need to recite anything from your Islamiat text book. No, not even your deeds or character matter. The procedure has been simplified. All you need to do is sign or thumb impress a special For-Muslims-Only Oath declaring that you are not an Ahmadi. If you are not an Ahmadi, you are a Muslim for the purpose of and to the satisfaction of the state of Pakistan. All those who sign the Oath can take pride in being constitutionally declared Muslims besides being registered voters of the same status. [Reminder: Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims through the Fourth Constitutional Amendment in 1974].

Hey, but wait a minute. Why would the Election Commission need to know what religion I believe in? Don’t we have joint electorate system where everybody from an area votes for the same set of contestants?

Yes, we currently have the joint system but we have, over time, experimented quite a lot with representation of non-Muslims in elected Houses. It has been a debate in this country from day one but the calls for separating voters and contestants on the basis of religion were resisted till Gen Zia’s time. The electoral circus of 1985 was the occasion when finally the religious right was granted its long standing wish and this system remained unchanged for the following four elections as well. It took us another general, the puppy-loving, singing and dancing type this time, to revert to the joint electorate system.

The Commission was overwhelmed by the reversal order of 2002 and when it started the campaign to update the voter lists in November 2003, it dropped the column on religion from its Forms and also the For-Muslims-Only Oath; soon to be reminded, rather rudely, that it had misread the situation. The ‘enlightened’ Order issued by President Musharraf in January 2002 was ‘moderated’ in June declaring that notwithstanding the joint electorate system the status of Ahmadis shall remain the same. This moderation was ostensibly mediated by some visitors to the Presidency with the right length of beards.

The President’s words were there but still the poor Commission could not comprehend the utility of those check boxes. The guardians of our faith actually had to seek support of the court to make known who was in charge of matters related to religion over here. A petition in Lahore High Court challenged in January 2004, the Commission’s decision to do away with the oath and the column on religion. Soon the Oath made a proud come back followed by a victory march by those sacred boxes.

Ok, they won. But what purpose does this information serve that the state of Pakistan is so obsessed with? I couldn’t find a plausible justification until I was helped by a person with the right level of faith.

Suppose a non-Muslim, Tariq Pervaiz, a Christian or Abdus Salam, an Ahmadi decide to contest a general seat of National Assembly. Around four lac or so poor electors of that national constituency would never know that they are voting for a non-Muslim for his name is very deceptive.

Even worse, the same non-Muslim person gets elected by the House as the Prime Minister or God forbid, the President of this nuclear armed fort of Islam. What a shame and what a great constitutional blip that could be.

So more than 80 million voters of Pakistan are made to check one of those boxes and sign that Oath to block that one in 80 trillion chance of a non-Muslim deceitfully rising to the highest political office.

Thank you, Election Commission for reminding us that we live in an extremely insecure security state.


The writer works with Punjab Lok Sujag, a research and advocacy group that has a primary interest in understanding governance and democracy.

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Tahir Mehdi works with Punjab Lok Sujag, a research and advocacy group that has a primary interest in understanding governance and democracy.

