ISLAMABAD, Oct 31: The following is a list of 60 women who made it to the national assembly on reserved seats, as announced by the Election Commission here on Thursday:


1. Mehnaz Rafi w/o Muhammad Yahya—PML-Q.

2. Dr Hajra Tariq Aziz w/o Tariq Aziz—PML-Q.

3. Tanzila Amir Cheema w/o Amir Sultan Cheema —PML-Q.

4. Dr Donya Aziz d/o Tariq Aziz— PML-Q.

5. Kashmala Tariq w/o Tariq Rashid—PML-Q.

6. Dr Saira Tariq w/o Tariq Bajwa—PML-Q.

7. Riffat Amjad w/o Mian Amjad Yaseen—PML-Q.

8. Attiya Inayatullah w/o Inayatullah—PML-Q.

9. Bushra Rehman w/o Abdul Rehman Mian—PML-Q.

10. Farzeen Ahmed d/o Gen Sarfaraz Khan—PML-Q.

11. Shahzadi Umer Zadi Tiwana d/o Khizar Hayat Tiwana—PML-Q.

12. Rahila Yahya w/o Syed Yahya Munawar—PML-Q.

13. Aasia Azeem w/o Azeem Chaudhry—PML-Q.

14. Dr Firdous Aashiq d/o Haji Malik Aashiq Hussain—PML-Q.

15. Begum Tehmina Dastee w/o Shaheen Ahmad Khan—PML-Q.

16. Onaza Ehsan d/o Ehsan Ullah Butt—PML-Q.

17. Bushra Nazir Hazeen d/o Nazir Ahmed Akhtar —PML-Q.

18. Rozina Tufail w/o Muhammad Tufail—PML-Q.

19. Tahira Asif w/o Mian Asif Ali—PML-Q.

20. Naheed Khan w/o Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi—PPP.

21. Belum Hasnain w/o Saadat Hussain Khan—PPP.

22. Shakila Khanam Rashid w/o Sh. Muhammad Rashid—PPP.

23. Fauzia Habib d/o Col. Habib—PPP

24. Mehreen Anwar Raja d/o Raja Muhammad Anwar—PPP

25. Yasmin Rehman w/o Mian Misbah-ur-Rehman—PPP.

26. Begum Shehnaz Sheikh d/o Malik Muhammad Azam—PPP.

27. Rukhsana Bangish w/o Awais Bangish—PPP.

28. Nasim Akhtar w/o Mazhar Ali Abbas Chaudhry—PPP.

29. Samia Raheel Qazi w/o Dr. Jamil-ur-Rehamn—MMA.

30. Maimona Hashmi w/o Zahid Mehar Hashmi—PML-N.

31. Begum Ishrat Ashraf w/o Ch. Muhammad Jaffar Iqbal—PML-N.

32. Tehmina Daultana d/o Mian Riaz Daultana—PML-N.

33. Begum Rehana Aleem Mashhadi w/o Syed Aleem-ul-Islam Naqvi—PML-J

34. Sumera Malik w/o Malik Tahir Sarfraz —NA.

35. Ayela Malik w/o Zia Pervaiz Hussain —NA


1. Fiza Junejo d/o Muhammad Khan Junejo —PML-Q

2. Sherbano Sherry Rehman w/o Syed Nadeem Shahid —PPP

3. Rukia Khanum w/o Abdul Wahid Soomro —PPP

4. Fauzia Wahab d/o Hussain Wala Gohar—PPP

5. Rubina Saadat Qaimkhani w/o Saadat Ali Yaseen—PPP

6. Nafeesa Munawwar Raja w/o Munawar Ahmed Junejo—PPP

7. Ms Shagufta d/o Haji Pir Muhammad—PPP

8. Dr Farida Ahmed w/o Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui—MMA

9. Kaniz Ayesha w/o Syed Munawar Hasan—MMA

10. Shamim Akhtar w/o Muhammad Suleman Khan—MQM

11. Rehana Nasreen d/o Naseer Ahmed Khan—MQM

12. Shabina Talat w/o Wasi Ahmed—MQM

13. Gule Farkhanda d/o Muhammad Yousuf Siddiqi—NA

14. Khurshed Afghan d/o Haji Abdul Ghafoor—PML-F


1. Zaib Gohar Ayub w/o Gohar Ayub Khan—PML-Q

2. Sayyeda Farhana Khalid w/o Syed Walayat Shah—MMA

3. Razia Aziz w/o Khan Nawaz—MMA

4. Nayhyer Sultana w/o Saifullah—MMA

5. Jamila Ahmed w/o Malik Ahmad Jan—MMA

6. Ambareen w/o Naeem Khan —MMA

7. Inayat Begum w/o Muhammad Amin—MMA

8. Shahida Begum w/o Akhtar Ali—MMA


1. Zubeda Jalal w/o Changez Khan—PML-Q

2. Umrana Khawar w/o Muhammad Khawar Saeed —MMA

3. Bilqees Saif w/o Saiful Haq—MMA.—APP


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