Poverty in Pakistan has assumed such an alarming situation that people are forced to sell their organs. People have resorted to selling their organs to combat the spiraling inflation.

Kidneys are sold for a lot of money. The people of rural areas like Yazman in Bahawalpur district is one of the top most areas that is carrying out this practice. Bahawalpur police, last year 30 confirmed cases have been reported; there could be other unreported cases.

Besides Yazman, in Bahawalpur, Kot Momin in Sargodha district and Sultanpur Mela in tehsil Bahawalpur, there are many people with a distinctive zip-like scar above their right or left hip which shows that they have sold their one of the kidneys .

Once this issue was taken up by the Supreme Court, it took suo motu action against this trade. Nevertheless, no options have been found in this regard which seems to be a dangerous issue.

More importantly, the doctors who are often involved in this destructive mission have not seen any threat by the concerned authorities. It is being practised by them with impunity.

The authorities concerned should bring these doctors to the book and bold steps must be taken to prevent this illegal act.