He tweets @TahirMehdiZ

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Comments (66) Closed

Fareed Mar 16, 2012 02:50pm
If i may ask Mrs NA Speaker, where is the 1974 NA assembly proceedings of ahmadies that was about to be made public???
sabah musood Mar 16, 2012 03:21pm
Hahaha...What a logical framework by ECP to avoid any Non-Muslim Prime Minister and President in our Muslim State "Pakistan". But I have a query what Pakistan or Pakistani's lose if a Non Muslim is elected as President. If nothing happened to India even if they have a Muslim as Prime Minister while Hindus are in majority. I believe being human is more preferred and ECP should also treat all Pakistani as Human not as Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christian etc. It will later develop these elected representatives in serving their constituents without any discrimination which will result into a peaceful and harmonious society.
Hasan Mar 16, 2012 04:12pm
We dont need this check box as Already we have Nadra which have the statistics of the whole Population through Nadra Identification Card. Also if we are saying that All Pakistanis have the right to vote then it includes anybody and we dont need to differentiate in Muslims and non Muslims as Pakistanis is the appropriate word instead. I hope Imran Khan who is the flag bearer of change and is always up for talks with Taliban and want to implement Islamic welfare state with values of secularism as well ( I really dont have any idea how it will be implemented) will have to say something on this issue as well. Also the silence of all other parties is also casting many doubts in the minds of the people that in which direction we are heading.
Farooque Mar 16, 2012 04:44pm
There should be a protest as religion is a personal matter & government has no business in it. Also how great it would be if everyone who is going to register for voting checks other box!!.
Gilzai Mar 16, 2012 06:00pm
Pakistan will continue to suffer until religious folks will learn how to be tolerant.
Latif Khan Mar 16, 2012 06:43pm
It appears to me that Pakistan after over 65 years has not become a grown up nation. It is still at infant stage and plays in the hands of so called protector of religion. Jinnah said to those, "Grow up." One should not bring religion into election. State has got nothing to do with people's religion. It is a matter of man with His God.
Gerry Mar 16, 2012 07:14pm
This means a non-muslim living in Pakistan is a second class citizen. The muslim world especially Pakistan have not learn lessons from other countries especially India who elects a muslim as their country's President and army-chief too. Shame on ECP to treat its non-muslims citizen as second class citizen.
Harooj Mar 16, 2012 07:20pm
I totally agree this is a shamefull act that shows how ignorant and intolerant our authorities are.
Mahesh Mar 16, 2012 07:24pm
I agree with all my brothers' comments here.. -Mahesh India
Agha Ata Mar 16, 2012 07:42pm
What a fearful and immature state!
Umair Mar 16, 2012 07:55pm
" ... The ‘enlightened’ Order issued by President Musharraf in January 2002 was ‘moderated’ in June ..." Hahahahaahahaha ... That my friend is a an absolute classic! Very well said!
Nasir Mar 16, 2012 08:26pm
Have you ever given a thought why is Pakistan in such a state even after 65 years of independence? The only reason is that we consider only those people Pakistani who believe in our form of religion. Pakistan can never progress and prosper until and unless everyone is considered as an equal Pakistani citizen having the same rights and privileges. I would say that Imran Khan should also tackle this serious issue without any fear of the religious mafia.
Singh Mar 16, 2012 09:56pm
Pakistan's constitution already bars non Muslim from becoming President or Chief Justice. It will be difficult to hide religion at such an important position. Even passport requires religion. India had many Muslim presidents, ministers, chief ministers, Chief Justices etc, and country is still doing well.
MAyaz Mar 16, 2012 10:09pm
This country(Pakistan) that was created with Allah blessings has lost all His guidance now and is on a fast downhill fall to possible destruction, unless from somewhere Allah finds an atom of a reason to bless this country (Pakistan) again. Allah hum per reham karay. ameen
Aysha A Iftikhar Mar 16, 2012 11:09pm
What is the writer's take on the eligibility criteria of the President of the USA being a natural born citizen of the US. Every country has its own constitution and requirements unique to its ideology. The requirement for the head of state being Muslim is because Pakistan is an Islamic republic.A non Muslim cannot be expected to know or promote Islam for logical reasons.The first head of state and subsequent heads of state of Madina were Muslims having non Muslims citizens.
richardws Mar 16, 2012 11:34pm
I think, pakistan was formed as a place for muslims that could not reside in a secular state. So, after 60 odd years does this come as a surprise? Nope. What is surprising indeed is that, there are other religions still present like Christianity, Hinduism etc. Assuming that you want a "secular" pakistan, then questions need to be answerd, why did a split of a nation happen? A "secular" india and a "secular" pakistan ? It does'nt make sense to me.
