THATTA, Jan 12: Intellectuals, poets, writers and historians have urged the stakeholders for an exclusive research on the work of Sufi poet and warrior Shah Inayat Shaheed.

Speaking at a one-day Shah Inayat Shaheed Adabi Conference, jointly organised by Sindh culture department and Shah Inayat Shaheed Adabi Forum at the local press club here on Thursday, known short story writer Rasool Bux Dars, Dr Mohammad Ali Manjhi, Amb Gopang, Sufi Huzoor Bux, Rasool Bux Samoon, Sooraj Sujawali, Amanullah Shaikh and Apa Maryam Majeedi said hat under-developed world of today was gradually getting isolated and required a spiritual boost.Sufism, they added, was becoming an acceptable phenomenon to resolve their problems.

Rasool Bux Dars said that the campaign launched by Shah Inayat Shaheed under the banner 'Jo Kheere So Khaye' (one who ploughs should consume) brought change of mind and helped the toiling masses to raise their voice against the usurpers.

Dr Mohammad Ali Manjhi said that struggle for the legitimate rights of peasants and preaching for the welfare of common man as well as his struggle against tyranny and dictatorial behaviour of the rulers of his time became an exceptional history of Sindh.

Hafiz Mohammad Siddique Memon was of the view that Sindh was again witnessing the same attitude of the landlords with the poor peasants.

Amb Gopang and Apa Maryam Majeedi said that Sindh was passing through a crucial time where sons of soil were being deprived of their legitimate rights, including their share in employment, water etc.

Amanullah Shaikh said that 'we have not yet understood the actual message of Sufism and failed to explore basic and true meaning of sufism in this part of the subcontinent' He said that since the inception of the country, vested interests created problems for Sindhandits peoplefaced hardship.

He said that he did not find any sincere party or leader who could push trouble shooters out of Sindh. He claimed that those claiming to be fighting for the rights of Sindh were extorting money on gunpoint from Karachi and Hyderabad.

Sufi Huzoor Bux said that leaders in Sindh were bartering the interest of Sindh, adding that sustained struggle with sincerity of Sufi Shah Inayat was symbolic for those who intended to relieve Sindh and its inhabitants from the grip of leaders and tyrants.



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