HYDERABAD, Dec 18: The district government is planning to vaccinate animals at the Rani Bagh zoo after deaths of four deer in a row over a period of more than 20 days.

The district nazim replaced the zoo’s assistant director, Dr Manzoor Bhutt, by Dr Arif Jahejo, who had earlier served at the same post though with controversial track-record. The fourth deer died on Wednesday who according to Bhutt was Cheetal, local breed.

A team of veterinary experts had paid visits to the zoo along with district nazim to inspect the animals for themselves. The animals were brought to the zoo in mid November before it was opened for visitors.

The new assistant director told Dawn on phone that animals would be vaccinated against any possible disease and their diet would be reviewed. Sheds would be put in place in the cages to save animals from sever cold during winter’s seasonal rain, which continued with short breaks, he said.

The veterinary doctors team from central veterinary diagnostic laboratory of Tandojam again visited the zoo on Thursday.

Rani Bagh was formally opened for public on Nov 22 after its renovation and rebuilding at a cost of Rs150 million along with Abbas Bhai Park by the district government.

The park’s administrative control which had been obtained by the district government for the project had now been handed back to taluka municipal administration (TMA) of Qasimabad.