Dr A.Q. Khan hospitalised

March 06, 2008


ISLAMABAD, March 5: Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was hospitalised on Wednesday morning for medical check-up after having developed an infection.

According to an ISPR statement, Dr Khan was provided immediate medical treatment in his home when he complained of weakness on Tuesday evening.

“Medical check-up showed low blood pressure and fever, probably because of some infection. Doctors advised him to be hospitalised for a complete medical check-up. Dr Khan has been shifted to the hospital in the morning where a panel of doctors, which treated him earlier, is taking care of him,” the statement said.

It said Dr Khan had been keeping good health since undergoing a prostate surgery in September 2006. “Doctors are hopeful that Dr Khan will return home fully recovered in a couple of days. The public will, however, be kept informed about the state of health of Dr Khan, periodically,” the statement said.

Family sources said Dr Khan was probably suffering from infection. They said he was not feeling well since Friday and his body was not responding to antibiotics and his blood pressure was also erratic. They, however, said that he had been hospitalised as a precautionary measure and his condition was not serious.

Mr Khan has been under house arrest since 2004 when he confessed to having passed atomic secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

He was pardoned by President Pervez Musharraf.