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Baloch culture day was observed in Karachi, besides the rest of the country, today (March 2, 2011).

For the Balochis of course, it meant pride, honour and everything celebratory.

For some though, at least those who were trying to get back home from the business center of the metropolis, faced a standstill at the usual climax of traffic time. – Photos and text by Hasaan Haider and Nadir Siddiqui/


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rashid Mar 03, 2011 06:25am
i wish they had waited for 14 august...
Tahir Baluch Mar 03, 2011 06:50am
First, let me start by saying that I am vehemently against all forms of sectarianism, and I believe that it should be only Pakistan day, and no ethnicity should have their own day. However, the titling of this album, and some of the photos which focus more on the traffic jams, rather than the spirit of the Baluch are incorrect. In Karachi, there is a traffic jam on the best of days, and it is overcrowded and sickeningly polluted all year long. If the one day the Baluch decided to go on streets in order to celebrate, you catch them and write titles such as "not a timely event" and capture photos of traffic jams, rather than their emotions, you are doing injustice to the event. If a minister gets married, there is a traffic jam. If the Sindhis want to celebrate some ajrak and topi day, there is a traffic jam. Even Talwar Chowk is dressed for the occasion. The one day you bothered taking photos of the traffic was Baluch day?
Suhail Yusuf Mar 03, 2011 02:25pm
Its time for to open our hearts and hands for Baloch brothers. We respect and love Baloch persons, their rich culture, heritage and history. Baloch Zindabad. Balochistan paindabad and Pakistan ZIndabad.
GRK Mar 03, 2011 04:13pm
hope 4 the best,MAY balochis heal there wounds and step ahead in the development of a muslim state,i love baloch people and my pray is with them ALLAH bless them prosperous state and all the rejoices...
WALEED DANISH Mar 03, 2011 05:11pm
Ibrahim Baloch Mar 03, 2011 06:00pm
You also have your own culture day dont get jealous!
Janjua Mar 03, 2011 11:02pm
Baloch nation is a proud and brave part of Pakistan. My Love and Respect to my baloch brothers and sisters on their Day.. I'm a Punjabi and I believe that they are as much Pakistani as I am. Balochistan Zinda Baad, Pakistan Paainda Baad..
Khaqan Baloch Mar 04, 2011 01:23am
Celebrating culture is not a bad idea, by these events we come to know each others cultures. Traffic Jam, well this is a daily problem when our minsters & prime ministers travel to Karachi. So, we should encourage each other because Pakistan is made up of four provinces Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa so all the people belonging to their province have the right to celebrate their culture. And surely 14th August is for all provinces to celebrate.
Diversity Mar 04, 2011 07:23pm
I disagree. Our individual cultures our treasures that should be celebrated and charished. Cultural diversity does not make us weak, celebrating each others cultures would make us strong. Not only Blochi language and cultures should be celbrated on this day. We need to take a serious look at what are the needs and make a commitment that basic human rights such as, food, shelter, clean water, schools, roads, hospotal and jobs are provided to every Bloch. We need to stop Slavery under sardars, where they get all the benefits of all the provice resources and poor citizen of the province have nothin but hope.
Fahad Mar 05, 2011 04:54am
Pakistan has a rich and diverse culture and it must be showcased, nevertheless in a way that does not add to the woes.
Salman Rasheed Mar 05, 2011 09:49am
What a pathetic way of show-off. What message are they trying to give to the rest of the communities. The only purpose of such absurd events is to show-off power. Show that we can be threatening, show that we can paralyse that city any day, any time.
Adeel Mar 05, 2011 01:00pm
If the traffic gets blocked when PM or President is here or when sindhi topi day is celebrated, is it a good thing for our blaoch friends to emulate? despite being a non-baluch, i love this beautiful province of pakistan and its culture but surely the organizers had earned some more respect if they had chosen a good time for that...Baluchistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.
Zain Mar 05, 2011 01:56pm
Hope we see a culture day in Punjab too and KP too.Celebrating heritage is always a good idea; reminds us of our roots. Maybe 23rd March could also be celebrated as Pakistan Culture Day, with provinces exchanging cultural delegations.
farukh Mar 05, 2011 05:49pm
It's gud to represent your culture and religion. We are all brothers one nation one religion n one country. I dnt believe in nationalism. All Muslims are brothers regardless of thteir country or race.
manzoor ahmed Mar 07, 2011 04:33pm
Nice to watch them. Most of us , has eagerly adopted these cultural traditions,dresses,food,and many more things. This reflects the existence of nation. God bless them.