shafi Mar 17, 2012 01:11am
Dear Hasan, we are not heading for Eutopia, that is for sure. We are on the path of self destruct as in the series called 'professionals'. Another few years and woof!
rana zee Mar 17, 2012 01:14am
The article is quite funny and strange. It is funny because we always try controvertialise every step taken by government institutions. It is very strange that those who claim to be secular or moderate, always seemed intolrant regarding any matter related with religion. Secondly, I want to ask the writer, if you belong to a specific group then why do u feel ashamed? Dear I don't feel any shame admitting to my religion. I think religion is the mark of dignity instead of inferiority complex. In islam, political system is part of religion.
Ashar Ahmed Mar 17, 2012 01:50am
I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I live in the UK and every single job application I have ever done or official forms I have filled, ask for the same information. In addition, they want to know about sexual orientation as well. This is purely for data collection reasons (so that they can later prove that they do not discriminate on racial, religious or sexual grounds). The writer should try to find more important matters to comment upon.
Dr Rasheed S Azam Mar 17, 2012 02:23am
Sabah Sahiba, We should not rule out the possibility of mulla cult changing to humans some day. They are still working on the alteration of 1974 report before it is made public, Fareed Sahib!
Joel Davidsen Mar 17, 2012 04:08am
Ditto...........Amen to that........!
BRR Mar 17, 2012 05:14am
God Bless the ECP for saving the Muslims from the fate of forced conversions by making it perfectly clear what the religion is of each and every person. The people are so lucky to have them.
QASIM Mar 17, 2012 05:44am
Good article, i pray that islam may one day become the source of unity and not divide. Use of power and terorising those who do not belive in islam is not good for the great religion of Islam.
st Mar 17, 2012 05:44am
Nicely said. One suggestion: please don't refer to Ahmadi's as non-muslims. I imagine/hope that was not your intention, but that's exactly what is implied in the sentence: "Suppose a non-Muslim, Tariq Pervaiz, a Christian or Abdus Salam, an Ahmadi decide to..." Anyway, thanks for writing this article!
EQ8Rhomes Mar 17, 2012 07:38am
@Latif: Good point. But notice that in a democracies like the US and UK and Germany, the leaders are forced by the people to parade their religious statuses and bona fides if they elect to be taken seriously and run for office, let alone get elected.
Pakman Mar 17, 2012 08:48am
I could make a million jokes about the Pak govt and its supporters, but instead I'd like to commend brave folks like this author (Tahir Mehdi) for exposing the hypocrisy of this so-called "Islamic" state.
Haroon Rooha Mar 17, 2012 08:56am
Pakistan is a muslim country. It was carved through millions of dead bodies. The largest holocost in human history. How can Muslims forget that? Non-Muslims do not have the same political, social status as believing Muslims.
Nadeem Mar 17, 2012 08:57am
What a big joke this country called Pakistan has become. Man and Governement decides as to who is and can be called a Muslim. And if he doesn't fit the mould of these ridiculous Mullahs who have destroyed Pakistan, then he is not allowed to particpate or contribute to the country. This is called Pakistani progress and the stupid masses fall in line. The country has been sold to the dogs and will keep on declining unless the masses wake up!! But they are too brainwashed just like Nazi Germany was and does not realize the evil ways of the Mullahs. One day ,it will be wiped out just like Nazi Germany was and then perhaps it may emerge again. Untill then people will keep on suffereing and Pakistan will continue to be the most hated nation in the world!
basharat Mar 17, 2012 09:16am
Ahmadis were declared not muslims through second amendment into the constitution. The language of the affidavit, the muslim voters are required to sign are highly outrageous to the religious feelings of Ahmadis and is and criminal offence under section 295a PPC, which states, " Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of the citizens of Pakistan, by words either spoken or written or by visible representations insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years or with fine, or with both." This criminal offense is being committed at the time of signing the affidavit in passport forms, and on innumerable other occasions. The constitution to Ahmadis are being denied, this deliberate acquiescence on the part of the civil society is deplorable.
Suleman Mar 17, 2012 09:26am
Hypocrites of highest order. Pakistan was made on the bases of religion not secularism! As Muslims we should follow what the Quran preaches not our leaders. Its really hypocritical and yet funny that during the creation of Pakistan, Islam was used every now and then to pursue the agenda of creating a separate land and once that was accomplished, you guys now want to kick Islam out and downgrade it to the level of "personal choice" only? So Pakistan, you can fool the muslims but you cant fool allah and he will punish you! Before any of you ignorant call me mullah, i just need you to know that i make more money than you, and have a better sense of fashion, so keep your comments to yourself.
