GUJRAT, Oct 21: A majority of the MPs-elect from Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin and Jhelum districts are close relatives or confidantes of district and Tehsil Nazimeen, it has been learnt.

A survey conducted by this correspondent revealed that district Nazimeen, district Naib Nazimeen and Tehsil Nazimeen used government resources to run the election campaigns of these newly elected MPs. According to sources, the Nazimeen arranged corner meetings for their favourite candidates and provided government vehicles for transporting the participants. It was also learnt that all these candidates, who were brothers, relatives or close associates of the Nazimeen, won their seats with a big margin. Political pundits believed these candidates would not have been able to clinch their seats without the help of these Nazimeen.

Newly elected MNAs Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain (NA-104) and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain (NA-105) of the PML(QA) are elder brothers of Gujrat district Nazim Chaudhry Shafaat Hussain while MPA-elect Chaudhry Pervaiz Ellahi (PP-110) is a cousin of the district Nazim. MPA-elect Mian Imran Masood (PP-111) of the PML(QA) is a brother of Gujrat Tehsil Nazim Mian Haroon Masood. MNA-elect Qamar Zaman Kaira (NA-106) of the PPP is a cousin of Kharian Tehsil Nazim Chaudhry Nadeem Asghar Kaira. Similarly, MNA Rahman Naseer (NA-107) and MPA Tanvir Ashraf Kaira (PP-112) of the PPP are also close relatives of Tehsil Nazim Nadeem Asghar Kaira. MPA Chaudhry Farooq (PP-114) of the PML(J) is a nephew of Sarai Alamgir Tehsil Nazim Chaudhry Abdur Rehman.

Following are the names of those candidates who have won the slots of MNA and MPA with the help of their relatives among the Nazimeen of Mandi Bahauddin. MNA-elect Chaudhry Ejaz Ahmad (NA-108) of the PML-QA is a brother of district Naib Nazim Chaudhry Imtiaz Ahmad. MNA Zulfiqar Gondal (NA-109) of the PPP is a brother of district Nazim Nazzar Gondal. Two members of the provincial assembly, Hameeda Waheeduddin (PP-116) and Fazal Ikram Ranjha (PP-118) of PML(QA), are said to have been favoured by the district Naib Nazim. MPA Chaudhry Riaz Asghar Warraich (PP-117) of PML(QA) is a close relative of Phalia Tehsil Nazim Shakil Gulzar while MPA Maj Ihsan Ellahi (retired) (PP-119) of PPP is a cousin of Malakwal Tehsil Nazim Nadeem Afzal Chann. Similarly, MPA Arif Gondal (PP-120) of the PML(QA) is a son of Mandi Tehsil Naib Nazim Ahmad Yar Gondal.

Raja Asad Khan (NA-63) of PML(N) is the only MNA in the districts of Gujrat, Mandi, Jhelum not related to any district or Tehsil Nazim. In fact, he clinched his seat by defeating a favourite of Jhelum district Nazim Chaudhry Farrukh Altaf, Syed Shamas Haider of the PML(QA), and PPP giant Maj-Gen Syed Saeedul Hasan Zaidi (retired). On the other hand, Chaudhry Shahbaz of PML(QA) at NA-62 is an uncle of Jhelum district Nazim Farrukh Altaf. MPA Chaudhry Saqlian (PP-24) of PML(QA) is a brother of Sohawa Tehsil Nazim Chaudhry Taj. Two more PML(QA) MPAs, Tasneem Nasir Iqbal (PP-25) and Nazar Gondal (PP-27), are said to be close associates of the district Nazim while another MPA Sheikh Tanvir (PP-26) of PML(N) was considered to be a favourite of district Naib Nazim Syed Aqeel Haider.

ELECTION EXPENSES: The newly elected members of national and provincial assemblies have started preparing fake documents about their election expenses.

The Election Commission had fixed the limit of Rs1.5 million for election expenses of an NA candidate and one million rupees for those of a PA candidate. The election commission has directed the elected MNAs and MPAs to declare their election expenditure till Oct 20 or it would not notify their success in the official results.

According to inside sources, most of the successful candidates have spent millions of rupees on their election campaigns. They said average expenditure of NA candidates ranged from Rs25 to Rs30 million and that of a PA candidate from Rs10 to 15 million. They claimed that the winners had hired the services of lawyers and accountants to conceal their actual expenditure. Most of the MPs-elect are preparing documents to show an expenditure of nearly Rs1.4 million for an NA seat and Rs900,000 for a PA seat. Meanwhile, intelligence agencies have started collecting details about actual expenditure of the winning candidates.



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