Shabbir Lakhani Mar 17, 2012 09:56am
What a terrible plight Pakistan is in. This form is actually a mockery of faith. And hyprocritical to the core. Even if you actually are a muslim and check the box as a muslim. The illogical and murderous stance adopted by fellow muslims within the sects is beyond comprehension. The sects are numerous in number differing only slightly in interpretations but united on the basic articles of faith. Yet the grafitti on the wall, the recent murder of Shia pilgrims, this butchery dating back to the 1990s, the dreadful bombings of mosques and people and they are all muslims. In fact, the ruthless, unjust actions are only against Muslims - sometimes with an incident or two involving muslims thrown in. Just have a look at the statistics. Is there no way this can be curbed? Cannot the Government and the Judiciary make the Ulema sit at a table and wrangle it out? Until this nefarious outlook and hostile elements are resolved and rooted, the writer of the article or people of other faith need not bother by these attempts and concern of the Election Commission as to whether finally the President would be a muslim. Please restore the sense of justice in the Ummah first and then print a form otherwise its a farce.
vijay, chennai, Indi Mar 17, 2012 10:03am
correction> The PM of India is a sikh. Till now no muslim has become the PM of India though we had Muslim Presidents like Zakir hussain, APJ abdul Kalam. We now have a Muslim Vice president.
usama Mar 17, 2012 10:37am
Whether you people like or not Pakistan was made as a separate Muslim state, India wasn’t. so there constitution allows them to have a Muslim president or whatever but ours don’t. Why you people always criticize the matters related to Islam if being human is more powerful than why have so much countries ...I believe 6 billion people are “HUMAN BEING” besides if someone is Ahmadi or Hindu he should be proud of it. Why admitting that religion is identity always shame for you people!
Sharma Mar 17, 2012 11:06am
Hmmm - so what are guys like Deoband, Zakir Naik, Shahabuddin, Owaisi, Suleman Sait, Banatwala, Imam Bukhari and a host of others doing in India? They are by no means "secular".
Ghulam Sarwar Mar 17, 2012 12:04pm
Pakistan was created to be a peaceful place for all Muslims so that they are not oppressed by the majority Hindu population. At that time, there was no official declaration about Ahmadis being non-Muslims. The majority of the non-Ahmadi Muslims were considering the Ahmadis as non-Muslim and Kafir. In the making of Pakistan, Ahmadis played a leading role while most of the maulvis were opposed to the creation of Pakistan. If the Ahmadis have no rights in Pakistan, what rights those religious parties have in Pakistan? Those who did not support the creation of Pakistan should be singled out as non-voters in Pakistan. Those who vehemently opposed the creation of Pakistan and even abused Muhammad Ali Jinnah Sahib should not be eligible to vote in Pakistan. They should have no rights in Pakistan. They should be asked where they want to go. I agree with Gilzai and farooque, specially if maximum Pakistanis tick the OTHER box, where will be Islamic republic? Many non-Ahmadis are frightened and forced into signing a bad, black declaration, without knowing what is wrong with the Ahmadi faith.
asim javed Mar 17, 2012 12:35pm
agree 100 %
ahmed Mar 17, 2012 03:07pm
I guess we have enough of this discussion and it leads us to no where unless the policy makers "think out of the box".without getting influenced by the so called difa e Pakistan brigade..
Usman Mansoor Mar 17, 2012 03:10pm
Mr. Suleman, your sense of logic really amazed me. First, you really did not have to reveal your money making or sense of fashion to justify you are not mullah. You have right of opinion and freedom of expression even if you don't make any money. On a more serious note: I must remind you state of Pakistan was created for Muslims to practice their religion freely and not on the basis of Islam. There is big difference between two. While the former allows its citizens to practice faith freely, the later tends to impose Islam on its citizens. If you think Pakistan was founded because Muslims needed a seperate state, then today any religion or sect being persecuted in Pakistan has the right to self determination. This logic is counter productive. Believe me if you really want a peaceful and progressive Pakistan then stop imposing religion on its citizens and let it be their self choice. Let everyone exist together. Look what this religious fascism has already done to our country. Lets mutually coexist.
Shafi Mar 17, 2012 03:23pm
The problem is who's Islam, Sunni, Shia, Deobandi, Ismaili, Brelvi and so on? Get out of these shakels fellow Pakistanis, please , you will be lot better off.
Shafi Mar 17, 2012 03:25pm
You are 100 percent right but unfortunately there is no real 'constitution' in Pakistan. Anyone who has power distorts the constitution to suit the ruling party. There are amendments after amendments which are not meant for the public good , they are only for the good of the ruling class so that can continue to fool the public and continue in power. Sorry, brother, but that is Pakistan. Unfortunate in every way.
abdul ahad Mar 17, 2012 04:36pm
yes,religon is always used as tool 4 personal aims...
pakistani Mar 17, 2012 04:56pm
Chief Justice can become but not president or Prime Minister. just little correction
pakistani Mar 17, 2012 05:09pm
yes and First education minister was Muslim, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and first person who wrote Indian constituion was heading by a Dalit. and recently a dalit women ruled the biggest state of India , Utter Pradesh. as i heard and read..right
raika45 Mar 17, 2012 06:13pm
Tell me Suleman sahib.Why is it when Pakistan was created millions of muslims from India did not migrate there? Why did they stay put in India?They felt that they can get a better deal there as a minority.Unfortunately it is not so for the minority in your country.This is a fact and you cannot deny it.As muslims then you should do some soul searching.Predomination of you religion does not mean that you can degrade the minority religions.Even your Quran forbids that.
Sohail Anjum Mar 17, 2012 08:01pm
Very well said reply. I think writer should re-look it.
Maudood A. Bhatti Mar 17, 2012 10:44pm
So God Forbid, if a Non-Muslim became the President of Pakistan with joint electorate system, Pakistan would not progress as it has since its independence as now?
Pakman Mar 17, 2012 11:29pm
right on, brother!
saleem khan Mar 18, 2012 02:15am
If I have to mark the box,it has to be other because I am muslim only by the culture and the family I was born in and grew up with . Religion is an individual deal with God and personal ego.
Seedoo Mar 18, 2012 03:47am
Mr Suleman, Which Islam are you talking about? Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Barelvi, Ehl-e-Sunnat, Ehl-e-Hadith, Ehl-e-Quran, Wahabi, Salafi, Bori, Fiqa-e-Jafriya, etc, etc, etc. Looks like you have not learned anything from the chaos of the past decade. Keep dreaming of an Islamic Empire, people like you have been dreaming about it for the past 1,400 years. Please name me one country in the world which is advanced and where religion and politics remain deeply intertwined.
Ahmer Mar 18, 2012 06:23am
Suleman, Pakistan was made for MUSLIMS of Sub-Continent just so they could lead their lives without fear of the majority i.e. Hindus. Having said that, since the land where this country was to be carved still had a considerable population of non-muslims; equal rights were to be bestowed to them as well since Muslims of the time were searing through this disparity by the majority themselves and they understood what it meant to be marginalised. Never was it sought or thought by the founding fathers that this new country was to be made such an Islamic Country where the local non-muslim population was to be made a third class citizen. If you follow and understand Quran, then you know equality and Justice are the foremost virtues set in the Holy Book for all humanity to follow, especially the Muslims. We should leave the matter of faith of Qadianis for Him to decide as He is the best disposer of all affairs; and give them their rights as equal citizens which is granted to them by our constitution. By the way, lets not go into the petty details of money making and fashion. Do you think you make more money than Fazlur-Rehman and Samiul-Haq?
Nasseruddin Ahmad, Mar 18, 2012 07:27am
The state has nothing to do with faith/religion of an individual in human society. No one has the right to disregard, disbelieve , reject or change the name of my father or my religion. No one can do it without making of every thing upside down in inhuman society. No other person or any assembly has got the to change or reject these two points of a person.
truetamilan Mar 18, 2012 11:12am
It is funny to read some of the comments. How many of these so called intellectuals woule be fine with a role reversal. If USA and other European countries have laws similar to Shariat which provides previliges based on religon, would Muslims be fine with that.
Ali shah Mar 18, 2012 02:45pm
Though not generally true we really are trying to prove it right that "Religion is opium for the masses". We are using this opium to exercise greater control over people's lives and giving them a feel of cattle with herdsman.
qadiri Mar 18, 2012 06:32pm
what is the status of muslim voters in states like india, the netherlands americas , no discrimination ?>>?
shankar Mar 18, 2012 09:18pm
Mr. Haroon, I fully agree with you that Pakistan should be only for Muslims since it was created for Muslims. I think you should send all your non-muslims to India.
Ali's slave Mar 18, 2012 10:46pm
Religion is a personal matter...should not be controlled by state or even by so called mullahas. At the time of partition it was a hot topic in west that being a religiously uniform nation pakistan will be a very successful nation and india being so diverse will fall soon. But after these 60 years just opposite has happened. Pakistan is falling with every passing day and india is becoming powerful in every sector day by day. The only difference is that pakistan have never been flexible...rigid in being a religious state...rigid in its approach...eyeing every through the spectacles of religion. The problems in india are even the same as in pakistan- corruption, divide and rule policy by politicians. But the society is so flexible and tolerant in terms of relegion, region, caste and even nationality. In india it doesnt matter to which religion, caste or nation u belong if u can contribute to the society u are the most welcome. And its been improving very fastly from the last ten years. You have to suffer only bcoz of corruption not bcoz of your religion. Inter religion and inter caste marriages are increasing. Most of indians now dont consider pak as an enemy. All this is in general...5-10 percent exceptions are there. In short indian society is so tolerant and flexible and this flexibility has open new doors. Rigidity has never helped anyone be it a religious rigidity. If pakistan has to develop it has to shed of its rigidity in every aspect. Having faith in The Almighty Allah doesnt mean that you discriminate among people who doesnt believe what u believe. Everything even those non muslims belong to ALLAH. Dont you think disrespecting any human being is disobeying the Almighty?
rana zee Mar 19, 2012 03:10am
we always try to promote non issues. It is strange tht how mere a check box can hinder our progress. I also want to ask those scholars who blamed religion for all problems of pakistan. Dear fellows, can you identify any single islamic govt since last 65years in this coutry. Is our current gvt is islamic? Freinds we always blamed religion to hide our blunders. Infact we hv not any single islamic since the creation of pakistan. Our secular group always remains in power and blamed religion for their incapibility. Yes we r stil immiture tht's why blaming a smal checkbox for all problems created by ourselves.
qutub Mar 19, 2012 12:42pm
This is a false and misleading statement. I have never been asked to provide any information concerning my religious persuasion in any western country.
Kumar Mar 19, 2012 01:00pm
They are very much better than you. You come to india and then you will know what is their status here in India. They have every right as a normal voter.
f Mar 19, 2012 01:11pm
yes lets mutually coexist together with each other
sarah Mar 20, 2012 10:59am
Pakistan's name was changed to "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" in 1956. Islam is the official state religion and from 1979-1988, General Zia's military government was based on an interpretation of islam and brought religion into mainstream public discourse on a whole new level. Religious parties today retain strong political ties with the military, intelligence and supposedly secular parties and religion continues to determine everything from media laws to Supreme Court decisions. People may not accept these issues to be truly representative of Islam, but the truth is that religion is subjective and dragging a single interpretation and making it the writ of the state IS to blame for the majority of this country's problems.
IMRAN WAHID Mar 21, 2012 08:21am
Its not a big issue we can't say minorities are insecure in Pakistan, we can find religion box check list, all over the world in there census forms, birth certificates and citizenship applications. Now matter is ECP. It's not a great idea that electrol form should be ticked in religion box. We are living in era electronic communications and database systems, which already we have, Nadra so, we do should do share Nadra data to ECP. Again for state we must need all information from every single individual. Which is very important for state security as well as
MAK Mar 21, 2012 01:35pm
Initially some laws were declared for only Ahmadies but now our society is demanding more for other sects of Islam and Pakistan is become a model for others where one sect cannot tolerate other. May Allah save us us from further divisions.
Naima Naseem, Mar 21, 2012 03:47pm
The whole story makes a painful reading. Will the chief election commissioner or the Law minister or thesupreme judiciary of pakistn, let us know as how many countries in the world have framed such check-box of religion or the states which have made it necessary to mention the name of religion in the pasports as is the case with pakistanis belonging to the Ahmadiyya community.
Kumar Mar 23, 2012 01:46am
Religion is a private matter between a person and his God. No one has right to come in between whether government or any other organization. No religion or philosophy has sole right to be correct. When govt. gets involved it makes problem of intolerance worse. See what happening in Sindh. There is abduction of Hindu girls and forced conversion. This is result of 60 years of brain washing and biased education system. Why does it matter what religion one belong to. They are children of same God. He may have enlightened different people at different time in history in different form.
Kashan Mar 27, 2012 03:27pm
In Pakistan, religion is matter in every field of life. If you are not Muslim then you 've to ready to face problems.